Weiss Ratings publishes cryptocurrency rating results

nRunaway Comment: The news that the US financial rating agency Weiss Ratings previously announced rating of cryptocurrencies has drawn the attention of all circles. At present, the agency also released the rating results in accordance with the agreement, the 74 most popular cryptocurrencies were assessed. It is noteworthy that, in this report, bitcoin is only C, Ethereum is B, no cryptocurrency was rated A level. Undoubtedly, the result of this rating will surely arouse heated discussions between the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the traditional financial community.n
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Encryption currency ushered in the era of ratingn
Weiss Ratings, an independent rating agency, is doomed to be a winner when it announces it will look closely at cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency lovers are curious What organizations in the traditional financial arena can see from this world of subversive common sense, after all, in this market, the market value of meme coins up to 1 billion US dollars, while the fog pieces of the project may also be Higher value. Wall Street also wants to know how Weiss Ratings treats cryptocurrencies, in particular which currencies it can legalize and which currencies to avoid.n
Weiss takes the rating seriouslyn
According to Weiss’s assessment, bitcoin has a rating of C (“normal”) while Ethereum is B (“good”) and Steem is B-. That’s right, Steem ranks higher than bitcoin. The highest rated A cryptocurrency is none at all. In a recently released report, the company explained: “A or B levels can also be understood as ‘buy’ in the investment rating, while investors should not over-worry about seeing the level C. This is a proxy For investors, it means “holding.” “The D and E classes are all equivalent to” sell, “and the report states that both Novacoin and Salus are Grade D.n
Not surprisingly, the prices of several cryptocurrencies, which Weiss recognized, rose today, with Cardano and NEO being the biggest winners. They are rated B- (just below Ethereum and EOS) and have achieved double-digit growth in the past 24 hours. Most cryptocurrencies on rating lists are moderately rated, including Bitcoin (C) and Bitcoin Cash (C-).n
Weiss cryptocurrency rating posted on even
The night before Weiss announced the cryptocurrency rating, traders at the 4chan Web site business segment started a lively discussion about it. Prior to Weiss’s release of the data, some versions of the leaked documents allegedly began circulating on the site. Some are obviously fake, the purpose is to manipulate the market price, but some are really true. On different versions of the file, the rating of NEM is B or D, and IOTA is C or B.n

Rating standardsn
Dr. Martin Weiss explained to CNBC the philosophy of this rating system: “We’ve created a computer model that looks at cryptocurrency from many different angles and makes rational, rigorous and rational research that’s where investors in the field Very much needed. “n
These criteria include risk index, reward index, technical index and basic element index. These categories are not new to cryptocurrencies traders who have been accustomed to this rating over the years. Although they do not need to be understood by Weiss to understand these things, they are smart enough to understand that this rating does not do any harm to their assessment. The report concludes: “All other conditions are equal, and as cryptocurrencies overcome their own challenges, their ratings may increase.”n
Founded in 1971, Weiss Ratings has rated more than 55,000 agencies and investment companies. Although the accuracy of its cryptocurrency rating report raises some controversy, its existence adds to the credibility of this asset in the public mind.n

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