“When evening news” chain Xinhua News Agency: bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together

When evening. [chain 2018 11 June 25 On the evening of 8 Point]

Daily newspaper chain:

When the ChainDD chain market, trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $3908.6, 24 or 10.91% hours;

ETH Ethernet square at $112.16, 24 or 9.33% hours;

LTC Wright currency at $29.676, 24 or 7.74% hours;

Grapefruit EOS $3.3124, 24 or 8.41% hours;

BCH ABC at $169.88, 24 or 17.54% hours;

BCH SV at $63.71, 24 or 17.54% hours.

Dynamic chain ring:

The first single block chain of cross-border payment services landing Guangdong FTA test area

According to a financial report in November 24th, according to the Chengdu Jinyang network reported today, Guangdong FTA test area continued to improve the financial service system, accelerate the innovation of financial business pilot, the first single landing block chain of cross-border payment services and the first block chain inter agency financial application project.

The United States Department of defense on unlicensed block chain, involving the underexplored field

According to CCN reports, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking a better understanding of the blockchain without a permit.

In order to deepen the understanding of the blockchain technology, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a license free distributed consensus protocol information request (RFI), in particular the underexplored field. DARPA is seeking a better understanding of how the chain block without a permit in the case of no monetary incentive to play a role.

Xinhua News Agency: the industry believes that the market clearing after “industrial chain block” era

According to Xinhua News Agency reported, the industry believes that in the short term, in the global market value of transnational transfer, bitcoin is still intermediary mature, there is a certain market foundation, but with the national regulatory policy tightening, bitcoin regulatory arbitrage space further narrowing.

Insiders said: the recent bitcoin decline means that many projects lack of real assets, in “the jungle”, the market was proven to be inefficient. The market clearing, “industrial chain block” era is coming, the future of digital assets and industry depth bound, market regulation will be more perfect.

Domestic shipping giant will build the first block of the shipping industry chain alliance

In the recent Import Expo, Dubai global port group, Hutchison Port Holdings, PSA international port group, the Hong Kong Group, CMA-CGM group, COSCO container shipping port, and a number of enterprises reached a cooperation agreement, will build the first block of the shipping industry chain alliance.

Chinese Ocean Shipping Group Limited company chairman Xu Lirong said: the use of new technologies, such as cross-border electricity supplier chain block, make shipping operation cost decreased by about 40%.

Dynamic currency circle:

The state of Colorado has signed 18 orders to stop currency ICO encryption

According to the coincryptorama report, announced that Colorado state regulators, Colorado state securities Commissioner Gerald Rome has signed a 18 stop crypto currency ICO command, indicating these projects to stop such activities in the state of Colorado.

Xinhua News Agency: bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together

According to the Xinhua News Agency “bitcoin fell sharply” blockchain bubble? “One article, the bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together.

First of all, the large block chain project there is a serious bubble, in block chain infrastructure are not perfect, the market is expected to continue to push practitioners highly unrealistic, eventually encounter real combat, resulting in the continual loss of market confidence;

Second, bitcoin market is due to the capital market, and the volume is relatively small, the global digital currency market but also a listed Internet giant volume, with large cash users zapan, also easy to cause sharp fluctuations in currency price;

Third, the industry is the recent war, has shaken the confidence of the people in the objective, makes some people panic and vote with their feet, due to market volatility.

Tether chief compliance officer that the USDT argument is absurd currency price manipulation

According to Bloomberg news media recently published an article claiming that Tether (USDT) suspected of operating encryption currency price, Tether Chief Compliance Officer Leonardo Real said in an interview, “Bloomberg (Bloomberg) quoted a study has not been independently confirmed, according to the study, if the USDT is not supported, it may that bitcoin price manipulation.”

He further explained: “the studies are based on an assumption that USDT is not supported, there is no sufficient demand driven traders. This theory is flawed, those who think USDT trading is not driven by the needs of the argument is simply ridiculous, because in terms of trading volume, USDT is always in the top 2 encryption currency trading.”

British regulators plan to take measures to crack down on the illegal use of encryption currency behavior

According to news.Bitcoin news, recently, held in London the crypto currency supervision, Britain’s financial regulator (FCA) strategy and competition executive director Christopher Woolard said, FCA is planning to take significant action against illegal use of encryption currency.

Woolard further said, FCA has been seeking to promote the cooperation between itself and the Bank of England, in order to check the encryption technology for the risk of currency and distributed books consumer market integrity and financial crime.

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