When didi met blockchain, “mama don’t have to worry about my trip!”

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At present, more and more Internet users began to complain about the ride taxi difficult, taxi expensive, and triggered a new round of Internet software taxi hot. In fact, in addition to operational management problems of App taxi, taxi software problem after its largest, to subvert the old taxi management center, has become the center of the new platform. Want to break through the restriction of objective and environment, let the taxi taxi App becomes a kind of enjoyment, the urgent need for the introduction of block chain technology.

The existing drawbacks of taxi software

On the surface, the Internet has changed the traditional taxi taxi way, subverts the inherent “hitchhiking” experience, the characteristics of mobile Internet, the integration of online and offline services, to create the O2O interests of passengers, the driver of the loop. This seemingly perfect loop is equal, but in fact, taxi software plays a central role. 从服务器到软件,所有基础设施都是平台所有,司机和乘客是通过平台连接的,人与人之间的联系也离不开平台。

Behind the cab software company has control, to make operation and service agreement, to a certain extent led to the emergence of “double lose” situation: when the operation and service content once the deviation, even the probability of small, will be through the public opinion fermentation and legal action, linked to the taxi software. Provide service to the drivers and passengers to enjoy the service, also because of cost and royalty and produce new discontent.

The existence of such defects based on taxi software is doomed in the existing technology system, unable to share traffic field more gratifying for successful innovation and rental.

Taxi software block chain transformation

Because of the block chain adopts distributed books encryption key chain, not just data stored in the central server, also distributed in various blocks of different nodes on the equipment. Technically, the entire block chain has absolute control over the center does not exist, a party to provide services, the consumer side, can be directly linked to block chain network, but also paid links can be established in the.

Because of this, the operating principle of the new taxi software has emerged in front of people: do not rely on any central organization, each driver will be able to service related information, including the location, service evaluation, added to a specific folder with a personal legal identity information, and then recorded in the block chain. Once the record, no one can change it.

When someone needs a taxi, after the chain can block information from the mass screening, the highest degree of driver, between the driver and passenger transactions can be completed in block chain. Compared with the existing taxi software, blockchain taxi based platform, mainly to solve the following problems.

  • Price control: the block chain technology, price algorithm of network taxi is completely open and transparent, rather than by the center of the decision mechanism. At the same time, because of its transparency, no doubt people manipulate the price center.

  • Market monopoly: new taxi software will be able to accommodate multiple service providers to join the network, providing more resources and computing power, thus forming a block chain alliance covering the whole society. In this way, the taxi market network will not be presented “a monopoly fish”, but with a block chain to establish benign relationship between coexistence and competition.

  • The data block chain with dishonesty: a natural feature of the distributed database, can let the data in the taxi platform, regulators, drivers, passengers and other parties between the effective sharing of data, sufficient to break the monopoly, play its value.

When encountered block chain drops

In the face of the block chain technology booming, the Internet is not in a taxi App. Although there is no trumpeted, but still drops began to seek technical development may use block chain.

In May 2018, BOSS launched a direct hire quietly advertisement on the website: block chain related personnel recruitment drops. Among them, the blockchain engineer must have 3~5 years of experience, in the monthly salary of 40 thousand to 80 thousand yuan, mainly responsible for research, development and implementation of the blockchain protocol, operation mechanism, encryption technology, and consensus algorithm underlying implementation work, and build a block chain based on the underlying architecture.

Insiders quickly from the ad discerned. Work in the “focus on the direction of the research framework that drops the bottom, not just want to develop a simple application of the chain block; and up to hundreds of million yuan annual salary, but also reflects the drops attaches great importance to talent chain block. In fact, since 2018, the number of personnel recruitment drops blockchain positions, in the domestic Internet giant behind Alibaba and Tencent, with basically the same as Baidu.

Since the drops have started to introduce the blockchain technology, why not spread in the industry?

In fact, this is precisely the complexity of App block chain by lifting a taxi. In theory, the block chain has the structure with time stamp, to prevent tampering by tracing, also easily distributed system internal data synchronization. However, if you want to query and verify the relevant information and travel demand, need to block chain query, operation.

In early 2018 data for example, use the user drops every day more than 25 million times, such a huge base, the contradiction between the block and the chain currently produces low efficiency of query processing ability.

In addition, the block chain technology application in the App taxi development, will cause the bearing more and more content, if the mobile phone as a node of the blockchain, want to increase storage space of mobile phone in the short term, is also a very difficult challenge.

Judging from the current situation, influence of taxi App block chain will inevitably occur, but also need a process. The future, block chain technology will be mainly in the following 4 directions to change the existing taxi App.

Optimization of the automatic drive 1.

Internet taxi App the biggest pain point users, in some places can hit the car, but for a place would not hit the car, then use the block chain technology and automatic driving technology, this pain will be solved. For example, a bit after the automatic driving car on the road, block chain technology will record the traffic data, including regional weather information, common traffic pattern in these data. The IOT network, other vehicles can also share these data. Through scientific planning arrangements and automatic driving, so as to guarantee the number in the range of a vehicle.

2. users, for the circulation of value in the taxi software

In the taxi software platform, must have many value transfer space. Therefore, the Internet taxi software platform can use block chain technology, the issue in its system of circulation through the user card, cash and hook, so as to improve the service efficiency, optimize the customer experience.

3. supply chain finance application

The Internet can be a taxi software block chain technology used in vehicles, record related data, to get the vehicle, more practical use of history. Similar drops of such a car rental service platform, can use less manpower cost, high value of market information, so as to accurately judge the value change of every car.

4. to bike sharing

Taxi software to combine and share the bike, this trend is no longer a secret. The current sharing bicycle market has become saturated, taxi software can completely in the capital operation, combined with the block chain and networking technology, reduce the cost of sharing bicycle intelligent lock, so as to effectively reduce the high cost of operating the bicycle. At the same time, the use of transparent feature block chain technology, but also on the user’s parking behavior supervision, reduce maintenance costs.

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