Wan cloud lottery on line | 2018, Wan Wan how to promote your annual meeting forced

Author: Wan Yun BaaSn

2017 is a year of global outbreak of blockchain. Although it has gone through a bubble, it has been questioned, but the road ahead is even broader. This year, more companies saw the good blockchain, in addition to the rapid expansion of the market size of the blockchain itself, the Internet industry has gradually entered the market as the blockchain as part of the strategic development of enterprises, more traditional industries Start to seize this hand into the future. As the Spring Festival is approaching in 2018, many companies regard the Annual Meeting as a gathering of people, gathering popularity, reviewing past and future important events. Blockchain, as a key word in the global new technology trend, also has the opportunity to increase the annual meeting pressure Grid and heat, then how to operate? How can companies that have not yet had time to get on the bus quickly take a ride on the blockchain in 2018 and embrace the “beautiful new world?” Wan Wan, have prepared for you!n
As the first vertical BaaS service platform for blockchain in China, Wanwan formally launched the “Wan-Yun Lottery” based on blockchain today. Whether Wannian Lucky Draw is already in the industry or is going to be a blockchain in 2018, Will be drawn on its New Year’s Day a very unique industry characteristics, so that the annual meeting of enterprises become the industry’s most In!n
In addition to letting the annual meeting of the company win the tide of the times, what is more important is that Winning cloud lottery based on blockchain will ensure 100% fairness of results and make the trust link between employees and the enterprise and more market more Firm. Lucky draw system using Wan Wan API Wan cloud random number development, the whole process using the lucky hash operation to achieve anonymous lucky draw; the final draw results will be stored in the blockchain, to ensure complete transparency and fairness. The cloud lottery, will not only stop there, with the subsequent continuous improvement and adaptation of the mobile version of the release, Wan Yun lottery lottery application for more types of scenarios, such as popular games in the lottery, lottery lottery. WanWun draw is designed to reduce the unfairness caused by human operation and increase the trustworthy relationship in the market so as to make the market environment more harmonious. At the same time, because the blockchain can not be tampered with, the rules of the lottery can be traced back to ensure transparency Fair, third-party notary institutions, which used to provide a trust for lotteries, will no longer be needed to reduce draw costs and make the whole process more efficient.n
In the above mentioned Wanyun lottery is developed using Wanyun random number API, then Wan Wan random number API for lottery to achieve fairness and justice of the principle? Wan Yun generates a random number API based on the blockchain smart contract. The generation process is divided into two rounds. First, each party submits HASH with a random number of seeds. Each second party submits the random seed number and verifies the previous HASH. Through these random The collection of seeds generates the last random number; it can generally be used to generate a random number between 0 and 1, generate a random integer within a specified range, and retrieve a random element from the specified sequence. Through the blockchain mechanism to ensure the real randomness of random number generation process, in order to achieve fair and equitable lucky draw.n
Wan-wan launched the Wan-wan lottery draw at the beginning of 2018, boosting mutual trust between the company and employees through a fair annual lottery draw system, and played an overarching track for the work of the new year. And in 2018, how Wan Wan can help companies who want to seize the opportunity to quickly get on the blockchain? Wan-wan platform from on the line so far, and gradually create a business-oriented, developers, “the bottom chain –

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