Well-known investors Tim Draper called on the SEC to exempt some of the ICO’s regulation

nnnIn the SEC announced that the token will be included in its definition of securities, the well-known investors Tim Draper in the facebook published a related view. He believes that the current SEC decision is not clear enough, it is possible to combat the enthusiasm of American innovators. He also made some suggestions to the SEC, pointing out that more clear guidance would convey the correct message to the people.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAfter the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to include its toll in its definition of securities, Tim Draper, a well-known investor, called on the agency to remove the regulation of certain initial tokens (ICO) projects.n
nDraper published a Facebook statement on July 26, expressing his thanks for the SEC’s guidance, but tried to appeal to the agency to remove the regulation of the project that had or was to be issued before the October 30 issue. Clear and able to encourage innovation.n
nDraper purchased nearly 30,000 Bitcoils in 2014 and has been one of the earliest and most prestigious supporters of Bitcoin and Block Chain innovations. As a result, it would not be surprising that Draper would be an early investor in the centralization of funds raised through the ICO.n
nDraper lists a series of factors that the SEC should consider in the Facebook state that the SEC can convey the correct information to the innovator, or he worries that they will be transferred to other countries.n
nDraper’s recommended considerations include:n
nn”1. If the token is intended for investment, it must be registered with the SEC.n
n2. If the token is intended for social transformation, all proceeds will be used to support and develop tokens, and no registration is required.n
n3. If the purpose of the token is to raise funds for the company and the funds are used to support the company, it must be registered with the SEC. “n
nnSo far, Draper’s investment in this emerging industry includes an autonomous block chain project (Tezos), a smart contract liquidity mechanism (Bancor) and a counter-centric tool (Credo) for combating spam.n

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