Welcome to dark moments: circle of currency bitcoin fell below $5000, clearing mines or meet the tide

Recently, bitcoin circle experienced another at night.

The early morning of November 20th, known as the central value of bitcoin blockchain suddenly dropped, the price has dropped to 5000, 4900, 4800, 4700, 4600, 4500, 4400 $7 mark.

No one knows where the bottom, over the past three months, have been silent for the game player in the bottom line from $6000 to $5000, but with the price of money really fell below this value, but insiders also can use “the new slogan is not made at the end of $4000” to their own anesthesia.

Other encryption currency where there is no good, in recent days, EOS fell 13.88%, the etheric Fang fell 11.1%, ranked the forefront of the other encryption currency decline is mostly over two digits.

For a time, the whole circle of money some people said they Starving people fill the land., assets within a week lost 85%, some people said they currently only 100 thousand of the principal amount of more than 2000.

In the long bear market, currency circle finally ushered in the coldest season.

Currency price continued to fall or will lead to disaster

In November 20th, a company called hashrate investment cloud computing power mining platform announced in the official website announcement that, due to ant S9 contract since November 7, 2018 to November 16, 2018 has been ten consecutive days to pay management fees and charges. According to the “hashrate cast stress service agreement”, if ten consecutive days of contract revenue is not enough to pay management fees and charges, a force contract is automatically terminated.

The so-called cloud computing capacity of mining platform is actually a platform managed by force mine, user subscription contracts machine by a unified platform for maintenance management. This announcement is published and cast, is the side that bitcoin prices have shut down price breakdown of the ant S9.

In the mine, off price refers to the normal operation of mine, dig out bitcoin is not enough to pay off its electricity, miners bit currency prices.

According to one of the largest mineral pool pond statistical data, as of April 11 2018 21, in the comprehensive electricity 0.4 yuan, BTC machine, S7, T9, A741, ant and Avalon M3+ frequency version of 4 type machine has reached the shutdown price.

Of course, do not rule out some of its own mines will have the ability of power control in 0.3 yuan, but in fact, with Xinjiang, Sichuan, in the dry season, electricity costs usually rise at least 1 hair.

In other words, in the case of electricity costs continue to rise, the price of money any fluctuations for small and medium-sized mines is difficult to maintain, will be the last straw.

Tencent “frontline” had previously reported, with currency prices continued to decline, the current Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other parts of the small mines have sold liquidation. A year ago the price of up to twenty-one thousand units of the vehicle, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan.

In micro-blog, a miner abandoned the mill out of mine cart catty sale video has been widely spread. Baidu hot search even once the “mill by catty sale of top.

A coin ring veteran told interface news reporters, if the currency prices continue to fall, fell to below $3500, even the most cost saving means, its own mines will face off the outcome of liquidation.

How long will continue to fall?

Looking back, many people can not help but ask, what is the reason causing the crash?

In the coin circle, most of all points to the bitcoin cash on November 15th is the battle.

In November 15th, self proclaimed Nakamoto, founder of Australian CSW and bit Wu Jihan had a BCH within the community is force control of war.

Is the so-called battle, namely in the other block chain system put in enough computing power, affecting the normal operation of each block chain system and through a series of methods, such as the manufacturing of a large number of invalid block, hinder the normal formation of the chain, and make it impossible to carry out the transaction etc.. In this process requires a lot of input digital currency machine to produce enough computing power, also means huge capital consumption.

According to TokenInsight statistics show that in 36 hours BCH hard after the bifurcation, Wu Jihan camp dug ABC number equivalent to BTC of about 133.71 BTC, direct digging through the corresponding stress, can be dug 321.28 pieces, BTC187.57 pieces of waste is equivalent to. The SV number of Macao Cong camp dug equivalent to BTC about 71.88, BTC direct digging through the corresponding calculation, you can dig 211.28 pieces, waste is equivalent to BTC139.4, the two sides waste is amounting to a total of BTC326.97.

Is the so-called gods fight, the people suffer. The war and its consumption is positive, in a certain period of time consumed to BTC stress, caused by the stage of stress wave. These fluctuations make bitcoin holders worried about bitcoin attacks will become a possibility, which makes the risk aversion rise, the sell-off intensified.

In fact, from the beginning of 2018 years, the currency market entered a stock market, according to Chainalysis’s data, in the month of 1 2018 to the third quarter of this year 9 month, trading volume with bitcoin settlement decreased by more than 80%.

The market has been a long time without the admission of new funds, the technical level did not appear any can boost the market good, at this time, the backbone of the industry to strengthen confidence in the digital currency, instead of arguing with each other and continue to attack. While such disputes will only continue to weaken the investors in the digital currency faith and consensus.

Recently, even dubbed the “Chen Duidui” chairman of the pan city capital Chen Weixing also began to open to reflect, in a few days ago the new economic block chain Hangzhou summit site, Chen Weixing said, “in the past, the so-called” blockchain chiefs’ mutual accusations, everyone put the block chain as her meritorious opportunity. But now the market chain block, is misconduct before paying the price.”

However, this is a let the market share price.

Not long ago, Bloomberg issued a document that, with the further development of virtual currency collapse, bitcoin will fall further, may fall to $1500. Chen Weixing also said that at least 50% bitcoin prices will fall, the future, more than 70% of the team will be able to continue to operate it.

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