Which colleges have opened a block chain course

nnnRampage comments: block chain and encrypted currency areas continue to develop, prompting companies to build the relevant technical team. And the related technical training courses have increased. Such as consultants Z / Yen, Coursera and Princeton University, which provide chain training courses for executives, courses in prestigious universities in the United States and Europe. Social platform LinkedIn data also shows the trend of training and talent needs.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWith the well-known universities in the United States to block the chain technology to join the course list, support Bitcoin and other encrypted currency block chain technology gradually gain attention in the mainstream field.n
nFor those who are not familiar with the encrypted currency, it is a digital asset, used to protect financial transactions, to the central way to allow users to directly online transactions.n
nDemand growth in all areasn
nExperts say there is a need for sector chain expertise in all areas and is already much higher than supply, such as financial services and retail.n
nMichael Mainelli’s consulting firm Z / Yen offers chain-level training courses for executives.n
n”At present it is a popular market, because most companies want to call themselves a chain of chains.”n
nInnovation comes with the risk of fraud and criminal activity. Most businesses are not confused by their challenges, but rather as a field with great potential to improve the efficiency of existing processes, such as food tracking and financial transaction processing.n
nJerry Cuomo, vice president of IBM Chain Technology, says the best block chain engineers can earn more than $ 250,000 in salary.n
nn”Real talented consultants or software engineers have a high salary, and demand is beyond supply, so we see a shortage of talent, and it is a really hot area like cloud technology and artificial intelligence.”n
nnHe further explained that “this technology is not so complicated, if you know the coders of encryption technology, then it is relatively simple.”n
nA university that offers a chain of chain coursesn
nThis is not the first time a university offers a chain-chain course or a related certificate. But until recently well-known university to join. It reflects the development of the field, combining encryption technology with shared databases.n
nAggelos Kiayias, director of network security and privacy at Edinburgh University and president of the Chain Chain Technology Laboratory, said:n
nn”Block chain technology is the latest project, academic progress is relatively backward.”n
nnEdinburgh University also plans to become the first major European university to start a chain-chain course. Kiayias said:n
nn”You can learn more about the amazing network security by learning about block-chain technology, and the block chain is also a distributed book technology, and there are many other benefits to learning the technology and building blocks.”n
nAmerican colleges and universitiesn
nIn the United States, Stanford University (Stanford University) and other colleges and universities in the currency and encrypted currency courses have begun two years. A similar course is offered at the University of California-Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.n
nThere are also many Internet courses, many of which are still free.n
nEducational technology company Coursera works with Princeton University to provide 11 weeks of encrypted money technology courses.n
nThree years ago, a group of less experienced coin executives set up Block Chain University in California with an eight-week course of $ 100 and tuition fees at the end of the course.n
nLondon and Hamburg’s block-chain education program B9lab offers a 40-hour block chain course for technical executives and analysts, with a 9-week training cost of € 2,300.n
nThe number of chain-related posts is also increasingn
nSo in the past few weeks, the number of chain-related positions surge. In fact, LinkedIn on the block chain related job recruitment information up to 1000, the number of quarterly chain chain advertising also accounted for 40%.n
nNearly 10,000 people in the site ranked block-chain technology as a skill, half of which came from the technology sector and a quarter came from the financial services industry.n
nThe site will block the chain as a skill for most people in the United States, followed by the UK, France, India, Germany, and the Netherlands. In addition, almost a quarter of the people will be bitmaps as a skill, 16% of people think that the Python programming language is also a technology, 9% of people also listed encryption currency technology.n
nLinkedIn UK Regional Manager Josh Graff said:n
nn”Experts in related fields, such as encrypted currency and machine language learning, may want to explore the skills and roles that need to be developed because of the increasing demand for block chain expertise in the technology sector, the financial industry and the insurance industry.”n

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