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nRecently, the domestic first forecast market Delphy after the release, by the parties concerned, then Delphy predicted that the market in the end what kind of application? Today the Delphy team brought an example close to us, predicting the fate of the net red Jia Yueting with his music.n
nMusic is facing the dilemman
nMusic is the latest news hot news, endless news, financial institutions and investors are very anxious, people are concerned about the future of music is very concerned about.n
nRecently, in Shanghai China Merchants Bank Shanghai North Branch to Shanghai Higher People ‘s Court to apply for asset preservation was supported, Jia Yue Ting family of 1.237 billion yuan of assets and held by the music holding 92.07% was frozen by law.n
nCai Xinliang bloggers have been statistics, music as the financial assets of 72.92 billion yuan, coupled with mortgage loans and cash, a total of hundreds of billions. Was “eco-anti” PPT vision to attract investors, had been doing high-risk high-income dream, but now worried about the money came back. Facing Fang Jia Ting to the United States is Paolu questioned, Liu Gang that go to the United States as music and FF to find financing is a normal thing. FF financing, to accelerate the entire music as the car plan, is the music is very important goal.n
nObviously seen, Jia Yue Ting can All in. Jia Yue Ting for a lot of financing to provide a personal joint guarantee, is an ambitious, passionate, blueprint, a vision of entrepreneurs, but the face of the first half of the loss of 63668.34 million to 64168.34 million in earnings, the outside world will continue to believe him Then
nThe face of this Council, the public said clouds. If you are in the event of stakeholders, but also do not bet on the go, is to choose to leave as soon as possible, or choose bargain-hunting, and even snow to send a carbon?n

nDelphy takes you to see the fate of musicn
nFor the fate of music, presumably many people have to understand the future of their curiosity, or would like to directly participate in the forecast.n
nToday, Delphy predicts that the market will give people the opportunity. People who care about music, whether investors, employees, debtors or ordinary people, can use Delphy to build a forecast market.n
nThe theme of the forecast can be music can not escape this robbery, or music will not divest off the car business, financial innovation can bear the debt and so on.n
nSpecifically, if we predict that music will not go bankrupt, assuming that the shares set at 1 yuan, as a music as investors expressed confidence that the possibility of music as bankruptcy only 10%, then the contract price of 0.1 yuan The If the music finally succeeds through this robbery, then the people who do not go bankrupt to win, get a profit of 1-0.1 per share of income, other people will not have income.n
nSo, Delphy predicts why the market can guarantee it, the secret is to predict the market is in the way of economic incentives to fully collect the market information.n
nPredict the market is a typical “socialized” analysis scheme that uses the wisdom of the masses to predict the probability of occurrence. In Delphy’s prediction of the market, the contract price of the transaction is the probability of future events, reflecting the participants’ dynamic expectations of the probability of occurrence of the event.n
nThe theoretical basis for the forecast market is the Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis (ECMH) and the Hayek Hypothesis. These assumptions explain the probability of occurrence of future results accurately through the collection and integration of information. According to ECMH, the capital market is the most efficient and real-time mechanism for reflecting individual stocks and information on the entire stock market. Hayek assumes that market prices are an effective means of collecting discrete information, and even if people have limited knowledge of their own environment and counterparty, prices still allow the most efficient allocation of resources in the market.n
nIn the example of music, employees are clearly optimistic about the internal business situation, investors may be most aware of the company’s strategy, creditors understand their collateral and loan situation. In the Delphy forecast market mechanism, these parties have the power to rely on their own information to make judgments, which means that the market collection of everyone’s judgment.n
nDelphy’s birth and principlesn
nAt present, a group of Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences from the science and engineering Geek who intend to use Delim predicted market applications to rewrite the history of China’s financial sector. Wang Bo is the co-founder of the original Factom (notarized), with more than 20 years of Internet and software development and management experience. Peking University, University of Michigan under the aura of his school, has long met the development potential of the block chain, a consensus algorithm and P2P network pioneer.n
nWang Bo introduction, Delphy name comes from the ancient Greek mythology, is the language and the god of light Apollo announced the oracle place. He wants Delphy to take advantage of the wisdom of the group, foresee and even create the future.n
nDelphy is a mobile platform based on the ethertop, social, fully open source, predictable market and eco-chain. Users on the one hand can participate in the forecast market transactions anytime, anywhere, on the other hand can also publish any forecast for the vertical field.n
nDelphy uses its own tokens to issue DPY. DPY is based on the ethertop smart contract, which conforms to the ERC20 standard (ethertail tokens: allowing wallets, exchanges and other smart contracts to dock a variety of tokens in a common way) can be exchanged with bit currency and currency.n
nAfter the exchange of good coins, users can create predictive events, give a detailed description of the event, complete the possible results and determine the results of the fable. The user can define event results, radio, multiple selection, or select within a range. You can also define who can participate: everyone or specify the invited user.n
nA good event is first filtered by the system, as if it were an illegal or non-ethical event (such as an assassination of a country’s leader or a prediction of a government’s overthrow). The filtered event enters the system’s Live Event Pool for the user or other users to create the forecast market.n
nIn the forecast market, users need to determine the stop-loss point, and prepare to cover the maximum payment of the reserve. Different preferences of the user can be in the same event different forecast market transactions: such as music watch the event of “Jia Yue Ting in the end will not return home”, “music as the car is really the focus of future investment?n
nUsers can use their own tokens to buy or sell a certain number of results of the shares. According to the logarithmic market evaluation rule, Delphy can instantly price each result of the market based on the trading volume. As with stocks, the more the number of results to be purchased, the higher the price. Sold more, the lower the price. Through real-time prices and trends, the outside world can understand the direction of the event and the masses of the confidence of the results.n
nWhen the event really happens, such as Jia Yueting really return home, and the use of music as the car to turn the tide to change the situation, Delphy will be based on the corresponding events with the market of the eager to determine the outcome of the outcome, and after the completion of the market clearing, the event is not allowed And then any related transactions.n
nSuccessful results of the shares of the user to become the winner of the market, their shares will be automatically converted into DPY tokens, after deducting a certain fee, the remaining Token will be automatically transferred to the winner’s wallet. The loser does not bear any other expenses. If the total amount of shares purchased by the losers is not sufficient to cover the profits of the winners, the difference will be spent from the reserves provided by the market creator.n
nAs a mobile application for smartphones, Delphy will also load social features such as P2P payments, P2P instant messaging, OTC OTC and chat capabilities, allowing users to further exchange information and post events.n
nAnd see the future with Delphyn
nIn addition to major corporate management changes like music, Delphy can actually participate in the market is quite wide, not only can achieve more refined than the existing derivatives of financial instruments, but also for asset managers to provide different events risk hedging tools. In life, the number of tourist attractions, film box office, house prices, games and even sports, have a place.n
nWang Bo hope that, as the name suggests, in the future Delphy will become an effective tool for people to gather information and predict future events, and truly change the decision-making and event process, so that financial technology and technology to implement, to maximize the value.n
nWang said that Delphy is ready to launch the product by the end of 2017. As the music watch the crowd onlookers, you are not thinking at this time, if it can be developed earlier, you can express the music as the point of view how good?n
nWelcome to the Delpy Forecast Market Project, which will begin ICO on July 31n
nWe can add Delphy Group (micro signal: delphy_org), apply to join the official group of Delphy, received the latest project information.n

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