Whether the media bitcoin is the interpretation of some commodities

Whether the media bitcoin is the interpretation of some commodities

The United States federal authorities have their own ideas. Each department believes bitcoin should be its own jurisdiction, and to control it. This has been confirmed many times, from the beginning of bitcoin is FinCEN as a currency, as money is SEC, IRS is regarded as the property to the nearest CFTC has been regarded as a commodity. The latest case has angered the bitcoin community, now they are talking about the CFTC’s argument is correct.

It all started from the executive director of CFTC, a statement issued by AitanGoelman:

“Although the bitcoin and other virtual currency trading is very active, but it is not an excuse, all derivatives market participants still have to comply with the same rules,.”

An American publication decided to visit the bitcoin community staff, for the bitcoin as a commodity and AitanGoelman recently released a statement, what they think. Some members did not make any rash comments. One developer said, AitanGoelman heard called bitcoin goods he was surprised, but CFTC seems to have not. But to see US regulators want to get more power, making strange rules, he was not surprised at all.

The researchers seem to have different views. They think all provisions are considered in a certain range, and is not whole. These exchanges can only be low-key dormant, watching the ruling will bring much harm. If they notice signal south appeared, they are willing to leave, and together with the company transferred to the jurisdiction of different range.

One of the company’s C level executives urged regulators to play together, so as to get a definite conclusion. For example, Britain and other countries, in conclusion, different departments of mutual discussion, consider public opinion. While the United States regulators seem to have these processes, they think of what announce what.

People in the community do not seem to agree with the CFTC bitcoin classification of goods, but now do not expect “democratic” government and other agencies to listen to their views, to reconsider this decision. Anyway, we all hope that things will go in the right direction, so that everyone will be happy.

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