Wanda Wanda Branch Network and also block chain block chain company reached a cooperation in New Zealand

Wanda Wanda Branch Network and also block chain block chain company reached a cooperation in New Zealand

 Wanda Wanda also block chain branch network and New Zealand block chain company cooperation (1)

The blockchain boom also hit Wanda Group.

“Frontline” Tencent from New Zealand Oakland venture studio Centrality official website has learned that the company Chinese enterprise announced Wanda Group Reach A new partnership.

Centrality company in January this year the successful sales of tokens, raised $80 million in six minutes.

Centrality said, with the network technology group Wanda together to create a connection with consumers, retailers and other parties to the ecological system.

Wanda Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in 2017 annual meeting, in order to adapt to the transformation, also to the capital market, Wanda to adjust to the management structure of the company.

The implementation part of Wanda Group for the network of layoffs at the end of 2017, Wang Jianlin said at the annual meeting, will set up new network company. strategy cooperation Sure, then determine the business objectives.”

Wang Jianlin expectations of the new network technology group is to engage in development, fusion line of business will be integrated for Wanda Wanda business management, network technology and Information Center, the establishment of Wanda new consumer research institute. Institute’s mission is through the integration of consumption data for the business value, so that businesses feel useful.

“Frontline” of Tencent said Wanda Branch network group, this cooperation does not involve financing, the first stage is the technical cooperation between the two sides, application of PL^G open source public chain technology research and extension of Centrality in the scene; we would expect there will be more to carry out cooperation in the business circle of users, technology integration. Build ecological system.

Wanda network technology group began to layout block chain from March 2016, including domestic and international standardization work, and the open source community, block Chain industry solutions development.

[source] Tencent

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