Wang Zhongming, co – founder of the 27 phase of bitcoin, “when is the bull market?”

“100 chain media talk” is sponsored by a chain of the world, in the form of WeChat group online interview, in the face of chain ring, coin circle celebrities, current situation and future development trend of industry chain, block the recent hot topics and other aspects of the depth of the dialogue. At present, about 100 media chain has been in the twenty-eighth period. Past guests: where a coin, Ann Guo Hongcai, “master Bao” passes representative personage Meng Yan, by a Research Institute president Zheng Runxiang, is a founder and chairman of Dundee group, every material vibrating founder Chen Caigen and other big coffee industry. The 100 media about bitcoin home chain invited co-founder Wang Zhongming on how to bear market to embrace the future, in-depth exchanges, as many investors recharge the faith. The following will content the panorama.


Past times

Question: as early as the world chain block chain technology witness, please introduce it into the field at the time, and the status quo? What they think?

Wang Zhongming: Hello, Hello, my home is bitcoin Wang, thank you very much to talk about a hundred media chain. First of all, I probably started bitcoin home in 2013. Then came into contact with bitcoin, was just to buy coins, remember more than 300 dollars a bitcoin, rose to about Liubaiduoqibai sold a lot, was also very happy. As for the block chain technology at that time did not contact, because heard the blockchain technology, it is an underlying agreement bitcoin, many people do not take this technology seriously, but also because the industry is relatively new, so we think of how to make money, how to develop it.

I think if popular to explain, then what is the difference between now and the chain block. Little that is when talking about the blockchain. Now basically about block chain, is to avoid money this topic, is the basic block chain, token.

At the time of their own feelings, I felt no or very weak, blame is not a technical background, ability insufficient, not to block chain as an important thing, no important bitcoin nor Wright currency these important. At that time there was a little money to buy dollars, bought after feeling rise a little, and then sold.

The chain that ecological circle is how the money at that time?

Wang Zhongming: When the coin ring ecology, already have the basic shape. The upper reaches of the industrial chain, including the beginning of the ASICME mining miners, Avalon, roast cat these mineral company have set up complete. But everyone is confined to the upper reaches of futures, a very obvious feature is a despot treaty, the time machine three months delivery is normal, a lot of money on a chip. And then through these electricity suppliers to sell Taobao. In the middle China bitcoin trading platform has been established, but the volume is not very high, but the foreign trade is not too high, when the exchange was born, Chinese occupied a dominant position in the whole digital currency transactions.

The downstream industry chain, if there is no mature online wallet function. But there are a lot of deposit money to third party service providers, I remember that there are many to pay. With bitcoin, Wright coins to buy things done very well, until the five ministries policy, these sites will gradually disappear, these projects also disappeared.

I have engaged in the field of media, then several media, we have very good relationship, have a drink together, the breeze. Then together reproduced some news, find some information. At that time, very little information, mainly rely on foreign news websites. We were in the foreign news website information, such as when a hearing of the United States, many editors, media and other industry friends, big media are staying up late to hear, it always give the translation. The drive is enough to content, didn’t want to go to the major currency speculation.


Question: the world chain bear market has continued for a period of time, what are the similarities and differences with the previous bear market? Participants of the changes?

Wang Zhongming: The bear and the bear market in general there is no difference before. Basically is the first down, sideways, and then fell again. Participants less, some small currency no trading volume. If say different words, is also a bit different. To understand the bear market from different aspects, I think it is not a bear market, because there are so many people, there is so much money, there are so many in the token, and the trading volume looks good, and is certainly not 2015 year or the year earlier than that, when you are really a bear market a lot of people have gone, many companies today, a notice to suspend operations, tomorrow a notice to suspend operations, so that the current market.

Before the ecology is not too full, only a prototype, some participants, but not now such a large scale, now the funds are more, the project will also. Any one of the traditional project can use this angle block chain it into a new project. I think it is a bear market, it is better for us to sink the heart to do the thing to do, the equivalent of the Internet project, to seize the entrance flow. I think the blockchain project or an Internet product, there must be a flow basis, otherwise difficult to project success.

So, if the currency speculation money point of view, now is really a bear market. If we change a point of view, the Internet to the traditional eye, see the bear market in the financial perspective, that he is not a bear market, after all, a lot of people to work, just don’t make money. Many Internet products that are under the slogan do not make money, through the development of value-added applications to achieve the purpose of making money. That if the bear market continues, the next bull market will burst a lot of excellent projects, these are accumulated in the bear market.

As for the participants, but many people, not too many changes. Before may not have large funds come in, there are large funds in. But we are all investors, we are Chinese chives. The old and new leek leek. We enter the market, there is no hierarchical structure, some people make money, some people lose money. This is normal.

Ask: one view is now entering the organization node, the real leek has still not come, what do you think of this?

Wang Zhongming: This is a very interesting question. We don’t want to do the leek, but when we lose money is the leek. At the present stage organizations approach by others to harvest, and leek mechanism. At the same time before many independent investors come in after being harvested a wave, this is the middle of the cross cutting mechanism between experience. The agency issued a project, the agencies involved, and then participate in the find themselves cut out. You said the agency is not Chinese? It is certainly leek, and there is no difference between ordinary investors, but investment to organized discipline, the cut out.

As for the real Chinese chives do not approach this problem, in my case, I think has been entered. Because I was really leek, cast a lot of projects, but also earn compensation. If you lose, is the leek is being harvested object. No matter is good, or that the project is good, or through an intermediary to vote more optimistic about the project, have been cut off. So I feel like I have entered this leek.

Question: the change of the market chain of the world can be said to be directly reflect the industry situation, the bear market in some ways is the embodiment of the entire ecological chain block non health state, how do you see the current status of the blockchain?

Wang Zhongming: Different stages of the market will have different types of companies, block chain companies are no exception, so I think the block chain is a relatively healthy development. If we from the capital, money and financial point of view, is indeed a lot of money coming in, a lot of companies make money, earn money will hire more people to do more things, do more things may put the project done well, is to do one step at a time. If you have no money, do a thing without any investment, can not do very well, because there is no money to implement this idea, it is the sub-health state.

But in the bull market, we put a block as a means of financial chain, A shares, Hong Kong stocks can not earn money, but in the block chain to earn a lot of money, but the blockchain money than the traditional Internet industry more than 10 times or 100 times is normal, but now I think the real chain block do things the company has rarely speak, they just really is the business model of how to divide what can.

If we get to see the blockchain, in fact there are many business models, but we are now developing a little, it will provide additional services such as product sales and the sale of the traditional way, can not always rely on currency speculation to make money, the whole industry more than 80 percent are making money on currency speculation, I think now is a good time to do research.

When we are making money before the bull market, certainly not too much to think about these things, for the purpose of doing business is to make money, I think is nothing more than ten years five years does not spend money, hungry to have more energy to study more things.

So, I have a lot of money based on block chain technology as the underlying protocol products out of the current view block chain is sure to use it, but people do not know that it is behind the block chain technology. These products only pay attention to the user experience to solve what demand, product is not a boast how well block chain technology.

Question: the world chain market weakness in the overall situation, the same lack of the new approach, as you know, is the new funding, or financing now began to push the project? These projects have what characteristics?

Wang Zhongming: I think a good project. Whether bull and bear will have financial support, but the bull market when funds support more able to support the operation of the project market. OK.

But I think some good projects now, and can not be like the previous projects as publicity or promotion, or to fund-raising angle to give you things. For example, before doing music in a coin, the game has a coin, do television one coin. Even everyone can send money, personal brand can send money, I think the time has passed. Before we do not see him behind what, the real impact, the real technology, truly do what things. We will only care about there is no limit on what exchange, opening what price, and trading platform contract money, leek can run…… Is this thing.

But now the project, we discuss a lot of change, including the STO chain before before are. Before many projects, including capital projects are disc chain which means. But I don’t know why the chain and STO is fried so hot, I personally feel this thing is a problem, but what is the problem? If you ask me to buy it, I will not buy now. I think the problem is that he is not a just, or at this stage but not just out of such an idea, there is a stimulus to the industry, many traditional enterprises want to come in this way.

Now some good projects they will find equity investment, rather than financing token. They do not send money, just blindly to do technology development, to do marketing activities, to do brand promotion, to the terminal products whether PC or app do more round, let everyone with a very comfortable. I think this product will be an explosion. Those for financing and financing of the project, the bear market, I think there will be a lot of people give him money.

There are many projects is the quality, they had experienced a bull market, bear market, they will not change the nature of the project, is the quality of the project. For example, several state-owned power project, several industrial projects abroad, of course, we do not specifically mention his name. The founding team they really do a lot of things, the better they also earn money, if you insist on doing it, I think there will always be a day of success. The definition of success is different, that day’s success is that their products are more people to use, and be more enterprises as a model of learning.

Question: at present, the world chain of domestic regulators, although not talk about currency block chain, but of course all kinds of seminars, STO, do you think you will get after the outbreak of the blockchain supervision technology?

Wang Zhongming: First, from the beginning of 2013 the regulation has not been broken, but no specific treaty to these companies, investment projects, and so I think see is the one most people want to be regulated, that regulated after we abide by the law to do things. Second, do not want to be regulated, do not know where the red line, do not make the group fearless, as long as the event on the line.

Now a lot of garbage project funding disk, got tens of millions, hundreds of millions of directly away. Investors include I also participated in the garbage project, not the benefits of regulation is the industry’s bonus period has erupted, the industry is rich, we put money together to do financing, not supervision of the disadvantage is that there are many unscrupulous enterprises to touch the red line. So, I think now includes STO, chain, chain block regulation wouldn’t be very specific to the pipe frame.

STO chain I don’t comment, because it can solve the problem, it can not solve the profitable enterprise or traditional enterprise financing problem. But the enterprise can not use STO and chain as a means of profit, it is only a means of financing.

The industry more in the future development will be divided into many road, every road is you to choose. Coinless blockchain is a road, there is a road block chain currency, unless the regulatory level said currency block chain do not, absolutely not at home.

If there is a compliance STO two class market appear, I think there will be a period of the outbreak.

Other media questions: Master Bao said bitcoin can make up millions of hunters. There are likely to break the etheric Fang supremo said 20 dollars, Wang can see?

Wang Zhongming: Bitcoin millions of this problem, I really don’t know, I don’t know if he can millions. I have now bitcoin, but rarely, he can millions, and I was really happy. But when it comes to the etheric etheric Fang Fang, can not break the 20 dollars, this is possible, why? Last year made a number of coins, on a number of projects, many projects run away, how many money not out, if the etheric Fang continue to be sold, is likely to fall to the price. Specific how many fall, I don’t know.


The chain of questions: the idea that the world will exchange after the block chain project, mining market may again be cleaning of the field, what do you think of this idea?

Wang Zhongming: Exchange is the flow to get the world. Now there are a lot of exchange, but for the head of exchange, we have used them, and don’t often go to change our attitude and usage. As for the new exchange, a lot of new exchanges this year out, are based on the platform of their own currency, if we like to see if they and the blockchain RMB project, is not much difference, but more than one application platform. The purpose is to open in currency trading platform after the circulation of coin, pulled up platform. So, it is sure to shuffle exchange wash, because they have their own money, if you do not make money but no flow of words, why should they continue to do so.

I think the exchange, not after mining, block chain project party is shuffling, he do well, must be washed out. History is that, from the beginning of the 13 years, whether bull or bear market, must wash a lot of exchange, collapse in the bull market in exchange for many.

Question: the world chain in the Internet era, after several rounds of fighting, the achievements of this Internet giant BAT, this development process, whether it will reproduce in the blockchain field? How to predict the blockchain pattern of the future?

Wang Zhongming: For this problem, it should be from the aspects, the first is a block chain project is doing well, very much, there are a lot of users, after companies such as BAT, will carry boxes with the cash, I give you the money, how much money you need, this item sells, we have money. You do this project for ten years, for twenty years after the valuation of how much money, I now multiplied by two to give you much money, you give me, no amount of money to you, we will put the things very well, than you are much many.

In fact, is to be acquired, invested by holding, this is a point. Second, is really very powerful dark horses, he will go to subvert the different areas of the representative enterprises in different industries, such as the leader in the Internet industry, who is directly to get rid of, directly to the upside down. Who is the logistics field, who is the financial sector, real estate and other traditional industries who, who is the artificial intelligence and the future of the AI industry, will also be overturned, there may be such giants in the future. But, in fact, this problem is to from two aspects of capital and technology, if only from the perspective of funds, I think a lot of enterprises will not escape the fate (acquired).

So now I personally feel that the Internet and other industry leaders, they will go on the block chain, they have to study in this field. At the same time, I also feel that they are better than our existing more than ninety percent of the enterprises to study, but they also did not sound.

The blockchain pattern in the future, I think there will be a space for one person to adhere to in the end. We like bitcoin home, we hope this project continue to insist to be done. How is the future, we will see the future, since it exists, there is always the value and meaning of existence, and has always belonged to one of his position, I hope we can put the position of play.

Question: the world chain in the global scope, not only exist in the United States such a strong regulatory state, but also the cost of compliance is very low countries like Malta, and what is your joint Hongkong fupite held in Zhengzhou in Central China blockchain meeting in the first place? Everyone in that bear more sermons, you feel involved in this new technology have to learn what knowledge?

Wang Zhongming: And a bit rich central block chain branch should be held successfully in the bear market, when about more than 1000 people. We are looking for a small venue, a lot of people are standing listening. And there is no halfway phenomenon. We invited a lot of old Chinese chive and the industry practitioners, there are a lot of big coffee. Overall speaking, I still quite satisfactory. As for why held in Zhengzhou, because we are a bit and rich company in Zhengzhou. We always wanted to do a summit, to more than a year. Bear market can do less, also do not make money, the money also lost. We want to get this up.

Zhengzhou traffic is very convenient, it can radiate to Anhui, Hubei, Shandong, Shaanxi, whether the plane or high-speed rail especially convenient. The city of Zhengzhou, block chain practitioners less, pay less. The company is more and more in Chengdu. From the traffic and the traffic in Zhengzhou is good, the good atmosphere of Chengdu. We want to do the central block chain summit, create a brand, the more radiation to the area. Let more investors know that Zhengzhou is a city block chain label.

At the same time, the local government of Henan province also support the technical development of these innovative enterprises, some time ago in Henan Province set up a fund of 10 billion directional, block chain enterprises support outstanding.

Bear many sermons I only listen to Li Xiaolai teacher said, we want to be a community, accumulate more popularity, certainly not to send money. Later we can set up a fund or private organization, or is on the market and brand promotion organization. For new investors, at least I think should buy 0.1 bitcoin, a registered exchange account.

We bought a bitcoin, registered an account, we have to know what is the blockchain? It is a financial system or something else? Everyone will have a different understanding of each person. I think the blockchain absolutely not limited to currency speculation, although currency speculation occupies a half of the country. Really want to know who the blockchain or should pay attention to technology, technology is king!

Other media questions: leek, gangster, team, have quantitative approach, single market, Wang think participants will have new people into play?

Wang Zhongming: Participants must have the new approach, the future will continue to have a new approach, the old man left. As for the new people into many, into is what kind of person you imagine, although I do not have the specific classification of them, but I think our industry, at least the middle class with money piled up. No matter the block chain, the market chaos, is not reliable, how many dark things, but at least I think we the mentality of investors is much better than the A shares and Hong Kong investors bear ability is much stronger.

Other media questions: now, the domestic contact to Chinese development projects are, even to foreign participants, also contact. For foreign projects, Wang learned? According to your contact with foreign and domestic project project, what is the difference?

Wang Zhongming: In fact, the whole circle of old Chinese chives for overseas projects, there is certainly know, how many have invested. Personally feel that the project should be no boundaries.

Two almost homogeneous projects, one is the home, one is abroad, do you think the foreign or domestic? If you English better, you will feel good abroad, because English foreign words more authentic white paper. Similarly, the domestic Chinese with pure white paper, the people will think that domestic projects. So, we look at the project, rather than look at borders. Both at home and abroad, there are many outstanding projects, like currency investors have many social security, operation is also very good, based on this point of view, they have succeeded.

Other media questions: let me ask a concern to all, Wang said that the bull market to what time? The bull market before there may be changes?

Wang Zhongming: I heard a lot about what time to the bull market heavyweights opinion at the Zhengzhou summit of the Forum on the table, here and share with you.

First, from the perspective of psychology, there is a big brother that is why, since 2020, as ordinary investors, bear the loss of pressure is the general mentality of two years of recovery. So two years later will not on this matter until we find the money, brood on, it can get financing investment.

Second, from a macro point of view, is probably the foreign policy, some important national policy may be to stimulate the market, ahead of the arrival of the bull market will stimulate.

Third, completely from the market perspective, last year we raised the money, we can simply go about and tidy. How much is the etheric square price at that time, the total number of Ethernet square, if all raise the etheric workshop polishing, polishing to many days, there are many coins thrown out, the price of the etheric Fang will probably be much (estimated after) will form a psychological expectations.

I personally think that the market is now down, or I will appear sideways, sideways cross long, see how many things can stimulate him. The opportunity is hunters after sideways, then the price will go up into the bull market. We make money, there will be more projects out of his face, they want to make money, we also want to make money, this time the bull market has been opened.

This is the capital of the bull market, bull market funds after the open, more high-quality projects of the bull market will follow, it seems more personal identity from the perspective of the market when the arrival of the bull market interpretation.

As for the specific date, have a friend that is April next year, because the 17 year bull market began in April. As for the accurate I don’t know, I also hope that it must. But don’t hold too high expectations, the bull market may start earlier and may April hunters will copy on the hillside.

Other media questions: now open exchange contracts more and more, Wang think this phenomenon eventually will cause what kind of results?

Wang Zhongming: Open exchange contracts this kind of thing, in the bear market is normal. We did not have to play, definitely going to play some more. To say the exchange contract will not make money, I do not know. How do they make money, in the end do not make money, do you think the casino money does not make money? In addition, this phenomenon will eventually result in what kind of results, there is such a word, is not money still, no money and no people. So, since the contract to play, mentality is important. From the beginning to the end is not short of playing contract play leverage, how many times there are people who dare to play. When you play, you have to bear the consequences. You only see people who make money how many times over, you do not see the lost money people is how to adjust. There are a lot of people lose money to drink dichlorvos to what would make money after Aguirre, grinning. Since this game, you should take the risk attitude.

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