When the bitcoin currency fell below 4000, what are in the circle of people?

For most people, this wave of bear market seems a bit too long, long to bitcoin has been below the psychological defense, a little bit of faith to long breakdown, long to tasteless gesture.

When you have a time of national peace and order, have a peaceful, full of laughter; and now the storm is coming, feel insecure, what people do in the coin circle?

The coin that people were hunters, people in exile

From 20000 to 6000, from 6000 to 4000, the coin people repeatedly refresh the bottom line.

The group has a group of friends said: “I’m very numb, wake up in the morning, heavy open mobile phone see bitcoin fell to below 4000, did not feel a thing, even a little laugh, laugh more than a year since you have experienced what silly things X oolong.”

Most people might like him, bear to lose money, the bull market is still losing money, holding the play mentality in, but found himself in the end, to be played.

The loss rate of this thing is very hard together, every book on digital visible speed is shrinking, not experienced CBBC will look very nervous, especially leek limitations, they can not control the changes in the market also can not control their emotions, in addition to the brutal market education had no choice but and no one can accurately predict the ups and downs.

So they began to have self doubt, eventually flesh exit, put all the chips at the return of the village.

There is a wave of would-be clever “speculators”, like iron head leek, clamoring to sell hunters, I just can’t stop him. Crazy down, there is not much remnants of the mind.

But a bit Wu has sentence very good, there are a lot of opportunities, but only one principal, if the principal did not, then all the doors are closed to you.

A group of college students encountered the same difficulties, with the campus loan loan money to a single currency called stud recommendation group, a taste of sweetness, burst and harvest waiting for his only inexhaustible.

“I don’t know what to do with the home that I owe, don’t know if I should go out to work.” He said.

Exchange: either run, or new products

The exchange itself is very stable pattern, because too much money leads to the eye who have joined the exchange war. Results before the war, the arrival of a bear market, the exchange of a sudden plunge in trading volume, head exchange every day hundreds of thousands of transactions. Traffic is a problem, the new exchange opened a dead one.

So put in the road in front of the exchange is two:

1, directly run away. Some pheasant platform operators do not go, send a notice declaring bankruptcy ran, disorderly exchange is being cleaned. 2, to make new products, spend big price promotion. Like the fire coins and OKEX this platform does not belong to the natural stream in order to run away, to gather the user in a bear market, have launched a new product.

A few days before the launch of the fire currency bitcoin futures contracts to shunt OK futures users, OK also comes when not resigned to playing second fiddle, waterfall, launched the “financial artifact” — more than money treasure.

OKEX more than the money treasure, as early as 2014 did the same fire currency financial products, the OKCoin also made a similar financial products called “students coin coin”, actually the principle with the balance of treasure of Alipay is the same.

It is a collection of lending, interest charges, deposit money to earn money, and money treasure OK I need an invitation code to open, can be said to be hard to find a yard, WeChat group has scrambled to 200 yuan a.

From the 26 day at 11 noon opened the entrance, just 5 hours, the number of open OK more than coin treasure after 50000! If there is no Shua value, trumpet and other acts, then this data is still very beautiful, this means that the money ring are not dare to act rashly, leek small broad, robust financial current market tend to the fixed income.

At present, OK access more than 7 mainstream support money treasure coins, this wave of “profit” as the crumbling OK brand to plug in the wings.

So, who is love to play virtual currency exchange and capital pool, regardless of the bull and bear.

Project: violations in advance to unlock, run away to tide?

If the bear market to last longer, then 99% will be the market currency garbage washed. Before the media broke the news, a large number of projects with project powerless, direct dissolution of telegraph group, WeChat group, ruthless throw in the hands of the etheric Fang profits.

This time the protagonist became also to cloud. As a star project, also to the cloud in the bear market, the not so good. It is like a lie keeps her face a little liar, overdraft community trust.

In October 24th, also to cloud founder Chen Rong issued a notice in the official public number, to unilaterally tore up the agreement in advance, unlock the angel round of tokens.

Lock mechanism, has been the cornerstone of trust for the community to maintain the project. Access to the cloud browser also blocks, these coins have begun suocang happenedsubstantial transfer, do not rule out the two founders of Yi Laiyun want to take this opportunity to arbitrage retreat.

In addition, Chen Rong mentioned must advance also to unlock the cloud without a good excuse. The coin so fragile ecosystem, the agreement is only a verbal commitment suocang, does not have the force of law.

This is equivalent to other projects in jeopardy hit a star like, projects like this, there may be more projects in future, find various excuses to unlock zapan, harvest run away.

Now the coins like chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. Or confusion or despair, or confidence or cautious, but this market has a life cycle fixed, who cannot influence the mood.

I can only say that the market the best is yet to come, the longer bear market may also bring a long bull market again.

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