Well-known film producers will direct block-block movies

nnOn the map: SingularDTV, based on the production and distribution platform of the Ether Square, has launched a block-chain movie project, and Alex Winter, a well-known documentary producer, will direct the film. Winter’s extensive professional experience and interest in technology make it the most suitable candidate for the project. He also said that the interesting and complex experience of the block chain will be displayed in an entertaining way, so that the public to further understand the technology and eliminate some misunderstanding.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The story of the block chainn
There is not much video of the block chain, but the technology is much more complicated than the rough two-minute animation.n
IBM and Microsoft and other large companies interested in the block chain so that it has received many mainstream attention, but in fact it has been for ten years. It became interesting and complicated in 2017 to become a center story.n
Fortunately, the filmmaker Alex Winter took on the difficult task of describing the story.n
Winter is not a new face in the entertainment industry. He started his career as an actor and starred in some popular films. Then he was behind the scenes and directed several award-winning narrative documentaries. His recent work reflects his interest in going to the center and the Internet-based community. His two documentaries, Downloaded and Deep Web, are centered on these topics. His next project, Untitled Blockchain Film, will focus on exploring the chain chain machines and their potential to change the world.n
Winter in an interview with Futurism explained:n
n”The film is an opportunity to explore the future: where we are, where we are going and where this is crazy, dangerous and exciting world, especially its part of the chain and encryption areas.”n
nFor this project, Winter will travel to all over the world to interview investors and innovators who play an important role in the chain and de-centric evolution. He will also look for those who use this technology to solve important real-world problems (such as global hunger and income inequality).n
Winter pointed out that since the late 1980s, he has been studying the rise of cryptography and its impact on global culture. But he was excited about the film to make it come into contact with things. Winter said: “Every movie is my discovery and lost journey, which is why I like the film.”n
Redefined industryn
Winter The subject of this new documentary is not the only element of its cutting edge, and this project is forward-looking from video-assisted to open-ended. With the help of SingularDTV, EnTech will make the film with Futurism Studios (a wholly owned subsidiary of Futurism LLC).n
SingularDTV’s ether-based production and distribution platform, using block-chain technology, provides film producers and artists with everything they need to implement the project.n
Sing Jackson, president of SingularDTV Entertainment, told Futurism:n
n”We are creating an ecosystem for artists and creators in the entertainment industry to carry out all activities – raising money to promote their own projects and leasing equipment. We are developing different applications that will provide artists with all the support from development to publication “n
nFuturism Studios president Geoff Clark pointed out that the block chain technology is currently in this critical moment makes its film production is very exciting. “We are hard to redesign our financing and distribution model to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future.I believe that the block chain represents the next evolution of content creation and we are pleased to be working with top technical experts And creative people to work together to achieve this vision.n
“Untitled block chain movie” is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2018, is SingularDTV original works of the first project. Jackson said she was happy that Winter could direct the film. she says:n
n”His experience made him the right person for the project, and he fully understood the different ways to explore the new technology, and it was a surprise that he could direct the film.n
nWinter hopes that the film will eliminate some public misunderstanding of the block chain, but like his previous work, he will be in this project in the entertainment and education together. Winter said:n
n”I want the audience to have a better understanding of this seemingly chaotic and puzzling world.I took the movie, not the news or the entertainment, so I wanted the audience to feel like a good story.”n

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