“What time” intends to launch in 2019 the NASDAQ bitcoin futures. The first half of December 4th

“What time” share the moment. Hello everyone, today is 2018 year 12 month 4 day, I am Hua Nan, as you sort of events today.

1, Ohio seven fund will be 3 years for the blockchain start-up invested a total of $3 million

According to local media reports, announced that the non-profit organization JumpStart CEO conference, by the end of 2021, seven funds in Ohio to block chain start-up companies invested $300 million in total. The fund will be to start the “early stage” the company invested $100 million, these startups focused on enterprise or government application block chain technology. Another $200 million will be considered to block chain organization and the Ohio social welfare project cooperation.

2, the Thailand government is considering to combat tax fraud with blockchain

According to the Bangkok post, the Thailand tax bureau to consider using the block chain technology, prevent the tax in false tax returns. Director of Thailand Tax Bureau Ekniti Nitithanprapas said the blockchain will help confirm the value-added tax invoices, help to eliminate fake invoices. The tax bureau also plans to use machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data and other emerging technologies to combat tax evasion and tax fraud.

Proficient in 3, online class 4 blockchain struck on the legal boundary block chain transformation

CO produced by the media and the clatter of titanium chain block chain, “proficient” advanced version fourth guests to share lessons at 7 tomorrow evening officially commenced. In this lesson, we invited Beijing Lanpeng law firm senior partner, chain team leader Pang Lipeng lawyer, answering questions for everyone.

4, vice president of NASDAQ confirmed plans to launch in the first half 2019 year bitcoin futures

The media team vice president Joseph Christinat told the “Daily Express” confirmed that bitcoin futures will be listed on the Nasdaq, will be launched in the first half of next year. At present, NASDAQ is waiting for the approval of the CFTC. This means that Nasdaq will be the third mainstream exchange in the United States to enter the encrypted currency market.

5, bitcoin futures fell over 3% insurance keep 3800 dollars, a record low since last Tuesday.

The United States on December 3rd, bitcoin futures contract fell two U.S. exchanges of more than 3%, fell three, closing approaching $3800 mark, a record low since last Tuesday, as of last week, a record low of two consecutive days, tired and fell about 6% last week, fell for five weeks, tired and fell about 37% in November.

6, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to consider tracking privacy encryption currency trading

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the small business innovation research program recently announced the notification documents show that DHS is mainly discussed, looking for the method, if the privacy encryption currency being used for criminal activities, the forensic analysis of the.

In the discussion, DHS noted that Zcash and Monroe coins this platform emphasizes privacy and anonymity is its key function, it is difficult to determine the number of sources and the transfer of the transaction. DHS calls for solutions, to be able to investigate the nature of law enforcement, the forensic analysis on block trading chain. The analysis can be carried out in any way possible, considering the different data under the environment of the case, depending on whether you can get additional data from the source and chain.

7, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority will block chain company issued a new licence

The Swiss financial market regulator (FINMA) has issued a guide to provide a new financial technology licence for the block chain and the encrypted currency Domain company.

The licence is an amendment to the Bank Law (article 1b of the bank law). The guidelines allow licensees to accept the public up to 100 million Swiss francs ($108 million 900 thousand) of funds, as long as they use these funds for investment, do not pay interest.

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