When bitcoin prices fell to $4000. What does it mean?

According to the platform data show that today the price of bitcoin ushered in the fall, fell below $4000 mark, according to Coindesk data, according to the 24 day at 16:20 GMT (Beijing time 25 days around 0:20), bitcoin prices fell to $3970.43, more than the opening price of $4298.83 fell 7.5%. According to this calculation, bitcoin in the past seven days the price fell more than $1700, down more than 30%; the price of about 12 months compared to last year’s all-time high of $20000 has fallen by more than 80%.

While the price for the miners in terms of what it means? Means that may have to shut down!!

Insiders understood, what is “off currency price” and “off electricity”, was once the currency and electricity prices fell to the bottom line, will not return to absenteeism, net loss, it must stop running on the server.

According to the Sichuan power market, now low electricity prices are 0.35 yuan /kwh-0.4 yuan /kwh range, the flood season is lower, basically between 0.25 yuan -0.3 yuan /kwh, if the currency price at around $7000, basic earnings are more impressive, this period in 7 months.

According to the calculation of its current ant s9i higher price, each machine is for 14T, the price is 2040 way power is 1320W, by now under each T in 24h revenue for the 0.00004 BTC difficulty, if the currency price by 23, market price of 28754.30 yuan, the price is 0.35 yuan /kwh, then every Taiwan machine daily income is 16.10 yuan, while the cost of electricity consumed per day was 11.088 yuan, net profit after deducting electricity for 5.012 yuan, equivalent to BTC of 0.0001743 coins, and its static back to the period of 407 days.

407 days! What is the meaning?

A miner’s life is in less than a year and a half, when you dig money has not returned to this time, your machine means reaching retirement, plus the money digging difficulty rising, what to talk about money.

Then we will calculate the static electricity cost for the shutdown currency price of 11.08 yuan:

11.088/ (14*0.00004) =19800 yuan

When the currency price is lower than 19800, you have to shut down, because the income is not worth of electricity, continue to dig coins also appeared in net loss.

When the currency price is 28754.30 yuan, then we calculate electricity in shutdown:

16.10/ (1320*24/1000) =0.51 yuan

When the electricity is higher than 0.51 yuan / kWh, so still the shutdown, electricity costs are too high, there is no income, net loss.

I quietly took out a cigarette, a gulp, remember 17 years of bitcoin market, it sent a shiver.

Want to continue to do so in this industry, in fact, is relatively simple, so that electricity is not money……………….

I met with a real estate mortgage investments have also seen uncle, 11 credit card currency speculation and as a young man, and how was, I did not think.

Just touching his pocket to think, tomorrow is Monday, you need to get up early, work hard, to find the way for individuals to borrow some living expenses!!!!

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