Wall Street manipulated BTC to buy at a low price

Hollywood movies are never too far from reality. Unfair behavior on Wall Street, we saw in the legendary movie, such as the 1987 Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas) and Charlie (Charlie Sheen) of the classic “Wall Street” (Wall Street). This film caused the 80s and 90s many young graduates appeal to the stock trading to a certain extent. In short, this movie glorifies greed. We have seen several other films, they continue to let us see the shortcomings of the traditional market. These films include “the big short”, “gold” and “Wall Street 2”, etc..

All the social media platform most encryption community conversation suggests that Wall Street participated in the current market turmoil we are experiencing, this is not what secret. Negotiations began in December 17th, when the Chicago mercantile exchange group and Chicago began to provide bitcoin futures options exchange. Coincidentally, this is the last time we saw in the bitcoin 2 million. Many people think that this is the beginning of a bear market, bear market is ripe for collapse, false news, confusion and ETF decision delay accelerated the collapse.

The fact is, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has yet to bitcoin and crypto currency in the United States should give specific guidance to supervision. However, the Committee against 1C0 and classifies them as securities issued commendable. This is the investigation of speculation over the 1C0 opened the door to the 1C0 for many companies falling into financial ruin. The SEC and Floyd May Weiser (Floyd Mayweather) and DJ Khaled (DJ Khaled) as they play in such propaganda role in 1C0 reached a settlement. However, SEC is not for those who claimed bitcoin has died or is a waste money etheric Fang famous people were punished. To do this, they must admit that bitcoin is worth the password and other regulatory assets. In the case of no regulation, anyone can bitcoin issued negative opinions. This means that, when it comes to bitcoin and encryption currency, CEO and chairman of the well-known Wall Street company can express their freedom of speech. If the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to treat eilon musk (Elon Musk) and his twitter used as quickly encrypt the encryption problem, then the world will be much more secure.

But the most important thing is that they haven’t started to punish those who manipulate the encryption market, the way they operate with traditional market similar. This makes the encrypted transaction as the United States like the wild west, in cowboy movies and video games (Red Dead Redemption) and beautified books. In order to survive during the western development down, you have to learn to think independently, marksmanship faster.

It can adapt to market traders and encryption compared to the situation. Some people even think that the more attractive in the short Bitmex BTC and ETH. In their view, in the current bear market to do more meaningless.

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