Whether the encryption currency has a space for one person in daily life?

Whether the encryption currency has a space for one person in daily life?



Most people think that if the encryption currency to be successful, it must be accepted by ordinary people, and the need for use in daily life. However, at present, the money has not yet been successful encryption. In the past few years, many people through journalism and social network heard of encryption currency, but most people still do not consider using it. I think the crypto currency has three options can make it to the public widely used. In this article, for the three options, I prepared a simple discussion.

Encryption can be one of the more widely used method of currency is becoming more merchants to accept them. Every day, more and more businesses began to accept the crypto currency as an alternative means of payment. Some really support encryption currency businesses even to pay people to offer discounts to encryption, so as to encourage more people to use encryption currency. However, for this option is the main problem facing us, just accept crypto currencies for small businesses, and no large supermarkets or dealers to accept encrypted currency. This means that, although small businesses accept encrypted currency is a good thing, but in order to allow more people to pay attention to the encryption currency, we need some large companies to accept the encryption currency really. Acceptance will also bring many headlines to our large enterprise encryption currency.

    Many people think that money is the most likely to be used encryption method is been used for the purchase of goods and services on the Internet Internet currency”. The reason why people think that online shopping is the best choice of encryption currency, one reason is that it is possible to develop the best three options. At present, there are many websites to accept encryption currency, and there are big companies by accepting money and express support for encryption. These sites include Zynga, Brazzers, Overstock. All of these large sites, in order to not use its products is the trial of encryption currency. Further, each time they announced this news, the corresponding encryption currency price will rise. Encryption currency another reason for online shopping, you can not refund by credit card and card with encryption currency refund metonymy. This means, including e-bay, online sellers do not have to worry about leaving the commodity buyers ask for a refund. However, because the buyer can not refund the encryption currency payment system will allow people to accept the payment without delivery. But this can be through the use of third party payment guarantee system is to prevent.

This is an option of encryption currency, but I think a lot of people do not consider this option. Because it will not lead to the majority of people directly use encryption currency. However, it can promote the company directly using encrypted currency. Now, if you want to make a lot of money to others in foreign accounts, is to use bank transfer. In this system, banks not only need a few days to transfer time also received high fees. Therefore, if your business requires frequent transfers, so the delay is not only annoying, but you have to pay a large fee. This is the role of local currency encryption. Through the use of encryption currency, you can transfer it to any other parts of the world, and the payment to the account of others and the speed is much faster than the bank remittance will be in a few hours. Further, this means that the fee is relatively few. You only need to pay the standard fee to the miners, and the low cost than bank fee. The use of additional benefits of currency substitution bank transfer encryption encryption is the currency can be around any obstacles set by the government. Therefore, you will not be affected by the impact of the trade restrictions. Since the encryption currency can allow the company to a much faster speed and less cost to transfer funds, so once their prices begin to settle down in this market in the field of encryption currency will be accepted quickly.

I firmly believe that the crypto currency will be applied to at least one inside in these areas, and people in the future will probably try to create a new currency in order to achieve these functions in one. This means that you can take this money to sell may use it industry. If it is well designed, it can be a lot faster adoption. However, I think, become the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of the currency is its availability. At present, people all money is legal tender, and they need a way to put the currency exchange is cheap and easy to use encryption currency. Now people can only scattered around the world as a crypto currency ATM number to exchange encrypted currency. If we really want to encrypt the currency pop up, so we need to have relevant technical minded people in the world and easy access to money and provide ways of encryption. At that time, the encryption currency price will rise.

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