What kind of new energy blueprint is projected through the block chain


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In most countries, the traditional structure of the electricity sector still exists, that is, a utility company controls the power generation, transmission and distribution of most of the electricity.n
nHowever, if the renewable energy is to be integrated into the public grid, this structure will create limitations – easy to steal electricity, resulting in billions of dollars in losses, and can not resist environmental problems. In order to improve the efficiency of energy transport to the housing process and security, micro-grid is gradually into some communities.n
nEnergo is one of the representatives. Energo is a system of centrally centric applications designed to build a future adaptive DAE community that is designed to promote a Santa Claus system based on distributed power generation. Its core is the block-chain technology and the local microgrid’s clean energy metering, registration, trading and settlement of the de-centric system.n
nEnergo is designed for future new energy allocations that link energy producers of different production capacities and energy consumers with different needs. Clean energy through the adjacent energy transactions first in the micro-grid community consumption, through the block chain, efficient and safe and does not require any intermediary; when the micro-grid energy is not enough to meet the demand will be turned to the public power supply. The solution enables energy producers and retailers to achieve significant increases in profits while the cost of energy consumers is also significantly reduced.n
nDespite the establishment of less than a year, Energo has completed the block chain ALPHA version and Android-side energy exchange development. In April this year, completed the smart meter prototype development, and sent to the leading domestic PV film business in the real micro-grid environment for testing and tuning.n
nEnergo founder Ray has said,n
nn”What we want to do is build the infrastructure of the energy industry value layer, which is equivalent to the existence of UnionPay in the real world, and we do the circulation of the energy value layer.”n
nnWith this vision, Energo is becoming the channel to build a future smart grid, while creating the DAE community while promoting the flow of information and value.n

nEnergo uses a new energy architecture, including two parts, one is the micro-grid, the virtual power plants and electricity users to link up, based on the principle of near consumption, give priority to consumption of internal energy storage. On the other hand is based on the block chain, so that everyone can own their own energy, free trade and transfer.n
nWith the centralization of the energy revolution, block-chain technology is becoming a stepping stone for companies and utility companies. The technology allows any assets to be traded in a reliable, transparent, low-cost, non-tamperable manner without a third party; for the electricity sector, it can create a utility that works with microgrids that use renewable energy supplies The ecosystem has met a country’s electricity demand.n
nThe role of the block chain in the power sector is to achieve electricity between different buildings in the transaction, the consumer can choose the source and quantity of energy. The security and transparency of this technology make everything easier, whether it is billing or energy trading, toward a more intelligent, decentralized power system forward.n

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