When Li Xiaolai returned to the coin circle, it was a joint CEO of the listed company.

 When Li Xiaolai returned to the coin circle, it was a joint CEO of the listed company.

Li Xiaolai has changed his mind again.

In December 3rd, Hongkong main board listed company Xiong shore Technology (Stock Code: 01647) issued a announcement, Li Xiaolai will be the executive director of the Xiong shore technology and the joint CEO.

But just 147 days ago, Lee just announced, “resignation of the male bank fund management partners”.

The change of the coin circle to Li’s smile is the ridicule of “accustomed to it”.

“Do you believe it, too?” One insider told Li Xiaolai to withdraw from the male shore fund.

Industry analysis, the appointment of Li Xiaolai, more like the male side of the layout, before the news called the male shore technology will develop the stable currency linked to the yen.

The stable currency is still the “world” of USDT, and can the male shore technology get a cup of soup? Duncan Wong, President of the Hongkong block chain association, believes that a number of stable currencies can be accommodated as long as the market is big.

“But if there is no specific application, I think sustainability is the biggest worry.”

Never off the male shore

When Li Xiaolai was seen as a joint CEO message, the block chain industry practitioner Li Yang whispered, “how did he come out again?”

Li Yang puzzled that, in July 9th this year, Li Xiaolai, who was tearing up with Chen Weixing micro-blog, finally resigned as a partner in the management partner of the male shore fund, with the fear of affecting the reputation of the male shore fund. In September 30th, it was publicly announced that it would not invest in any block chain since then.

“The big guy changes too fast.” Li Yang said.

As for Li Yang’s doubts, more than one coin circle told the Odaily daily that Li Xiaolai had never taken off the male shore fund.

A block chain project leader also expressed the same view, “do you believe it?” In recent months, I have heard many times that Li Xiaolai did not completely withdraw from the male shore fund. “

“All the projects can be found, and many of the projects we cast are related to Li Xiaolai. Some should be a project that they hatch. It is not possible to disconnect completely. The company is mainly working with the government and the industrial park, so they are familiar with the operation of the government. There must be some intercourse. ” Before, the head of a block chain investment company told the Odaily daily.

“They are very difficult to accept, and if there is a dispute, it is not good for them, whether it is right or wrong.” He said. So they analyzed Li Xiaolai’s exit and tearing up with him and the founder of the taxi chain, Chen Weixing, at micro-blog.

In June this year, Chen Weixing picked up a fire in micro-blog, implying that “the richest bit of the bitcoin” Li Xiaolai “cut the leek” and “put the fund in his pocket”.

 When Li Xiaolai returned to the coin circle, it was a joint CEO of the listed company.

Chen Weixing “ignition” micro-blog

Li Xiaolai also returned to Chen Weixing’s “taxi chain”. In the next month, Li Xiaolai and Chen Weixing, you came to me and burst out each other’s black material. This makes the image of the two people suffer a certain degree of damage.

“The teacher himself is very considerate of this situation, and it is for the sacrifice of the organization. Chen Weixing, the sound of the recording door, can only say bad luck after the argument. ” He said.

Li Xiaolai later revealed some of the details when he talked about the “quick retreat”.

Li Xiaolai believes that he and Chen Weixing’s grudge come “strange”, or indescribable.

“This is the case. In the first two days of April 8th this year, I had invited me to attend his birthday party in the circle, and I had a trip to the face. To say this is to say, I didn’t have any personal grudge with him. The male shore fund was formally established in April 9th. From that day on, he looked back at me in a circle of friends, fumped all kinds of things and slandered me.

“Not only that, Chen and XX also organized a number of people to make anonymous calls to the government departments of Hangzhou. He not only went in person to find the leadership he could find, but also made all kinds of facts and slandered me and said I was a liar. Then I can’t let the government and the male shore fund because I am under the unnecessary pressure of public opinion, then I will quit it. ” Li laughs.

According to people familiar with the situation, Li Xiaolai joined the male shore in April, and only less than 3 months after he dropped out. “A lot of the cooperation of the male shore fund has not been in place.” So Li Xiaolai was not completely decoupled from the male shore. According to industrial and commercial information, the shares held by Li Xiaolai on the male shore fund did not change before and after he left.

As a matter of fact, Li Xiaolai has been in an early stage. In May of this year, Yao Yongjie, the Hongkong male shore technology, declared that it would not exclude the possibility of co – working with the company, Li Xiaolai, the founding partner of the male shore fund.

A stable currency linked to the yen

According to the public information, the male shore technology is the company that the male shore fund has changed its name after buying a shell in Hongkong.

In May this year, the male shore fund bought SHIS Limited of the Hongkong main board with 900 million Hong Kong dollars. In August, SHIS Limited was renamed Grandshores Technology Group Limited, the male shore technology.

Yao Yongjie, the founder of the male shore, said he wanted to make the company a “platform for the global quits in the capital market” in the future.

Yao Yongjie added to the sentence, “the male bank is not a high quality project that needs to be listed, but the investor has to get out of the way and give the investor a deal.” For example, the male bank can use the listed platform in Hongkong and the overseas digital asset trading platform to exit in time.

At the same time, the backdoor listing and the establishment of the male shore technology are generally believed to be the international layout of the male bank.

In December 3rd, the male shore science and technology announcement said that Li Xiaolai was the executive director of the male shore technology and the joint CEO, and would be responsible for the construction of the stable currency system, based on the DAG and TEE, as well as other related block chain technology.

For this announcement, the people in the industry said that the identity of Li’s “joint CEO” was a little strange. In addition, we should focus on what and how to push the stable currency of the technology.

“On the one hand, the normal listed companies generally do not make a situation like the joint CEO. It is well known that there are many contradictions and differences when the CEO views are different, and there are many examples in the past. Unless the male shore technology is an overt, it will eventually form a single CEO situation. The people in the industry say.

In addition, for the stable currency, he is very worthy of attention. Because two months ago, GUSD and other stable currency appeared, USDT suddenly appeared price fluctuations, so that the stable currency once the mouth of the wind. It was once conjecture that the UDST, a single stable currency, was not going to be unrest. From Li Xiaolai’s inauguration, the male bank is likely to have a slice of the stable currency market.

According to the information disclosed at present, the male shore technology has begun to prepare the stable currency project.

According to the South China Morning Post in September, the male bank fund plans to raise HK $100 million to invest in a stable currency project linked to the yen. The project is expected to be launched at the end of this year or early next year with a medium sized Japanese bank. The future will also explore the stable currency linked to the Hong Kong dollar and the Australian dollar.

“I think it is very important to do the stable money and the related construction, and it is a good thing.” Duncan Wong, President of the Hongkong block chain association, said.

But Duncan Wong also kept an observation on the action of the male shore technology.

“We also want to ask where the specific application of the stable currency is, how big is the market? How long will it take to build the ecological circle and so on. ” Duncan Wong told the Odaily daily.

The stable currency is still the “world” of USDT, and can the male shore technology get a cup of soup? Duncan Wong believes that as long as the market is big, it can hold more than one stable currency.

“But if there is no specific application, I think sustainability is the biggest worry.” Duncan Wong said.

“The stability of the currency in the future does have a play, but the real play needs to follow the supervision, I do not know whether the male shore technology has the support of supervision.” Another stable currency researcher told the Odaily daily.

In addition to the stable currency, there is no layout in the DAG public chain and TEE technology, but in October 20th, Li laughed at a DAG project on its own micro-blog, Mixin.

This time “reaping the shareholders?”

The people can not help but wonder, claiming that Li Xiaolai, who has been pursuing “right thinking”, has announced “no more investment zone chain”, while writing “the self – cultivation of leek”, while returning to the block chain and investing, do you want to “harvest leek” again?

Since 2013, since the big entry into the coin circle, Li Xiaolai’s negative news has been continued. The biggest question is to turn his followers into “leek seedlings”.

Du, a remote American – based block chain researcher, told the media that Li Xiaolai’s wealth was bragging. “His bitcoins were sold out in the early days, later on platform projects and cut leeks.”

Li Xiaolai once said in the “recording door event” that he had brought 1 million fans to the coin circle. After entering the coin circle, Li laughed “get APP” and other learning communities for the bitcoin sermon, opened a pay class called “to fortune The Freedom Trail”, and opened the investment business.

In the second half of 2017, in the months of hot money in the currency market, Li Xiaolai began to launch his own ICO, these projects have not or only a simple white paper. Among them, the most exaggerated thing is that the official website has only a few hundred words introduced by the official network, and at last it raised 200 million dollars.

But with the arrival of “nine / four” last year, the big guy in the coin circle, headed by Li smile, faces the red line of “illegal fund-raising”. As a result, they invested in these projects, the coin price fell suddenly, the money in the hands of investors was stuck, so the market used the “financial The Freedom Trail of a fraudulent offenders” to describe Lee.

This makes Li smile so far to return to the back, “I feel I have been sentenced to the same.”

By November, the money market began to return to temperature. Li laughed and his coin capital did not make ICO, but invested in other projects.

In 2017, Li Xiaolai also promoted EOS, whose project was to use EOS to raise tokens. Some followers see the “teacher strength”, and they enter the coin at the high point.

Not long ago, Li Xiaolai also published a new book, “self – cultivation of leek”. Through this book, Li Xiaolai also received a number of believers.

In the book, Li Xiaolai mainly demonstrated these points, trying to remove the cap of the top “cut leek”.

1, the leek has a misunderstanding: think that the money is zero and game, that is, I lose you on the win. But in fact, the money is a non zero sum game, the bull market fool can also make money, bear market you lose my loss.

2, “I” always teach readers to think independently, but these people are very confident of “I” (no one can achieve a 100% success rate of investment, “I” also have the wrong time), but do not think about whether to follow the investment, when to invest and how much to start from the situation of such a person.

3, the money market risk, investors do not do enough homework, it is easy to suffer losses.

In the book, Li Xiaolai also spoke of the “failure” operation of his new money. According to his introduction, he entered the tail of the bull market, probably at the end of April, when he bought 2100 bitcoins at an average of $6, which was a higher price compared to the $1 that he bought at an average of $1 in the 6 figure.

Bitcoin did not rise again after 2012, and Li Xiaolai was also covered for a few years; when the bitcoin turned 100 times in 15, he was not able to throw off at the highest point. This is mainly because the market trading volume was too small, and no one took his 6 digit bits.

Li Xiaolai’s investment is also a nine defeat

In addition to the money, Li Xiaolai’s other transcript in the coin circle is an investment project. Don’t look at Li Xiaolai once again in the investment circle, but in his view, early investment is still full of challenges, and his investment in early projects is nine.

Li Xiaolai started investing at the end of 2013, and his early investments were almost unsuccessful because of the inexperience, the connections, and the “methodology” that Li Xiaolai paid much attention to. It was not until 2016 that the road was found, and the old cat was met.

According to Li Xiaolai, the old cat was originally a user of his stock exchange, the cloud net, who knew it in a return visit.

Later, Li Xiaolai and the old cat formally founded INBlockchain, and invested more than 50 projects, including Steemit, Zcash, QTUM and so on, but also missed the coins. Coin capital, at that time, questioned the technology of cunan as a Swindlers Company, “so all of us didn’t throw it, but I watched it go up.”

The representative of Li Xiaolai’s investment, I’m afraid, is EOS. In the media, Li Xiaolai revealed that he had invested the EOS team in 2013 and bought a total of $1 million 500 thousand for EOSIO 5%, when EOSIO was valued at $30 million, and the valuation had reached $6 billion by July and 200 times. Although it was only “book profit”, it made Li Xiaolai one of the world’s biggest angel investors in the 2017.

And other projects, not so satisfactory.

After Li Xiaolai was introduced to Xiong shore technology, it is likely to develop a joint venture company established by Hongkong Wenhui company under the “male bank memory block chain” under the banner of Xiong shore technology, which is intended to engage in digital currency trading.

Before, Li Xiaolai has three big identity in the coin circle, one is the coin big guy, the two is the investor, and one is the coin circle preacher, and now one more, the listed company CEO.

“Not to speak any more.” In December 4th, Li Xiaolai said on his own micro-blog.

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