What will fall to much lower? Bitcoin hit a 13 month low

[global network reported] according to the Russian satellite news agency reported on 19 May 11, 19, bitcoin prices fell to $5141 a day, lasted down 8% rate of decline, the distance of the crypto currency fell 15% in less than a week in one day.

CoinMarketCap data show that in November 19th the global scope of a bitcoin average price of about $5141.92 in suspension. Since October 18, 2017, it has not fallen to such a low level.

According to CoinMarketCap data, in November 15th, bitcoin prices fell from $6300 to $5500.

CoinDesk11 19 released a report, if buying pressure remained low, the seller is still in control — almost no signs of reversal into a bull market — then a main support price will be around $4100 in a bear market. From a psychological point of view, below $5000 will mean that the current market downturn will continue.

December 2017 bitcoin was rushed to the recent high of $20 thousand. According to reports, although bitcoin prices have fallen by about 1.4 million, the current price is about $5000, but it is still more than 1 months 2017 years 1000 $5 times higher.

CoinDesk report that if bitcoin can break through the $6000 level, it will make the present is to play the role of market failure set”. (internship compilation: Wu Yan reviewer: Tan Liya)

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