Well-known budget carriers in Japan detail bitcoin acceptance plans

nRunaway Comment: Last year, Peach Aviation, a leading Japanese low-cost carrier, announced it has partnered with Bitpoint Japan, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, to accept bitcoin payments. However, according to a recent press report, the company decided to cancel the plan due to the huge amount of theft of the new currency on the country’s exchange. However, companies have come forward to clarify that the plan is indeed delayed, but only because the bitcoin market is volatile and needs to wait for the market to stabilize and choose the best time to go. Because of the need to move the camera, so there is no specific plan.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Japan’s leading low-cost carrier Peach Aviation has been deploying a Bitcoin payment system. It has recently been reported that the Japanese large-scale cryptocurrency exchange has been attacked to reconsider the bitcoin strategy. Peach Aviation worked with bitcoin exchange partners to clarify their position.n
Peach accepts bitcoin’s plann
To this end, the company denounced Peach Aviation’s announcement that Peach Aviation may suspend its plan to accept Bitcoin purchases, following a total of 58 billion yen (527 million U.S. dollars) in the stolen money denominated in New York Stock Exchange (NEM) by Japan’s major encrypted currency exchange.n
Peach Aviation reaches 90 departures daily with 12 domestic and 13 international airlines and 13,000 daily passengers.n
In May last year, the company announced for the first time that it will accept Bitcoin payments through its cooperation with Bitpoint Japan, a Japanese currency exchange. In addition, the company plans to expand its Bitcoin payment service “through its cooperation with local administrative agencies and local companies.” Peach and Bitpoint intend to work together on several projects, such as installing bitcoin ATMs at airports and using Bitcoin payments at gift shops, restaurants and accommodation facilities.n
According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, a statement in May said:n
n”Both companies plan to start the service from the fall of 2017 and will gradually implement the measures according to various laws and regulations.”n
nBut in December, Peach postponed its time to “start accepting bitcoin this fiscal year,” and the fiscal year ending in March 2018.n
Peach plans are delayedn
Peach public relations spokesman Nikkei News confirmed delayed the launch of services, “We are re-examine the opening hours of services.” The delay was due to the “bitcoin market volatility that began to intensify at the end of 2017,” stating that “companies want to roll out their services just waiting for the market to stabilize.” Peach also denied coverage of the company’s abandonment of the Bitcoin payment plan. “I’m really preparing this billing system.”n
Bitpoint Japan later released a clarification of the situation. “Once finalized, we will provide you with specific service start time and content as soon as possible.”n
n”Currently we are working hard to achieve this service.”n

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