War and economic choices? Analysis of bitcoin cash ABC, BCH SV, bitcoin diamond BCD

In November 16, 2018 00:40, bifurcation bitcoin cash BCH block chain, three blocks have been dug out and the BCHSV team successfully completed the BCH division, but it does not seem to bring to market any proper value and contribution.

Receives the market to BCH is led by the audience, resulting in stable near 3 months of bitcoin prices over the same period plummeted, the encryption money market panic selling.

In the current encryption currency trading market TOP ranking, we can see a series of currency bitcoin bifurcation figure, only the only bitcoin cash, cash BCHSV, BCHABC bitcoin bitcoin diamond BCD.

Due to the bitcoin community generated cash split, lead to hard forking out two currency BCH ABC and BCH SV BCH, the original price plunged more than 120%, while BCH SV created the bifurcation currency prices soared 1436%, we see the crazy performance in the bear market, bitcoin cash hard bifurcation current there are many unknown factors. Although the miners are now clearly more love bitcoin SV, but on the other hand, the situation may be different. More specifically, there is no economic network node enough and ongoing support, bitcoin SV will soon succeed in market application and ecological construction, has not obtained the BCH identifier of the bitcoin SV, currently just a newborn.

CoinList co-founder and CEO Andy Bloomberg (Andy Bromberg) on bitcoin cash bifurcation reply told the Wall Street journal:

A single event, such as the bifurcation, may represent a potentially important factors affecting encryption market, because they are relatively immature…… massive investment holders are often in a number of encryption money between transactions, causing a ripple effect, beyond the real value of the assets.”

No matter how specific circumstances, because of uncertainty surrounding the bitcoin cash bifurcation “real winners”, the final BCH market continue to compromise, that the months of the conflict more provoked bitcoin branch investment confidence.

Review the 11 month bitcoin last year the bifurcation is the opposite, the same is bitcoin bitcoin diamond BCD bifurcation, the amount of 2.1 million, 1:10 on bitcoin, at the bifurcation period, bitcoin market value soaring price topped 2 million dollars, gold is different from the past, bifurcation does not seem to cause more attention to quality the project, stable.

American drug sales group Life Enthusiast and its health products chain Remarkable Recovery now supports BCD encryption monetary payment, to become the first to support digital assets, medicines and health care products companies.

Overseas bitcoin diamond fund twitter news, bitcoin diamond BCD in November will be held in New York at the end of the New York City Cryptocurrency Meetup line will meet in New York, and an interest in digital currency can participate in, the New York line will meet, will explore the future development of BCD from aspects of community construction, overseas Bcd Bazaar, BCD payment mall development in the future.

Rosetta Coffee now supports BCD Rosetta Coffee payment, the store located in the United States WAL-MART.

From the bitcoin community of volunteers and overseas AAPOOL pool comments, for attention, care and support the development of encryption Monetary Community, a meaningless battle force is input, why not bring in the market to spend some thought? Perhaps these are community supporters really hope to see.

As the definition of Nakamoto bitcoin as early:

Bitcoin: electronic cash system is a point to point

These you have achieved?

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