What the mainstream media hate bitcoin? The company did a survey

Then through the investigation of the mainstream media in the past 5 years of encryption currency report frequency and found some bitcoin media bias. The survey also showed that with the passage of time, the mainstream media to bitcoin more and more negative emotions.

Prices triggered media Carnival

Study on company block chain research from the 1 Clovr 2013 1 7 2018 from October to 31 from 48 media 7527 article on the currency and encryption articles, and through a specific algorithm to evaluate each article contains the emotional.

The researchers found that, before the encryption currency prices, in fact, the mainstream media did not notice their existence. But this kind of media reported the most love content is related to the crash. Even when the 2017 year of a bull market, when the relevant reports will fall in the currency price increase. At the end of last year, when bitcoin fell from a record high of $20000 has caused the media frenzy, the number also increased.

The researchers said:

The last few days of the end of 2017, bitcoin market began to fall, the double negative. In the first month of 2018 years, monetary market capitalization fell by 34% encryption, there was a lot of wealth will evaporate the story of warning.

The new VS old VS left, right

The mainstream media more of the encrypted currency veteran more demanding, including the “Wall Street journal”, “New York Times”, “the economist” and “financial times”. In contrast, those for young readers of the media, such as “Forbes” and “business insider”, has always been very friendly to encryption currency.

Through the investigation of American media political bias, the researchers found that those who tend to conservative media than the Liberal Party supporters are not optimistic about the encryption currency. Breitbart News is the best example, they only publish negative reports about encryption currency. Interestingly, the media before the CEO Steve Bannon claimed he was cryptocurrencies revolutionaries.

The report also said that part of the media of crypto currency hostility increasingly weak. But most of the media but intensified negative reports. “Reuters”, “USA Today” and Gizmodo the negative emotion more and more concentrated. Overall, the financial media media more positive attitude than technology.

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