Wealth: Expert’s Seven Encrypted Currency Forecasts

nnnLast week Fortune magazine gathered some well-known encryption money entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, organizes science and technology brainstorming in Aspen, Colorado, to discuss the future of digital money. Participants believe that bit currency and other encrypted currencies will continue to develop, while regulation is necessary. And this will also force existing market participants to achieve self-improvement.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nLast week Fortune magazine gathered some well-known encryption money entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, and others, discussing the future of digital money at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, Colorado. Selected some people at the Aspen Institute (Aspen Institute) to participate in breakfast roundtable discussion.n
nGroup leaders include Balti Srinivasan, co-founder and CEO, coin co-founder and CEO, whose traditional venture capital finances almost surpassed all other companies; and Blockchain co-founder and chief executive officer Peter Smith, the UK’s encrypted currency The company recently raised $ 40 million from Google’s parent company Alphabet’s venture capital unit GV; Tezos co-founder and chief executive officer Kathleen Breitman, ICO’s $ 200 million block-chain start-up this year, with its investors The famous Tim Draper.n
nThe team of experts discussed all the topics, including the long-term, recent tokens-selling financing trends of Bitcoin, especially the future of ITC-based project financing. Here are some of the predictions we know.n
n1. Bitcoin and ethertown will surviven
nMost people who are passionate about the encrypted currency seem to think that Bitcoin and rival etherflies are very good, though they may be optimistic. Balaji Srinivasan told the presence of more than 70 people, “I bet, 5 to 10 years, Bitcoin and ether coins will continue to exist.”n
nPeter Smith said his company was early in the field of Bitcoin, and was just beginning to focus on the later Ether Square. In contrast, Mike Cagney, co-founder and CEO of personal finance company SoFi, is more interested in the latter technology.n
nCagney says Bitcoin has a number of purposes, but it is currently limited in its commercial deals, and the block chain and the ethertop are attractive infrastructure applications, and it mentions its potential to change property rights insurance, including real estate insurance.n
n2. The unknown Token so far will be a great successn
nBitcoin and the Ether Square may have taken control of the overall situation, but innovation will not stop. Is expected to appear more new winners.n
nKathleen Breitman thinks that his favorite Tezos will fill the niche market and solve the problem of the existing chain. She and her project developers designed Tezos to automate software upgrades to the network, so theoretically, it would avoid escalating divisions, which undermined the coin system.n
nNo one can say that the final number of tokens and block chain agreements will win, but experts seem to think there is more room for more. Smith predicts that “there may be another or two leading players on the market that are not yet available, and another real dominant token may appear this year or next year.”n
nOf course, people will suffern
nIn the future, tokens sell seems to be a super good way to quickly finance, and do not have to answer any questions. Will this bring niche markets for some people? It is undeniable that it has been done. Plunder other people? Almost yes.n
nSmith speculates that market manipulation and insider trading are filled with ICO organizers, Smith said, “In the short term, we are very cautious, but you have to take into account the beginning of each new technology is the same.”n
nBrad Garlinghouse, chief executive of Ripple and former manager of Yahoo, expressed his concern at the industry at an independent panel that “highly regulated markets are usually highly regulated.” prison”.n
n4. ICO will eventually allow Silicon Valley and Wall Street to compete for the benefitn
nThe pilgrimage to the house of control of the money will come to an end. Anybody who can participate in online investment in the world, the physical location is not so important.n
nSrinivasan mentions financing for entrepreneurs who often walk in the narrow strip of Palo Alto, associated with venture capitalists. “Once, you had to go to Silicon Valley and go to Sand Hill Road to communicate with everyone, but ICO Changed these.n
nThe current way of project financing is already a new way like Kickstarter. Breitman said that when setting up Tezos tokens novels, the purpose is “to make as much as possible to enter the ecological investment.” The company financing more than 200 million US dollars, opened more than 30,000 Tezos wallet.n
n5. Supervision is durablen
nBarclays Security chief information officer Elena Kvochko said his bank and regulators talk about Bitcoin, block chain and other similar things. The insistent regulators seem to accept the idea that the “KYC” rule is followed, even though it is still early.n
nSrinivasan said the government was also familiar with the common law, Switzerland, Singapore and Estonia to develop a legal framework that could easily apply the new technology. They want to replace the existing regional participants, a new wave of corporate finance center. Smith said, “If you are an American or business, you need to worry a lot.”n
nBreitman said that before a unified statute, someone was doing what “best kept transparent”.n
n6. Killer applications will make speculation subsidedn
nSmith said that the currency prices fluctuate in a wide range, and speculators are busy happily for a while. But there is reason to believe that the market will be more stable, because as in the past few years Bitco gradually stabilized the same (although the price volatility is still great.n
nIn order for these computer tokens to catch up with the times, they need to beat the use of traditional funds. Ideally, it should be better than simply “buy medicine”, like Fortune magazine journalist, conference host Jeff John Roberts said.n
nSrinivasan proposes a possible scenario to imagine “all your awake time for Matrix (the future will be fascinated by one of the virtual reality).” People meet from all over the world and need to exchange media. “You want to trade, you can not simply pay $ 100 million in banknotes, you need an international currency.”n
nn”It may take some time, but the future will require more cross-border transactions.”n
n7. Encrypted currency will force existing participants to improve themselvesn
nWhenever consumers brush credit cards, payment processors have to charge.n
nNicko van Someren, chief technology officer at Linux Foundation, notes that Visa or Mastercard charges more than the transaction clearing costs. These companies have the potential to handle transactions faster and lower costs.n
nThe potential result of alternative systems such as Bitcoin may be the driving force behind the company to improve its services. “Bitcoin is good because it will make the bank work towards real trading costs.” For example, you can imagine the start-up companies based on the platform to force Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox to reconsider or improve their products) The At the same time Smith is less optimistic about the ability of existing participants to adapt to this change, “I do not think there is much room for the bank to adjust the price model.”n

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