What do you think Putin bitcoin views imply?

What do you think Putin bitcoin views imply?

When someone is still young and immature, for some things will tend to make the extreme reaction. When they face some mild criticism when either real or just as they think, they will be angry rage. And they will find praise and encouragement from a very neutral statement. They lack the courage to say “no”. If the excessive reaction is considered to be immature, so according to what happens this week can be judged, although part of the bitcoin community are very clever, but it is still not mature enough.

   If you miss the news, the following is for what happened this week about the introduction. An old man talking about bitcoin. He said he didn’t fully understand bitcoin, and the key problem is behind bitcoin nothing in support of it. Like many old man before him ( And many young people ) The same, he completely ignores the fact that the traditional monetary problem to every modern terms are the same.

   The existing legal tender Behind also nothing to support them, For example, the yen dollar and ruble. But they have value, it is because people think they have value. If there is a place to debate the computing power behind the bitcoin and unreliable network account, only behind bitcoin support more than the rest of the money, not less.

   The old man then said: “but as a unit of account, these” coins “, or what they call the other, they can be used, and the extent of their use is becoming more and more widely. As some accounts of some accounting units, this is probably the case.” So weak, the euphemism “approval” is enough to make some money this encryption supporters felt a sudden joy. And you know, saying that man is Vladimir Putin? (Vladimir Putin) .

   Seems like Putin does not understand bitcoin, But he like many people in the world. That can be vaguely aware of bitcoin behind the technology may be useful. He also like a lot of people are looking for 和人探索可以 Make yourself full benefit The method of use

   On a personal level , The Internet and social media to comment on a good or bad news or overreaction has become somewhat boring. Putin criticized bitcoin should be not at all surprising. Because he seems to not understand how bitcoin. On the other hand, shown in bitcoin when he mentioned the vague want to assign this technology desire, does not mean that the Russian government will open their encrypted currency.

   Mature will win respect, bitcoin as a potential transformation of the concept, if its users and followers are to overreact to everything, then the vast majority of people will reject it due respect. Perhaps it is time to make a conscious effort to ease her wording and stop scaring off the neutral observer.

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