What wisdom: China Telecom VoLTE call Post trial commercial bitcoin in a day fell below $3500

What “post 1098th” wisdom 2018.11.26 Monday

# # news today

1, the China Telecom of the 29 months from the date of commercial trial VoLTE.

11 25 April news, according to reports, the China Telecom will call from 11 month 29 day in the nationwide commercial trial VoLTE. When the China Telecom users can simultaneously achieve 4G Internet on the phone. It is reported that the trial does not include iPhone users, follow-up China Telecom will support iPhone mobile phone.

VoLTE stands for “Voice over LTE”, is a kind of end-to-end voice solutions, using high resolution codec technology, compared with 2G, 3G voice calls, voice quality can be improved by about 40%, to the user experience is the most direct speech of higher quality and more natural communication effect.

2, bitcoin day or about 80% below $3500

11 month 25 days, according to the bitstamp platform, bitcoin fell below $3500 mark, currently at $3492.50. According to a number of platforms, the morning the day of bitcoin fell short, once the decline of up to 14% approaching $3800 mark, refresh the lowest since September 2017, fell from a high point of about 80%.

Oanda Corp Asia Pacific Trading director Stephen Innes said the short-term forecast, bitcoin prices will fluctuate between $3500 to $6500 over the next year January may fall to $2500. Some analysts forecast, bitcoin fell to $1500, than the current level fell more than 70%.

3, Jin in bankruptcy 20 Suppliers Group bigong

According to reports, the day before, nearly 20 Jin Jin for suppliers to submit a request to the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court bankruptcy reorganization. If you have the investor is willing to restructure, the case can be turned into bankruptcy reorganization, if it fails to continue the liquidation. According to the data provided by the supplier, as of December 31, 2017, the total assets of 20 billion 120 million yuan, total liabilities of 28 billion 170 million yuan, has been insolvent. But he said the private finance director Jin Jin, the debt did not reach the outside world for more than 20 billion yuan, as adjusted data than the number of small.

In addition, failed to timely payment of compensation to the workers of the factory in Dongguan, Jin also was passed into a state of suspension”.

# weekend news #

1, funded by the AR research center of University of Washington established giants

According to reports, the University of Washington is launching a center by Facebook, Google and HUAWEI funded the new augmented and virtual reality research, located in Seattle’s PaulG.Allen School of computer science and engineering. The research center is named UWRealityLab, is expected to invest 600 million dollars, the sponsors provide financial assistance. It is reported that the money will be used to support the new curriculum, and provide laboratory infrastructure for the UW students to the development of new technology and application.

2, Galaxy S10 will be powered by Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint technology

11 Sept. 25, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Galaxy The S series has been hammered by the high supply ultrasonic screen fingerprint sensor, this is the Samsung Galaxy S series of the first mobile phone screen fingerprint.

According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will use Infinity-O screen, rear camera three, or will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 8150 processor. Samsung Galaxy S10 is also expected to provide Exynos 9820 version, also may launch 5G version, the solution may be integrated Exynos modem Samsung’s own 5100, rather than Xiaolong X50 modem.

3, LG received 16 camera or a mobile phone in the arrangement of patent

According to foreign media reports, recently, LG received 16 camera patents, or will be applied to the mobile phone or camera. Displayed in the LG patent, these 16 lenses will be in accordance with the matrix arrangement, and in accordance with the curvature of the lens can be placed in different shooting from different angles, then you can choose the best photos from, can also choose a particular camera to take pictures. In addition, can also be a photo synthesis dynamic image of different shots at the same time, but also through the shear to replace other shot photos, even in different parts of different photos together.

4, Microsoft surpassed apple to become the world’s most valuable company

On November 24th news, according to reports, recently, the U.S. technology stocks continued to fall, as of Friday’s close, Apple’s market capitalization of $746 billion 820 million, Amazon’s market capitalization of $736 billion 620 million, Google’s market capitalization of $725 billion 520 million, Microsoft’s market capitalization of $753 billion 340 million, surpass the market value of more than $1 trillion of apple.

5, German companies launched the world’s first 3D printing units of pure electric motor

According to foreign media reports, recently, the German company BigRep using 3D printing technology to build an electric motorcycle, from the seat frame, even to the rim tires and other parts are all pure 3D print.

6, millet: Wuhan headquarters force of artificial intelligence and cloud platform

In November 25th, millet Wuhan headquarters project officially started, millet millet, the chief architect of artificial intelligence and vice president Cui Baoqiu said the micro-blog cloud platform, millet team of artificial intelligence and cloud platform will be an important R & D department headquarters in Wuhan, one of the key work for next year is to create “Beijing – Wuhan” gemini.

7 weeks, Apple’s market value evaporate 2200 billion dollars

On November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, in the past few weeks, the market value of the evaporation of apple more than $220 billion. As the first American market value of more than $1 trillion of listed companies, Apple’s shares on Friday to $817 billion 585 million atrophy.

In August 2nd, Apple’s stock price reached $207.05, the market value has exceeded 1 trillion US dollars, after the stock price continued to rise to a peak of $233.47. 11 23, Apple’s stock price is only $172.29, compared to the peak fell more than 20%, has entered a bear market.

8, five Chinese company selected EETimes Silicon 60

Wise things November 24th news, recently, EE Times Silicon 602018 announced the list, five companies were selected China, Cambrian, Chinese science and Technology Beijing Electronics (Liaoning) Co. Ltd., Beijing horizon Robot Technology Co. Ltd, the storage technology Co. Ltd., Sophie Technology (according to the company’s English initials ranking).

Silicon 60 is a famous American magazine “EE Times” semiconductor began in April 2004 year, every 1-2 years to update out 60 of the world’s most noteworthy semiconductor company.

9, UK AI dialogue record prices of Wluper financing $1 million 300 thousand

On November 24th news, according to reports, has won $1 million 300 thousand seed round of financing Wluper days before, by the depth of VC IQ Capital technology Seedcamp, Aster and lead investor, Magic Pony co-founder Dr. Wang Zehan to participate in.

It is reported that Wluper is a technology start-up company headquartered in London, is to provide the development of conversational artificial intelligence knowledge base based on voice assistant.

10, remote medical company introduced Dialogue AI medical system

11 24 April news, according to reports, Montreal based telemedicine company Dialogue acquired a classification of the development of IA system for medical record prices, and ready to use the technology at the city’s largest hospital network. A few weeks later, artificial intelligence Dialogue diversion program will be used in the emergency room of University of Montreal CHUM Center Hospital, as part of a pilot project of artificial intelligence.

11, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft launched in January next year

11 Sept. 24, according to reports, NASA (NASA) announced that the next 1 months, SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon” spacecraft will first launch to the international space station. The launch of the code is Demo-1 (or DM-1), is not equipped with the astronauts. The spacecraft will launch from Kennedy Space Center, via the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch. It is reported that the manned flight plan SpaceX in June next year.

12, HTC the official response to the question: will not withdraw from the mobile phone market

In November 25th, Taiwan media said the official HTC was previously on the first half of 2019 the flagship product plan “has been cancelled responded, not out of the mobile phone market.

13, Terry Gou: at least before January next year, business is good

On November 24th news, according to reports, Foxconn Group CEO Terry Gou said, at least in January next year before the operation of the company will maintain a good. In addition, Foxconn did not cut spending on research and development, the company is being adjusted for the next year or even the long-term operation.

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