Where does the bitcoin fall again, to what extent will it fall?

Some people say that bitcoin will fall, some people say that bitcoin will rise.

This view is not unified, illustrates a problem, that no one is able to correctly predict the future trend of bitcoin one hundred percent to. As every investor regardless of investment is bitcoin or other currencies, or your own collection, or your stock, foreign exchange futures and securities investment, you should have a plan for their comprehensive strategic system. The plan should contain two aspects, one is you if the investment projects were wrong, what will you do? You should also take into account the investment profit space will be? You can withdraw at any profit point, the point at which you will retreat.

The first investment should be given to you now, the upward trend is still upward, we can only follow the trend, to return in the market trend of development. Simply on the trend in terms of a lot of people do not understand what is the trend? How to determine the trend trend, what should we do? To determine the trend, and it is not a difficult thing. If there is a trend in the market, in accordance with our requirements involved in the decisive intervention, then we must, should not have a doubt, because this is a strategic market trend to US market intervention signal.

In fact, this is the same with the troops in war, we found the enemy in front, we want to destroy the enemy, you have to grasp the hands of a number of troops, you should send how many troops to destroy the enemy, this is the fundamental key factors you should consider. Nabite currency market, you find bitcoin market has been on the rise, or fall, you should develop your own strategy, if you go to buy or buy a bitcoin mining machine, then you should consider if prices rise or fall, you should be how to implement your strategies, and then allocate your money. Although you can’t control your earnings, but you can control your own loss, so every time should invest, you should consider carefully, you can afford every loss amount of money is how much?

But we can look back, how much to buy bitcoin mining machine or friends considered bitcoin market? Considering the risk of every investment? So how can we overcome with our competitors?

When bitcoin prices rose, we are crazy to buy mining machine, why? Because we are greedy mood that drives us to make such irrational behavior. Not to say that buying machine not to earn money, you must first consider what is the risk you take. But we often forget the risk, only consider profit. Obviously we control on venture capital is often the psychological factors of us, is our mood. If we cannot control our emotions, we won’t make a profit in investment. Nabite currency market, if bitcoin has been on the rise, if you buy a mining machine, you should first consider the risk; and if bitcoin prices fell you lost, you should immediately exit strategy execution, there should be a little hesitation. The longer you wait, to bring you greater loss.

But some people do quite the opposite, if you can’t quit immediately in the market decline, you will take more risk. But humanity at this time often want to market will be reversed, but the results have been put in there, the market may not be as we expected. The difficulty, you need to make a judgment, immediately withdraw immediately, because that part of the loss is not easy for you to recognize, give up. Don’t give up is nature.

Exercise execution, is to take us to get rid of the weaknesses of human nature. First, we should hold a general account of the investment has risks, moreover also consider if the investment projects have appeared in the process of risk, we should make decisions in evacuation. This is a key factor in deciding the success of our business, so every entrepreneur, if you want to succeed in business, the execution of the exercise is essential.

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