Where is the bottom of “ZG.TOP”? Looking for the bottom of the bitcoin

Where the bottom? This round of the bear market in the bottom? I believe that many investors are anxiously waiting for the dead, stuck in the bottom opening, etc., waiting outside the capital. But anyway, if allowed to continue such a ruthless bitcoin decline, market collapse, the greatest harm or admission last year at the old game player, game player to sell, if 2000 falls, let them happy back, for this year’s admission of investors hit considerable.

Talk about the end of 6000 bitcoin

If the slump is not 11 months late, we believe that the bear market at the end of this year we recall 6000. 6000 at the end of the form. First, in February 6th 6500 drop down, then less than an hour to be rapid and powerful back, bitcoin prices back up to 7000, in April 6400 to hold, two strong support. So for a long time, the investors believe that 6000 is the end, then dip several times in 6000 hold, the 6000 formed a consensus. It is not difficult to see, at the bottom of the heart, if you agree, then at this price, there will be a lot of pay. The 6000 bottom keep close to a year.

Talk about bitcoin valuation at the end of Metcalf’s law

In my previous article also explored how bitcoin valuation, about three valuation model. Several valuation methods on bitcoin Metcalf’s valuation method one of the most popular bitcoin. The use of Metcalf’s law to estimate the value of bitcoin has certain rationality. We are also drawn by Metcalf and derived Odlyzko law of the bitcoin network boundary value, can be found from the 2011 so far this year, bitcoin prices held steady within both boundary. 2012 years, 2013 years, 2014 years and at the end of 2017, the valuation method successfully shows the true value of the callback bitcoin bitcoin price should be around $2000. 2000 dollars? We are not in doubt I sing the air? No. Use this model to explain how bitcoin soared to $20 thousand? How to explain the bitcoin in 6000 hold nearly a year? So Metcalf’s law has his limitations.

Listen to everyone how to say

With the 11-24 of the current slump, bitcoin quotes 3770, who sing the air such as Zhao Dong said the lowest to 2000 chiefs, said Jiang Thatcher in 2019 3 in the bear market, according to each cow bear law did not have the price plummeted. These remarks whether it is correct or not have aggravated the market panic. To sing you drown in slobber. In addition to ordinary retail heavyweights, how to see? Recently, go to the forum, with the fall, found little singing and more, it is no wonder that the year of the bear market, so many people have lost confidence. Where is the bitcoin bottom? Really want to fall 2000?

At the bottom of your heart

Today, bitcoin prices 3700 to 11-27 at the bottom, if below 3700, it is difficult to think of the consequences. Bitcoin has reached a dangerous price index. But optimistic, if the air force today hit 3600, but also can appear a large candle, the price was quickly back, then 3700 formed a double bottom, I believe the 3700 will become a short-term bottom and everyone (with the same 6000 bottom). The bottom is believed to support a period of time, or continue sideways in the 3700-4000? After all, sideways than the fall, the rest is only waiting for next year’s good. This script is much better than the fall to 2000, isn’t it? So at the bottom of the heart, the heart will form the bottom bottom, this is the power of consensus. To support the moment, you will be in 3700 Guadan today? You will participate in the support?

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