Who can explain the block chain? Picacho: I can

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

Not long ago, Nintendo film adaptation of the game of the same name “elf treasure dream: Detective movie trailer released” pikachu. We find that, the original dream elf treasure can be issued for 21 years now, saying “go, Picacho” has become many people’s pet phrase.

Before you to ring a variety of encryption currency currency familiar, bulbasaur, little dragon and Picacho. These characters have become… A memory of your childhood.

Imagine, we are back to school.

You and 35 partners, surrounded by sitting in the school playground, holding a fairy dream treasure to be card, share the latest collection. You see a picture of you always want to duck buddy’s hands, and your hands also happens to have a buddy coveted Jeni turtle. Finally, in the eyes of the envy of everyone, you decide to switch these two cards. Obviously, this exchange is not difficult. You and your buddy is full of joy, both got their favorite cards.

“You are a big boy, should learn to make decisions for myself.” My mother always told you so.

At the age of 10, you do not need to supervise the teacher called card exchange, do not guarantee the exchange is not correct. Sit up to already know that Zhang duck card has new owners together with your buddy, this is his turtle card for Jeni. You and your buddy enough, but has to “when mother called you home for dinner.”. You may be so happy for several days, and this is precisely the simple childhood.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

But now, we change the scene, if the exchange is the digital version of the elf treasure may dream of what will be the scene?

I have a rare card this card, I want to make a deal with you.

“People are always changing.” Your friends would say.

I’m a smart boy, put this card to you before, and you can’t guarantee that I will do. I may have been ahead on the computer to do a copy, and with everyone yelling “this is the only one to buy is made.”

For you and the whole fairy treasure can dream community, this is a bad result. A rare card now because of bad street and become worthless.

In the digital world, we will call this double payment . In simple terms, is a sum of money spent two times. This doesn’t happen in a child’s playground, because the card is a physical entity, with only one objective attribute of existence, so there is no double payment situation. And in the exchange of digital goods, you don’t have the card at two people send the same.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

Part of Nintendo game character

This time, you may need a “teacher”.

We can use the ledger tracking trading with each other, and Nintendo must be in charge of this power, important books. Using this book, Nintendo can monitor every piece of digital version of ELF treasure can dream of the transaction, to ensure that no one is to “build up the family fortunes by copying everyone is” decent role.

The seemingly perfect scheme seems there are loopholes. Now the trade between us appeared in third. Whether you like it or not, we all have to go through the intermediary to complete the transaction. At the same time, we must be fully trusted third party, believe that Nintendo will not be “tricky”, do not tamper with the books.

The problem comes, if a Nintendo employee’s brother is also a wizard powder, how can you determine that I will give you a rare cards, and are not Nintendo employees secretly copied to his brother?

Indeed, we can not guarantee 100% books will not be changed.

Now, you may be up to the duck duck.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

May wish to continue to try to open the brain hole, if not the books stored in a computer Nintendo headquarters, but for each elf treasure can dream traders provide a book, what would happen?

The world has hundreds of millions of ELF treasure can dream game, some powder powder, so a copy has hundreds of millions of books. When I put this piece of rare card to you, everyone will receive the corresponding transfer notice.

The books will show a rare card and only one, if I was a naughty, secretly copied a few, and keep it in my account. But I will copy books with other people’s books are not consistent, this card copy card is also useless.

You may doubt, the whole network is how to verify each other’s card is not card copy?

Duck is frowned, find things are not simple.

Suppose there are 1000 computers in ELF treasure can dream constitute the trading network, we call the node. All the nodes have a shared copy of books, each other can communicate with each other. The purpose of these nodes is transaction information independent verification of every piece of fairy treasure can dream.

These nodes must agree on the description of the network card transaction books. If the transaction between us, the transaction will be put into a temporary unconfirmed trades in the pool, waiting for confirmation. Then, these nodes will not verify the competition confirmation of the transaction in a given period of time.

These nodes are the miners, they will compete to become the first group to verify this transaction, i.e. a block. In return, it will get the treasure card wizard can dream. All elves may dream of treasure transaction information has been stored, connected into a chain, and the chain block formed between nodes sharing books.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

Inset: encryption for beginners

Next, the miners to participate in the competition to become the first person to verify the new block. With the help of the “field”, that is to spend a lot of resources to unlock encrypted problem to achieve this goal. The network will require a lot of work to verify the miners in each block, to prevent the crooked brains.

Once the miners find a block encryption test solution, it will be on the block to punch a souvenir “digital signature, used to prove that this block has been verified, that is I and your card transaction effectively. At the same time, the miners send this message to notify other nodes in the network. Then, the distribution will be validated for miners block other nodes, and get the treasure reward cards can dream wizard. With the new deal, the other nodes will update the books.

However, among the nodes and can not achieve true trust each other. Therefore, whenever a new block, each node will check according to the transaction records in the block every transaction information, check whether there is a double payment problem. This is the network nodes to reach a consensus on the way.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

But imagine, I send you a card, you want to change things in the real world, such as your hamburger for lunch today. Do you think this transaction is not a loss, but I also have my own small abacus. I took your hamburger, then immediately try to send it again and then I’ll give you the card, what will happen?

Assume that A is the first card to your card, B is second, which has made illegal double pay. The node does not favor any party, because it does not know which one is correct, so how would it? A, B will enter the pending transaction in the pool, and usually in chronological order in the block, but sometimes not.

Because of the block chain according to the time sequence in order to carry out verification, namely Vietnam on the chain of transactions, more secure. If the first B is verified, then will identify B as effective trading books, and A for double pay.

How to avoid the lost “hamburger” and “discount card”? The best choice is to wait for you. The network is unlikely to accept the two transaction expenses, so there is always a payment was refused. This is only a matter of time, keep a good quiet time, you will see the next block in the end which contains a payment.

If the wait for at least 10 minutes or more after a long time, I think to be a small smart. When the network node has been basically confirmed A effective transaction, then send the B has no meaning. “On one hand, one hand delivery.” You start a new card, and I can only accept your lunch.

If I don’t want to be a good man, did not follow the routine play, what will happen? Can we check the books, from the payment record will first send the payment information. So I can deal the cards again, and get more free lunch?

You must think yourself clever and cute, like most of the discharge of Picacho. However, this is not.

The transaction is stored in a block of information, and the information block in time is a linear link. So, you and I stored records blocks of information may be hidden in a string of information block. If from my first deal added 9 new blocks, then I can still find a record of the transaction information block, and delete.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

Looks like freely flowing style of writing, a seamless heavenly robe? No, defective.

Remember the digital signature of each block on? It is based on the information generated in the block. So, do you think a “everybody knows” to delete the data will automatically change the signature.

Even worse, I record your transaction information block after each block of the digital signature is the signature before decision. “Qianyifaerdongquanshen”. If before the signature is modified, all the blocks behind the signature changes accordingly.

In order to eat a free lunch, I have to modify the tenth blocks of 9 signatures, then the update block signature must also be changed.

 Who can explain the blockchain? Picacho: I can

Bad things more than that.

This wave of the operation can only be carried out in a copy of my books on. Between you and me, the transaction has been known to other nodes, delete the transaction and not. Other books are willing to reach an agreement on the transaction has been completed, so I must be modified in the network in more than half of the nodes in order to obtain consensus books.

But change the digital signature of the number of blocks, the computer has been somewhat powerless, and takes a surprising amount of electricity — this time, I may be more distressed this month electricity bill.

This for me is too The loss outweighs the gain. I choose to give up.

In this way, we create an open, decentralized, irreversible, anti tampering digital network, used for trading treasure card wizard dream and other assets. This is bitcoin blockchain and working principle of a simplified version of the technology. Obviously, this technology makes bitcoin out of the ordinary.

Perhaps some character names are hard to remember, but those familiar with the elf, accompany you slowly grew up, and now the blockchain obscure technology becomes simple and interesting. Let us see a chain block in the early Internet shadow, as we can still meet there once the childhood from the group of elves.

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