“Warren” Buffett was not optimistic about bitcoin yesterday fell below $3500, 11 days plunged 44%

Recently, bitcoin has experienced a decline in disaster in November 14th, bitcoin fell $648.75, down to 10.36%, November 20th, bitcoin once again frustrated, fell more than 16%, fell below $410, at 18:24 yesterday afternoon, bitcoin fell below $3500, just 11 days time, bitcoin decline reached 44%, the market value of the evaporation of $48 billion 600 million worth of bitcoin from the highest point of a $twenty thousand down to $3500 now, just a year’s time, do not know how many investors lose everything.

Before the investment world famous Buffett will not see bitcoin, he believes that this is a big bubble in the market, what will appear when the bad ending, he did not know. He believes that the sale of bitcoin is not counted as investment, it is more like a gambling, people want to buy to sell when someone will buy at a higher price, and like to buy a house or buy the farm can give their return just as investment.

Bitcoin recently can be said to be into the winter, not only is the price of bitcoin, on the market a lot of virtual currency are in decline, such as bitcoin, stars, Monteiro and Cardano cash and other digital currencies fell more than 10%, the value of digital currency to the top 100 in the world, just the past week. There are 73 fell more than 30%.

The rapid decline of bitcoin caused the United States Bureau of justice, they are investigating whether there is one for control, but the Justice Department and the CFTC to the present has not said whether there has been improper behavior. About bitcoin crash, some experts said that the current caused by a variety of factors, there is a huge bubble in the market called “blockchain” project, the investment needed to be cautious.

Some people say that bitcoin decline is caused by many factors, first, market bubble; second, the market is due to the capital market, there are large holders of bitcoin users zapan, caused by currency price fluctuations; third, is the industry the recent war, caused many people to panic, shake their confidence, further contributed to the volatility of the market.

A collapse in bitcoin, different people have different views, some people say it will continue to fall, do not buy, some people are optimistic, how do you see?

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