Well-known contributor Ash Bennington joined CoinDesk as a market leader

nnnAsh Bennington is a former CNBC journalist and Roubini EconoMonitor editor, currently announced the official join CoinDesk, will become its first full-time digital money market leader. CoinDesk is very excited about Bennington’s participation, believing that its rich economic and financial experience is conducive to his future development.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFormer CNBC reporter and Roubini EconoMonitor editor Ash Bennington has officially joined CoinDesk, becoming the first full-time digital money market leader in the media.n
nThe addition of Bennington will bring rich economic and financial experience to CoinDesk. CoinDesk believes that these experiences have unique value because global hedge funds, investment banks and fund management companies are exploring the prospects for block-chain technology.n
nBennington’s article has appeared on the Christian Science Monitor, TheStreet.com, Business Insider, ZeroHedge, Yahoo Finance and other publications and media platforms.n

nAsh Benningtonn
nCoinDesk editor Pete Rizzo said:n
nn”At the moment, mainstream reports should disagree about the use of encrypted and digital assets as assets, and Ash joins CoinDesk in this case, enabling us to identify him as a broader community for our platform and exploring the currency movement Very precious. “n
nnBennington, as a market leader in CoinDesk, will not only focus on the bitcoin and currency prices that often appear in headlines, but also explore the world of emerging cryptographic hedge funds, tokens and first-generation tokens (ICO).n
nBennington is no stranger to emerging technology, he was CNBC NetNet news team early contributors, and in the early development of the Internet to help companies develop Internet strategy.n
nBennington said:n
nn”I am delighted to join CoinDesk’s team.CoinDesk’s knowledge, experience and expertise are ahead of all other digital currency media.”n
nnPrior to the start of the journalist career, Ash Bennington served as Vice President of Electronic Commerce for BB u0026 T, and then Vice President and Technical Specialist of Credit Suisse.n

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