We asked more than 30 companies will choose a male chain of the future, beyond all expectations.

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If 2018 was the first year of the chain, then 2019 is the public chain competition of the year, the public good chain will continue to attract more developers and users, the chain a number of projects, including IOST, Tezos, Mixin, Algorand and Contentos have been or are about to the main line. How to get more technological breakthroughs, as much as possible to attract DAPP development team and users, will be key to the survival and development of the public chain.

As the core of ecological construction workers, ecological chain block participants is how to choose the chain? What is the selection of public chain standards? They are what the chain? What kind of future will go public chain?

Today to talk about the public ecological chain, or specific, is the underlying public chain of DAPP and flow, how to develop to what extent, ecological participants will face the future development trend of how.

Block rhythm BlockBeats interviewed more than 30 male participation in the ecological chain team, covering DAPP game team, to the center of the exchange, wallet, fund, a comprehensive interpretation of the blockchain participants is how to choose the public ecological chain.

When developers choose chain what to choose?

Just as the war is actually playing, economy, population and resources. The project in the choice of public choice is the chain, advanced technology, reliable performance, the number of users. Any one of the factors that are likely to become public key influence developers chain.

For the vast majority of the public ecological chain participants, the first problem is “money”. Although 1CO financing in 2019 continued to decline, but the current through the issuance of their Token in the chain, the chain raise public coins to investors selling Token as development funds, the project is still the most methods change the. The chain also hope that through this 1CO bundling of interests, developers and investors more precipitation.

 We asked more than 30 companies will choose a male chain of the future, beyond all expectations.

“A chain quality must be the actual assets bound enough and get everybody approval, not only depends on the number of DAPP and developers. “The speed of Capital Partners Wang Peng believes that the public nature of chain is to look at the financial attribute of it. The financial attributes of the consensus includes two aspects, one is the social resources, business logic project and landing; two is how the developer community size, how much disposable funds can be burned.

“A lot of projects without risk awareness, neither asset management professional ability, also do not understand the cash investment reason, that will raise funds to hold the coin form retained, inadvertently passive risk the market down. “BlockVC investment director Claire said that hedge funds raised situation developers will largely determine the survival status in the bear market environment.

The second half of 2018 to the first half of 2019, there are about more than 100 male main chain line, most of the financial situation is not very ideal. Although ETH and EOS have the highest from last year fell to nearly 90%, but still higher than the majority of the public money chain situation much better. At present in the public ecological chain development, ETH first step, EOS and TRON are catching up later. AlphaCoin Fund founder Frank said, in a lot of public investment in their chain project last year, IOST is an exception, the project in the thaw out about $40 million after ETH, ETH will be converted into currency hedging.

After considering the “money”, followed by “people”. Because the amount of users of public chain directly determines the amount of users on the development project.

The speed of Capital Partners Wang Peng said, due to the large number of chain, serious excess capacity, the head effect is very obvious, most users are concentrated in a few large head public chain. But there are also some of the upward trend of the project such as IOST, Polkadot, cosmos, algorand, ecological construction is relatively good, which is in fact from the etheric EOS, NEO square, a veteran of public users and developers chain smoking.

Lucky Slot is a wave field on the DAPP, the development team said that they only do the development in the wave field, wave field because the threshold is low, easy to use and versatility is good, low cost access to the user, by contrast, EOS development costs relatively high, access to the user’s competition pressure is greater.

More of the DAPP development team is the selection of multi chain development, where users go where development, where there is traffic to do. 0xUniverse is a foreign chain development block game company DAPP, the team is still EOS and wave field is similar to the 0xWarriors game chain.

 We asked more than 30 companies will choose a male chain of the future, beyond all expectations.

Note: “-” said the interview in an interview with no statement or not answered.

In addition, the performance of the chain, is also very important factors for the vast majority of the public ecological chain participants. The chain performance reliability and safety, advanced, the importance of developers cannot be overemphasized, it needs no certificate.

The EOSBet team said they had developed some dice game in the etheric Fang, but then it has been developed in the EOS, the reason is that the EOS performance temporarily more suitable betting games. Especially for high frequency DAPP, TPS is the ultimate limit of profit.

Taiken planet is a EOS based on the above DAPP, the team has also been developed in EOS. Although the EOS user education and use threshold for new users is still relatively high, but in many public chain, is able to meet support large-scale users based on low latency, and to provide developers with low cost or even 0 cost of infrastructure services.

Now the public ecological chain

“The chain did not rise, it is more difficult on the so-called ecological. “BlockVC investment director Claire said, whether it is located in the game or exchange DAPP, as long as it is for the end user C, essentially in the flow of business, and C end users are voting with their feet, can not meet the requirements of customers will not flow. In the entire block chain, explore the needs of users, the flow accumulation is always a difficult problem to be solved. For the upper application, the business model will become the primary problem of a life-and-death matter.

Therefore, the ecological chain of the dispute, and ultimately will still be users and traffic dispute. Whenever traffic business need to reach a threshold flow possible profit, but the current block chain DAPP’s user base is not up to the requirements. The whole block chain using the population size of the user base is far more than ten times, and the blockchain users in itself can be converted into DAPP users the chance of less and less. If the blockchain user base has raised not up, cannot achieve success and Internet integration, transformation of traffic, only to find that the other business logic.

I hope to occupy a favorable position in the public ecological chain through the grasp of entrance flow, almost all kinds of wallet application idea. Especially for POS coins, wallet function is very important.

There is a single chain public purse, such as MEET.ONE, has been positioning himself as the EOS ecological entrance. The user can complete the asset management, the use of DAPP nodes, voting, leasing, management and access to information. But most wallet is a multi chain attack, as far as possible to acquire a number of chain flow, such as TokenPocket, bit sent the wallet all support a number of public chain. Once the largest user of imToken Ethernet square wallet, now also has support for Ethernet, BTC, EOS square, three public chain.

 We asked more than 30 companies will choose a male chain of the future, beyond all expectations.

Note: “-” said the interview in an interview with no statement or not answered.

Wallet with the flow, not only can collect advertising fees, but also directly involved in the operation of the game DAPP. EOS Knights is a block chain project of South Korea’s party, Chinese user operation gave MEET.ONE. In China like NetEase agent Blizzard game business, the future of the purse to assume the DAPP generation operating mode will be more common, especially a lot of early DAPP, only a few people in a small team, the operation is undoubtedly a burden.

Since most DAPP Token will choose a transaction where the public chain of DEX on currency. So the DEX became public in the ecological chain wallet, another very important traffic entrance.

But DEX the situation is still not optimistic, most of the DEX still faces a lack of money, the user’s status. At present, DEX is still the center of the exchange as a supplement to existing, the reason is the center of many small currency exchange not listed on the mainstream for various reasons and listed in the DEX.

An important reason is the existing public chain technology is restricting the development of DEX. One of the biggest DEX Ethernet square on DDEX said that at present the etheric Fang DEX regardless of the volume of transactions or technology to further develop, must expect the etheric Fang technology breakthrough.

In addition to wait for the etheric Fang technology breakthrough, DDEX in other public chain initiative to develop DEX market. The judgment criteria of public chain is technology, users, liquidity requirements, performance. Based on this, DDEX developed in the Tron second to the center of the exchange, the IOST will be third DDEX to the center of the public exchange chain.

The future will be how to choose?

In our interview team, many teams think public chain in the future layer 2, including lightning payment, channel status and plates focus on project agreement.

As the flow of business will need to reach a threshold of flow can be profitable, and the DAPP block chain did not reach, nor a chain can support large-scale concurrent operation of normal DAPP game. Poor efficiency of DAPP, far less than the center of the gaming experience; and gambling, money of disc type DAPP cannot officially large-scale application. So the chain needs layer 2 to improve the performance, let the public Chain achieve profit flow threshold.

The chain is another focus of the future is that the blockchain financial attributes and Internet business model integration, the financial model of Internet products complement the blockchain. Short time, block chain has great advantages in finance, this can product business model combined with the market also needs to explore.

AlphaCoin founder Frank Fund believes that to break the encryption market development dilemma lies in trust. Under the supervision of the trust can solve the problem of trust, it is also the currency market entry mechanism of large-scale encryption is the most basic premise. In the encryption and public coin chain track, the most promising compliance, hosting company.

Privacy is a public key chain track in the future, a number of capital that is very optimistic about the anonymity and privacy of development projects this year.

Bit sent the wallet also said, will tilt the resources support Anonymous Coin Purse construction, to meet the needs of users of privacy. ARPA block chain security development team, its founder Xu Maotong believes that the era of data transfer between enterprises for data privacy protection demand represent the general trend, and the team, mainly for the public network as the chain development of secure multiparty computation protocol layer, the ability to achieve privacy calculation.

At the same time, there are a lot of teams have been considered or have been out of the ether, EOS and square wave field and other traditional public product development chain, choose new chain in public, such as Team Joy, White Matrix, Endless DDEX, the project team in the IOST have been completed or are developing the corresponding project.

In general, in the chain in the world, the old altar has collapsed, but has not yet completed the new kingdom. Ethernet technology workshop to breakthrough, EOS and wave field is still in the ecological construction. But there is no doubt that 2019 will grow up a number of new public chain, and initially formed a public ecological chain, eventually we’ll see how to answer.

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