Well-known investors Bill Miller revealed that bit currency in its portfolio accounted for 1%

nnnIn the interview with Forbes, Bill Miller, a well-known investor, revealed that Bitcoin had a huge place in its portfolio. There are some similar investors, but the current situation, people’s investment in digital money is only a small part of the total assets. At the same time, although many celebrities have participated in and studied the digital money investment, but their views on this asset is not entirely consistent.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAnother millionaire investor revealed that with the emergence of a digital currency hedging trend, he also included Bitcoin into his own portfolio.n
nWell-known investor Bill Miller in an interview with “Forbes” interview, announced that since 2014 he holds a bit currency, in its portfolio accounted for 1% of the proportion.n
nThe price of Bitcoar rose sharply after that, making Miller gain a lot of money – more than the gains from its most sophisticated stock investment decisions.n
n”Forbes” confirmed:n
nn”His worth has risen nearly ten times, and Bitcoin has now become the most important asset in his hedge fund.”n
nnMiller’s example is not the only one. Earlier this year, Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes also revealed that his Bitcoar assets had yielded good earnings since 2010.n
nBut the proportion of investment in virtual money in the overall wealth is still very small, far lower than the expert Andreas Antonopoulos estimated digital currency in the portfolio accounted for the largest proportion – 10%.n
nThis article has been recognized in social media for those who decide to diversify their assets (not just currency).n
nOther celebrity views are more diverse.n
nRonnie Moas, a very successful stock trader in terms of digital money, said the spot currency could rise to $ 5,000 in a few months.n
nFred Hickey, a well-known investor, argues that the future of block chains and digital currencies is not their “value-saving” capacity.n

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