When you join the world’s most in the industry opportunities in front of you, you will make 50 years after you regret it?

nAfter the torrential rains, the cloud said lightly to the children and grandchildren, hey, at that time I was on board, is the greatest glory of all sailors in the era of great sailing. And now, when joining the world’s most in industry opportunities in front of you, you will make 50 years later regret it did not embark at this moment?n
nAuthor: Universal Block Chainingn
Hangzhou guy dating online dating more than a month ignored, only in the introduction of Riga six words, immediately received hundreds of friends sister’s private message! ! – This very “net red” news headline summarizes a story from the recent fire of friends circle, and the six-word proverb is – blockchain engineer!n
With the high popularity of the blockchain, the technical term in the original niche circles has become a public topic of concern to all. With the continuous rise in the price of coins, the rumors of overnight riches and controversy under the chaos are constantly ringing in my ears. While many people have misconceptions about the blockchain, it is more common to confuse blockchain technology with digital money such as bitcoin. However, Xiaobian has been pleased to feel that, at least, and others mentioned that they engaged in the blockchain industry, it can be said is quite proud of.n
Everyone may have heard some rumors about the blockchain, but the constant questioning and belief of the believers emerge. Which one is closer to the truth of this era? As a good you, rather than wait and see, instead of exposure? Instead of giving the stage people, why not seize the discourse? Why do not you join us and become the founder of history?n
As the earliest blockchain pioneer and industry expander in China, Wanxiang blockchain layout was set up in 2015. Through continuous resource integration, we gradually built a multidimensional blockchain laboratory, Wanxiang blockchain business innovation consulting, New chain accelerator, Wan Wan business in one of the block chain ecological platform and set up a superior product and R u0026 D team to provide blockchain-based industry solutions. From the technical, financial, resources and other aspects to promote the development of China’s blockchain industry and business floor.n

Wanxiang blockchain technology team has a certain scale, strong, has been Wanxiang Trust, Minsheng Insurance and other users, based on the blockchain-based vouchers, insurance, supply chain finance and other solutions, and effectively improve the various industries For a long time there are pain points and difficulties. The new chain of accelerators a team of intelligent border, the original company, with the support of universal technology and resources, the rapid development of the product has successfully landed, has become a very good blockchain technology-based intelligent information processing and data analysis platform And digital copyright authentication and trading platform. As the first neutral blockchain innovation platform in China, Wanwan has partnered with blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Stellar, Factom, Qtum and Fun Chain to provide a complete set of blockchain developers and teams The underlying professional and technical services. From small applications such as voting system and lottery system to enterprise-level product development needs, developers can quickly realize their own creative ideas at a low cost in Wan Wan, so that the blockchain technology can be implemented effectively and truly benefit the people.n

(Wanxiang block chain office environment)n
At present, tens of core posts in the Wanxiang blockchain are in the air. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanxiang Holdings, we have a good background and resource advantages. As the earliest communicator and pioneer in the block chain industry, our strength is globally recognized and acclaimed. As a pioneering and entrepreneurial team, We manage flat, welcome innovation, dynamic! Our brother company not only covers all financial sectors except for brokerages, but Wanxiang Holdings has also invested in more than 50 blockchain startups globally. At the top of the wave, you will be together with a group of extremely outstanding companions to the stars sea!n
Coordinates Shanghai North Bund, China blockchain core area has been opened! This is an industry that fully rewards early participants. When you join in the world’s most in-industry opportunity, will you regret it after 50 years? And fifty years later, how history will evaluate the revolution in this technology may depend on your choices at the moment.n

(Wanxiang blockchain afternoon tea)n
Of course, there should be many programmers or people who know some of the technology. They are curious about the industry and are worried that they have no relevant background. To this we must tell you loudly whether there is experience in the blockchain or not. Important criteria to judge!n
For smaller programmers who do not yet know the blockchain, this little tutorial below will help you build your own blockchain within a very short period of time. Uncover the mystery, you will find the blockchain and you are not far away. This article, but our little beauty market translation, yes, although as a technology company, we also have a lot of mm! And wages are issued bitcoin such issues, why not take advantage of interviews, and our HR sister to communicate a wave ~ ~ ~n
|| The following translation has been removed from Daniel van Flymen’s Learn Blockchains by Building One.n
|| Original Address: https://hackernoon.com/learn-blockchains-by-building-one-117428612f46n
Concept understanding: Before you begin, you need to know that blockchain is a chained data structure that chops data blocks together in a sequential manner and secures them unreadable and unforgeable by cryptography Type book These blocks can contain transactions, files, and any data you want, importantly, they are linked together by hash.n
Audience: You can easily read and write some basic Python, and have some understanding of HTTP.n
Required Tools: Python 3.6, Flask, Requests:n
pip install Flask == 0.12.2 requests == 2.18.4n
In addition to the need to install HTTP tools, such as Postman, cURL.n
Source code address: https://github.com/dvf/blockchainn
The first step: the establishment of blockchainn
① to achieve a Blockchain categoryn
Open your favorite text editor or IDE, create a new blockchain.py python file, create a Blockchain class, create two empty queues in the constructor, one for the blockchain and the other for the storage transaction. Here’s the template code for the Blockchain class:n

The Blockchain class we created will be used to manage the chain, it will store the transaction, and provide some ways to help add new blocks to the chain. The following is a detailed implementation.n
Each block contains five basic attributes: index, timestamp (in Unix time), transaction list, workload proof and the hash value of the previous block. Let’s look at an example:n

Here, we should be more clear about the concept of chain, each new block will contain the hash of the previous block, so that the blockchain has the characteristics of tampering. If an attacker attacks a higher-priority block in the chain, all subsequent blocks will contain an incorrect hash value. If you can not understand, slowly digested – this is the core idea of ​​understanding blockchain technology.n
Follow-up steps are not here one by one, if you want to learn more about how to build a block chain, please manually copy the following link, all the code is crystal clear:n
撸 a block chain of their own, if you can not stop, quickly click to read the original, understand our recruitment details! Standing on the top of the wave, in the face of the stars, the great journey of mankind from the real world to the digital world has begun. Are you coming?n
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Customer Operations Specialistn
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