What is the bitter currency? “Bubble zone” or “new gold”?

nnnRampage commentary: In the bitter currency swept the world now, for this view of the digital currency is always different. Some people think that Bitcoin is a bubble, and the recent rise in bitcoin prices illustrates this point more. Another part of the people think that Bitcoin is a digital version of gold. However, despite the disagreement over the views of Bitcoin, the value of the underlying technology block chain is recognized, and the person who thinks that the bitcoin is a digital version of gold agrees that the success of the currency needs to recognize its legal status.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nJean Pierre Verster is well known for his prediction of the collapse of African banks and is currently a portfolio manager at Fairtree Capital, South Africa. More recently, he appeared again to support the view that many people think that the recent price hike of the bitcoin suggests that the bubble appears.n
nThe Portfolio Manager says Bitcoin is currently in a bubble area, so he will not invest in Bitcoin.n
nFalse truthn
nIn terms of distinguishing its value from the underlying technology of Bitcoin, Vester says that digital money is a ‘false truth’ and its underlying technology is ‘true truth’.n
nMany investors have said they will not invest in digital currency, but the reasons are different, Verster is one of them. But it was clear that the portfolio manager still saw the value of the chain-chain technology, but he added that Bitcoin was not a wise investment option.n
n”New gold”n
nWayne McCurrie, another portfolio manager from Ashburton Investments, said he thought Bitcoin was a digital edition of gold.n
nThis is a general view of the two commodities that are both regarded as wealth and accumulated as a functional tradable commodity.n
nHe says gold is very similar to Bitcoin because they are independent currencies, and no government can control it, and you can carry them and gain their value in any area.n
nHowever, McCurrie added that gold has been recognized as a valuable commodity for more than 5,000 years, and Bitcoin has been around for a few years.n
nMcCurrie predicts that if Bitcoin is to be a great success, it will be necessary to legislate.n
nHe said:n
nn”The government will never tolerate any independent monetary system other than the formal banking system, so if Bitcoar is really a great success, it will almost become an illegal commodity.”n
nICO bannedn
nDigital currency, especially in the high currency of Bitcoin, is not subject to too much government regulation. However, the new ICO is being hampered by the government, especially in China.n
nThe regulation of the ICO is very different from the McCurrie call, but it is also likely to help Bitcoin get legitimized in a market that is filled with more and more digital money.n

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