Waves Project Assessment Report (Chinese Report Download)

Reporter: pencil boxn

WAVES is Russia’s well-known platform for open blockchain with the vision of being able to issue, transfer and exchange of real-world commodities, as well as assets including bitcoin, in a completely decentralized way to pay Systems, banks, crowdfunding projects provide a stable, open platform and create an ecosystem for community-based projects.n
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WAVES raised $ 16 million in 2016 at ICO, the sixth-largest crowdfunding program in its history and now has grown to more than $ 750 million. The ICOhub platform, the Chrome add-on wallet and the BTC and ETH exchange gateways have been developed. In addition, DEX will be released to centralize the Exchange 1.0 and the WAVESNG main network.n
The report cuts through digital currency transactions in the area of ​​blockchain industry representatives, presents current market liquidity and the contrast between several well-known decentralized trading platforms. From the project characteristics, performance data, future development and other aspects of WAVES conducted a comprehensive assessment.n
From a technical architecture perspective, WAVES trades fast and its team developed a new protocol, WAVES-NG, to increase the transaction rate of decentralized exchanges. At present, the WAVES-NG mechanism has been completed and the stress test was completed from November 8 to November 10, with 3,000 participants and 30 nodes participating in the test. A total of 4.6 million trades were completed, with an average of 2,000 strokes / minute and a peak of 17,000 strokes / minute. The ideal for the future is 100 strokes per second. In addition, WAVES adopts the mechanism of LPOS, through which WAVES holders can lend their tokens to miners with nodes on the entire network and receive dividend income.n
From the perspective of platform operation, WAVES adopts the light application form of Chrome plug-in, the interface is simple, the installation is simple and quick, and the user is convenient to download and use. WAVES also offers USD and EUR two legal currency gateways, and has built-in acceptance of five digital currencies such as BTC, LTC, WAVES, ETH and Zcash. At present, WAVES has issued over 5,000 kinds of tokens. However, its optional trading pairs are mainly concentrated in the 7 denominated currencies. In the case of generally illiquid central exchange transactions, the number of optional transactions is small and can not be diverted.n
From the performance data, since the WAVES on the line, the daily turnover of the daily number of transactions increased, the current turnover of about 100,000 transactions. One-day turnover of about 1.5 million US dollars. In cooperation with Deloitte, GPB, and the Russian Stock Clearing House, ICO Consulting services are provided together with WAVES ‘built-in asset distribution platform that facilitates the issuance of assets. In community operations, WAVES is more active. According to GitHub, there are 31 Contributors, 296 Star, 92 Forks, 6185 comments. Compared to other blockchain projects, the number of code contributors, the number of comments and the number of forks are all in the upper reaches, indicating that the programmer community is very approachable and passionate about the project.n
According to the WAVES 1.0 road map, the project will be followed by state storage optimization, and the development of smart contracts, anonymous transactions, multiple transactions and other functions.n

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