What do marketers think about block chains?

nnn”Even those who have come across the block chain will notice that there is a general prediction that this technology will revolutionize all industries – from international shipping to health insurance. So what is the relationship between this technology and marketing? Emerging Insider Communications learned from 600 marketers about their view of the potential of chain marketing, sorting out the application of the technology in the marketing industry and the challenges it faced.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nEven if you take a glimpse of the recent hype around the block chain, you will notice that people predict that the technology will revolutionize all industries – from international shipping to health insurance.n
nIn fact, this near-insane speculation around distributed categorical accounting techniques can lead to confusion about the actual role of the technology.n
nBlock chain – or distributed categorical accounting technology, is a distributed database that is managed autonomously through point-to-point networks. Once the data is recorded and stored in the block chain, it can not be changed in reverse.n
nFor enterprises, the block chain is essentially a business network, is the business activities of the intelligent and can not be tampered with the classification of books.n
nWhat does this have to do with marketing? Emerging Insider Communications asked 600 marketers about their view of the potential for chain marketing.n
nApplication areasn
n88% of respondents believe that the block chain technology may be a positive subversion of the existing marketing ecosystem.n
nMarketers are particularly interested in learning how the technology works:n
nn- Loyalty program (24%)n
n- Verification of ads (23%)n
n- make consumer data more transparent (21%)n
n- CRM (15%)n
nnHowever, only 15% of respondents believe that they have fully understood the technology, and can explain to the customer. Although 40% of respondents interviewed block-chain articles last month, the focus is on technical terms that are likely to be a continuing problem.n
nThe technical language and abstract concepts are highlighted as the main challenge faced by marketers and their customers.n
nForty-eight percent of respondents said the technical language of the block chain was too obscure for the audience, and 72 percent of respondents felt that their organization’s lack of knowledge of the technology was lacking.n
nSo will this create an opportunity for those who have a good knowledge? 36% of respondents believe that block-chain experts and think leaders will rise in the marketing industry.n
n35% of respondents believe that this technology should now be actively explored, while 52% of respondents are happy to wait and continue to focus on the development of this technology.n

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