What is consensus? Thought of the hard branch of Coca-Cola

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 What is the consensus? Think hard in the bifurcation from Coca-Cola

The product performance is stronger will get more consensus? Or: consensus is simply a program on the surface? The answer was No. Temper after long time, Bitcoin has been a consensus from the software sublimated into a kind of ideology of things, like the Coca-Cola brand.”

As a country with 10 years of brand marketing and the Internet experience of the workers, when I read BTC last year and the recent history of hard bifurcation, BCH bifurcation hard events, emerged in my mind and a block chain is not related to the event. This will be entirely irrelevant and BTC bifurcation hard together, but fun, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. This is Coca-Cola’s 1985 hard fork”.

Before you read this, I have to mention your background again once that I am not good at technical personnel, is the study of culture and brand. If this article by BTC Core and BCH BSV fans, the fans on the technical level of the unhappy, please forgive my superficial. I only from the angle of culture and brand, and in my limited material to discuss these things, and also try to explain from the perspective of the brand, what is the consensus.

Coca-Cola 1985 hard fork

Coca-Cola is a beautiful American culture, but in 1985, when it was created in 99 years, there has been a huge crisis. With the rapid growth of sales of Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola’s first foreign CEO Guo Sida, Coca-Cola decided to upgrade at the product level. After a long investigation and research, Coca-Cola has developed a new formula more sweet, taste softer, less air bubbles, a sense of glioma. Then, Coca-Cola has used the 400 million dollars to a million consumers by 19.1 in 13 city of great taste test, in a number of unspecified brand drinks, the taste of the new formula still “cold”, the new coke with 61% than 39%, the overwhelming majority to overcome the old coke.

Everything is ready, in April 1985, Coca-Cola held the theme of “grand new trends conference” beverage marketing the company’s most significant in the history of the hundred years. Guo Sida announced: “the best drink Coca-Cola, will become better, the New Coke Cola to replace the traditional market. The conference invited more than 700 reporters, the scene image will be through the communications satellite transmission to Losangeles, Atlanta and Houston. According to the plan, 81% of Americans will know Coca-Cola to change the formula message within 24 hours, the proportion is even higher than that within 24 hours of coverage of the lunar Apollo.

With the release of new coke, Coca Cola Co’s nightmare began. The American people’s wrath, in the “new coke” listed within 4 hours, to protest change Cola telephone 650, by June, this figure rose to more than 8000 a day. Most Americans have expressed the same opinion: Coca-Cola betrayed them. The sales volume of new coke “down against the new coke activities held in various places, the media does not stop the fan the flames, the further spread of anger at this time, Pepsi has also fan the flames will not only 4, 22, the new coke conference as Pepsi, also ridiculed said that Coca-Cola want to taste more like Pepsi, why not buy pepsi!

The new formula Coca-Cola wrong? The research results mentioned above, the new coke formula are more popular. However, Guo Sida’s team ignored the point: after 100 years, especially after the World War II Cola became soldiers to miss home after drinking cola, Coca-Cola is not just a bottle of sweet taste, the bubble is sufficient, can bring pleasure to drink, but has become a symbol of American culture, thus bring more spiritual pleasure. In the Coca-Cola products, and become a specific group of cultural symbol, form a very unique brand.

Not long ago, Coca-Cola decided to restore the traditional formula production, named CocaCola Classic (Coca-Cola), the new formula in the name “new coke” continue to sell, until two years later, because the problem was completely offline sales.

Coca-Cola brings inspiration: bifurcation ideology consensus

Heard here, don’t you feel very familiar? “Coca-Cola” and “Coca-Cola” sounds like a fork, like BTC and BCH. BCH once claimed that through the expansion from the product level of Bitcoin transformation, making it a no longer congestion, better performance (better products) Bitcoin. However, the fate and the “new Coca-Cola” similar, BCH finally could not replace the BTC market value has dropped to 1/30 of BTC.

As ordinary people the money people simply cannot read technology, we can put aside the technical level (for example, BCH technology is better than BTC Niubi?) The factors to analyze the matter. Now, show in front of us is a picture: even if the performance of the BTC can not support an electronic cash Empire, but Bitcoin has more powerful “consensus”, get more recognition.

We must ask: stronger product performance will get more consensus? Or: consensus is simply a program on the surface? The answer was No. After a long time of exercise, the Bitcoin consensus has been from a set of software sublimated into a kind of ideology of things, like the Coca-Cola brand.

Of course, the BCH core team will have their consensus. These people believe that they make changes in order to better achieve the great idea of Nakamoto in mind, this is also the spirit of change. In the last month, the Bitcoin bifurcation BCH experienced another bifurcation. Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV the focus of controversy more than changes in the program, but on a bifurcation proposition, which is more close to the Nakamoto ultimate dream (I observed that).

We can draw a conclusion: consensus is composed of two aspects as material and culture; brand, early is product specific, the formation of a specific culture, is the heyday of specific culture determines specific products.

Bitcoin is a typical example. The chain performance is much better than bitcoin is not a few, but bitcoin has to decide the product culture. The product easy to copy, but easy to improve performance, culture is extremely difficult to carry, Bitcoin in the image and status of the hearts of the people it is difficult to shake.

Consensus or brand: product and technology are 1 and 1, believe that the ideology is behind the 0

Block chain project cannot do without the establishment of “consensus”, is now the major companies in the launch of the product is to establish “brand cannot do without”. The vast majority of projects are the first to build a consensus path by all means the people gathered together, it all means to stay alive, like the conversion funnel of the Internet, but this has become a consensus? I don’t think. This is the old Internet traffic thinking, at best can only get the money when the bull market bear market consensus, when make complaints about the consensus of aguirre.

Clearly establish a normal consensus problem, or to discuss how to establish a normal brand. The aforementioned brands include material and culture, there is a causal relationship between the two. Early is the product of the unique value of constructing the brand culture and brand culture shape, on the depth of operations, culture gradually replaced the product itself, so that “what is the product slowly become less important, important is the product behind the brand culture.

As previously mentioned Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola itself is a kind of drink, water for thirst, sugar can bring energy to bring happiness, rich bubbles bring feedback more intense, these are the value of the product itself, but the United States during the great depression, Coca-Cola became the symbol of “cheer up” during World War II, as long as 5 cents you can drink a bottle of Coca-Cola home, it is not only a bottle of beverage, more soldiers fighting has become a necessity of life, is as important as the guns and ammunition, then Coca-Cola has become a symbol of American culture, so only the front of the story, people will reject better taste of Coca-Cola, and the call for the classic Coca-Cola. At this time, Coca-Cola brand culture pleasure has been far more than the product itself brings joy.

The blockchain consensus is this path. Bitcoin is the result of decades of the cypherpunks movement, its body with profound cypherpunks cultural brand, which has been cypher punk culture lovers chase. In addition, when the economic crisis, Nakamoto bitcoin is still placed on the running mechanism of discontent in the world. He left this sentence at the center of the block, the irony of financial system has lost Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor credit: The on brink of second bailout for banks (January 3, 2009, finance minister is in the implementation of the second round of the bank bailout edge). Therefore, since the birth of bitcoin, then gradually by the liberals, Austrian economists, anti Keynes activists chase.

Although in the aspects of product and technology, bitcoin is indeed a full of whimsy, stunning the world system, but because of the open source code, the system is very easy to be copied. One copy does not go, it is the soul of bitcoin, liberalism and cypherpunks culture.

It is necessary to point out that culture is a continuous process of development. The white paper says Bitcoin does not have a “center”, is in the Ethereum, to the center to become the focus of attention of the block chain practitioners, to go to the center of the idea of building a secure world many followers of the faith block chain. Consensus has been from the material level up to the cultural level.

A good product is important, but the product behind the representative of culture is more popular, like Coca-Cola and apple. A consensus with the brand, from product, Xing in culture.

Block chain project should try to create a unique community culture.

There is a big premise of brand building products without mishap. So there is a saying, the product is 1, marketing is 0, not the 1, more than 0 is 0. Brand building is usually based on excellent products, attracting a number of people through the unique attributes of the product, the output operation, contents of various activities through online and offline, and gradually formed a unique culture of fans, to achieve greater range of brand identity to attract more like-minded people. There is a blood relationship between this identity and consensus, the Bitcoin consensus mentioned earlier, is in fact the Nakamoto conception of identity, and then on to the center of thought identity. Accumulation and precipitation of the consensus needed for a long time, not by all means the people gathered together, there is a consensus.

Since that brand and consensus is very similar, is also very similar to the path of the creation of consensus and brand building:

First of all, through the unique products to attract a number of people. For example, Bitcoin is to attract geeks and cryptography on the real financial system down, BCH is to attract Bitcoin core disappointed that Nakamoto group of believers.

Then, select a suitable container operation. A friend once asked me, what is the ultimate form of community? Is the mail group? Is BBS? A group chat? Is Feed? Is the public number? My answer is the ultimate form of what is not important, the important thing is whether the user will be gathered to repeatedly touch up, repeated communication, may when new users enter the bull market, the group is better, IM can quickly receive information, the bear market is normal or BBS format, or the public number is more appropriate, can better precipitation of high quality the content, form the unique culture of fans.

Then, establish a unique cultural output. The content is the best carrier of cultural output, both speeches, interviews, articles, or Twitter, or even a group chat in extremely fragmented speech, is a very good output, the key is to keep the same cultural core, long and persistent output.

Like the sun, oxygen, nutrients, consensus seed sprout, growth, flowering, results. This consensus has very strong tension, it supports Bitcoin after ten years many times questioned, is still fully deserve crypto currency of the king.

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