“When the post” chain encryption currency overnight reversed decline, bitcoin once back to $4200 in the morning

When the morning chain as early as 8 in November 26, 2018.

Early details:

The chain was ChainDD11 26 market, more comprehensive index and trading platform Binance:

BTC bitcoin at $4009.37, up about 2% to 12 hours.

ETH Ethernet square at $116.06, up about 3.6% to 12 hours.

BCH ABC at $184.22, up about 8.2% to 12 hours.

BCHSV reported $99.16, up about 34.9% to 12 hours.

XRP reboxetine currency at $0.3811, up about 7.3% to 12 hours.

Dynamic chain ring:

Former vice chairman of the Commission Gao Xiqing: the middle block chain can cost a lot to erase

When the chain (micro signal: ChainDD) November 26th hearing, in the BAC 2018 block chain application conference, former vice chairman of the Commission, the former general manager of CIC, Tsinghua University law school professor Gao Xiqing to block chain application regulation “as the theme of a speech, said the middle block chain can cost a lot of erase.

ICBC President Yang Kaisheng Original: block chain will build a new financial ecosystem

In the BAC 2018 block chain application conference, ICBC President Yang Kaisheng published the theme of “new financial ecology” building block chain speech, that at this stage the most important thing is to keep calm and objective attitude. In the face of this new block chain of science and technology, practice is the best way to test it.

He said: on the one hand, we should continue to follow the development trend of it, do research on prospective reserves, with a more open mind starting from the actual business pain points, application of actively layout block chain. On the other hand, the legal system, hoping to establish as soon as possible and technological innovation to adapt to the regulatory system, to form a good social atmosphere, common care and promote the continuous innovation of all kinds of business and the healthy development of the digital economy model.

He said that the general public, in addition to chain like bitcoin currency, have not seen wide application to the commercial example.

The United States Department of defense on unlicensed block chain, involving the underexplored field

According to CCN reports, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking a better understanding of the blockchain without a permit.

In order to deepen the understanding of the blockchain technology, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a license free distributed consensus protocol information request (RFI), in particular the underexplored field. DARPA is seeking a better understanding of how the chain block without a permit in the case of no monetary incentive to play a role.

Overstock intends to sell the retail business to block chain, a day stock price rose over 20%

According to the Wall Street Journal reported on 23, the electricity supplier, block chain stocks Overstock founder and CEO Patrick Byrne plans to sell the company’s retail business, to put the block chain, is expected next year in February before the completion of the transaction. Reports came the same day, Overstock shares rose in NASDAQ listed, closed up 20.93%.

The Wall Street Journal said, at least Byrne from last year in the planned sale of the retail business, Overstock’s focus on Medici Ventures venture capital institutions blockchain has been at a loss, a loss of $22 million last year, and a loss of $39 million in the first nine months of this year, leading to Overstock this year within nine months of a total loss of $163 million 700 thousand.

But the Byrne block chain investment is still very optimistic. He said: “I don’t care (a block chain project invested by Medici tZero) a waning of $2 million. We believe that we have achieved cold fusion in block chain.”

Dynamic currency circle:

Bitcoin morning surged back on the $4200, up $200 for about 10 minutes

When the App display market chain, an exchange of currency bitcoin USDT traded short-term rapid rebound, 5 around 40 was around $4100, 5 after 50 once rose above $4200, since although drop $4200 $4100, but on line, the last 24 hours tired rose more than 7%.

When App news chain mentioned, on the afternoon of 25, an exchange of currency bitcoin prices fell below $3700 to a 14 month low, after sustained concussion, about 21:45 weight $4000 rose above $4000, then fell to $3900, close to 26 zero, still below $3900, 24 hours tired and fell more than 11%.

Crypto currency overnight reversed decline, ten currency nine turn up

Beijing time 26 days around 6:36, Coinmarketcap website statistics multiple exchange quotations, encrypted digital currencies fell across the board, in addition to Monroe coins (XRM), the top ten cap encryption digital currency, only nine of the last 24 hours were crypto currency has risen, Wright currency rose over 7% of the largest increase, bitcoin tired rose about 4.8%.

When App news chain mentioned, near the 26 day zero, the first ten big market encrypted digital currency, in addition to the stable currency USDT, only nine of encryption currency fell more than 24 hours or close to 10%, the largest decline in Stellar fell over 20%.

The global digital currency market value fell below $115 billion, the lowest level in 15 months

When chain App edit to view a variety of encryption currency price tracking website Coinmarketcap found that Beijing time 25 days about 18:30, the total market value of global digital encryption currency fell below $115 billion, the highest since early August 2017 lows, the market rebounded to $189 billion on the party.

The same day at 25 18 at around 30, regardless of bitcoin, the total market value of other global encryption currency fell below 530 billion dollars, the highest since June 8 2017 early lows.

Ohio became the first state to accept bitcoin tax

According to the Wall Street Journal reported on 25, Ohio became the first American to accept bitcoin as a tax payment. From the beginning of this week, Ohio state enterprises will be able to login OhioCrypto.com, after registration, can use bitcoins to pay various taxes, from the sale of cigarettes to employees, self-employed, finally, this payment will be extended to individual taxpayers.

Reported that accept bitcoin tax idea originated as the Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel from 2011 years. He said that in the bitcoin, he believes that Ohio has set a good example of the opportunity. He said, “I (bitcoin) as a legitimate form of currency,” said hope that other states follow.

Xinhua News Agency: bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together

According to the Xinhua News Agency “bitcoin fell sharply” blockchain bubble? “One article, the bitcoin crash is the result of many factors together.

First of all, the large block chain project there is a serious bubble, in block chain infrastructure are not perfect, the market is expected to continue to push practitioners highly unrealistic, eventually encounter real combat, resulting in the continual loss of market confidence;

Second, bitcoin market is due to the capital market, and the volume is relatively small, the global digital currency market but also a listed Internet giant volume, with large cash users zapan, also easy to cause sharp fluctuations in currency price;

Third, the industry is the recent war, has shaken the confidence of the people in the objective, makes some people panic and vote with their feet, due to market volatility.

Galaxy Digital CEO: encryption currency will turn over the next year

Digital Capital digital Asset Management Co Galaxy Management founder and CEO Mike Novogratz to the British Financial Times said that this year the Galaxy Digital challenge, because of the need to establish a crypto currency in the bear market in the banking field. But he expects next year encryption currency will dafanshenzhang, because prices will start to wave again. Financial institutions in the first quarter of next year will be from the investment monetary fund to invest properly encrypted encryption currency.

The Financial Times quoted a block chain founder commented that one of the biggest problems is the lack of reliable encryption currency field of commercial banks, while Galaxy Digital prepared, will become the first use of this emerging market.

However, the financial It Consulting Firm Post Oak Labs founder Tim Swanson believes that Novogratz is trying to predict some things he did not influence. A lot of companies like Galaxy Digital now do, but did not achieve what success.

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