When the belief is no longer crazy bitcoin how placed?

Once, bitcoin let them crazy, let them jumpy.

In November 15th, BTC at about 4 in the morning, tumbled to $5651, the highest since a year low slump range is up to 15%. The main currency spared, BCH even out of the roller coaster market, directly over the past ten days or devoured. In Sina micro-blog, BTC also plummeted once occupied the top ten hot search. This round of BTC visible collapse, even caused the currency outside attention. The reason behind the collapse of BTC Some people think that the most direct reason is the decline in the current round of BCH bifurcation caused by stress transfer, BTC this year is maximum force decreased and BCH force soared 24.09%, reaching 5.657EH/s. This is the BTC price drop fuse. Some people think that the reason is more intuitive: fed governor Quarles explained that the crypto currency is the high volatility of assets, rather than money. Behind this argument, BTC began to increase the decline in 0. But at the same time, the New York State Department of financial services (DFS) has just invested in New York digital group (NYDIG) released a new BitLicense, this is the fourteenth encryption currency license. Not only the approval of the license, but also with a relatively optimistic statement: “strong regulation allows the security space responsible growth. Today’s approval is further proof that in New York’s powerful state supervision system in operation can bring more powerful financial technology market, and promote innovation and effective risk control necessary”. Thus, although BTC fell $6000 mark integer, the maximum impact on investors have been betting on the outside are waiting for bargain hunting opportunities as cheerful as a lark. Kuyt cold wallet founder Yuan Dawei said: “the USDT suffered a run and caused BCH bifurcation, makes the virtual currency prices plummeted across.” A slump in BTC there are two main reasons, one is the most recent USDT runs on cash, causing the market a serious shortage of funds, two is due to BCH bifurcation BCH price roller coaster, bad disk. The current national policy is gradually perfect, bitcoin is still optimistic about the market outlook. About the crash period, after all the entry or because of lack of funds, and even the entire market outflow, the decline in enthusiasm, to plunge Xu Li, a short time is difficult to repair. As we all know, ETH has been driving up prices is 1CO, the project financing basically is ETH, when the 1CO pressure after heat dispersed, the project how to survive? The project will continue to develop, and costly, because of the block chain outlet on the associated resources are relatively scarce, every step needs funds to maintain. The project in addition to maintaining currency prices continued operating cash currency, almost no profit model to increase additional income, but the overall market decline, the currency may not project out of the independent market, can only follow the market downward trend. At this time, to raise cash in the amount of ETH is the only way to survive, so you can see the ETH way down almost no decent rebound. This description of a problem, the project side sad sad day, they continue to sell their currency. The individual belief is constantly being spent in the course of time, don’t bother to go to the transaction and attention to the market, no changes in the market, basically not outside the new funding approach. Bear, a feather. At first, the surge in bitcoin, everyone in the pursuit, everyone is a believer. However, with bitcoin prices fall cliff style, so many investors lose no loss, bitcoin has become the eyes of their Ponzi scheme. In this round of the winter, do not know how many people are there in the stick, there are so many people who are fleeing. However, we must recognize that the encirclement of the wood in powder. Truly great things, most of them in small, in a very long period of time, is No one shows any interest in the. But often only through the hellish hone, can make the power to create heaven, to show the great. So is the bitcoin, as a pioneer in the era of digital currency, regardless of its success, it has influence on monetary revolution can not be ignored.

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