What is the future of the exchange?

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In 2017, digital currency prices broke out, so many of the world’s digital currency exchange arises. It is reported that the number of global stock exchange rose to 177. Exchange the wealth brought the temptation is too large, so that many projects do not hesitate to jump into it.

By 2018, compared with growth of more than 50 global exchange and half a year ago. Although there are many, but not all good. Just two years, the world each big exchange amidst the winds of change in exchange, some run away, some failures, facing the crisis of bankruptcy or bankrupt.

By the end of 17 to early 18, digital currency transactions carried out like a raging fire, when many small exchange appeared. But unfortunately, when they are basically established in June on the occasion, the whole city due to currency bitcoin dropping and shadows, these small exchanges appeared on the development of ability is not smooth, no profit but also the lack of outside help, support also hold soon, as the final choose to run away.

We contact with most of the domestic investors are generally safe, fire OKEx coins and coin. Among them, the fire coins and OKEx are currently the “spot futures + + OTC trading patterns which are common.

Many industry insiders believe that China Hongkong is probably the most suitable for the emergence of compliance exchange place. Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission announced the “regulatory sandbox” in the form of invitation to join the exchange, the exchange and the provisions of the licence must be a single entity, a move that many new investors see hope, once they get a license in Hongkong, will have the opportunity to achieve leap.

Now, or investing party many projects are getting out of this market, like Du Jun, Xu Xiaoping, Xue Manzi, these celebrities have said they suffered heavy losses. In the face of this situation, some exchanges have started a sideline.

In this case, to live on only some pocketed the reputation of the old exchange, and there are big companies and big capital backed exchange. The two exchanges are rich in resources and complete construction, improve the function, open up the chain, forming a virtuous cycle of development.

A good exchange not only needs the compliance and capital, also need good technical strength. Perhaps in the future there will be a lot from other markets to digital money market investors, their transactions of depth, exchange rate and other issues together may consider more, therefore, the exchange should strive to enhance their technical strength is very important.

No matter what the industry is constantly changing, currency circle is no exception. Rarely has all the advantages of the exchange, everything is ready, then investors will have what kind of choice, who do not know.

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