Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against

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 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against The technical change will let a man down, once the dominant mobile phone NOKIA, Motorola did not keep up with the pace of the field of intelligent mobile phone system at any time, from the top down soon. BAT knows the stakes, already ready alert.

Internet empire dispute

Block chain competition can be divided into feudal lords vying for the throne, the 3 camps:

Bitcoin, Ethernet square, EOS, based on the common chain, innovation in the consensus mechanism and core technology. This kind of policy, a commercial project in the face of difficulties in size, said of an aged person.

R3 CEV, Hyperledger as the representative of the trade union and the Microsoft, IBM as the representative of the traditional software services company, providing flexible products and services of high efficiency, obvious effect in the polymerization industry, for example, pay attention to safety, privacy and cooperation in financial field, have obvious advantages.

BAT as the representative of the Internet empire, although there is no block chain gene, but they have flow, user, brand layout, block chain can keep stable and vested interest, with army against, with better ecological advantages.

This article from the infrastructure layout, floor application and ecological construction, block chain layout on BAT.

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against

Baidu: from its own ecological innovation

The relative 2015 admission test block chain research, Baidu 2018 is a chain map block layout make snap in:

2 months, the blockchain electronic pet game DApp – “Leitz dog” on the line;

4 months, Baidu finance official from Baidu, renamed “Guyu”, A round of financing 19 billion dollars;

In May, Baidu Baike quietly on the chain, the chain can not be tampered block features to ensure accurate Historical Encyclopedia version retained;

In June, Baidu launched a similar NetEase planet community application products – “of the universe”;

In July, Baidu officially launched the flagship “totem, block chain + copyright”; in addition, Baidu cloud and block chain combination solutions launched financial, logistics and other fields;

At the end of 9, Baidu released the “Baidu blockchain laboratory blockchain white paper V 1”, focuses on the architecture and realization mode of Baidu super chain;

In October, the block chain network – super chain system Baidu officially released the independent research and development. At the same time, announced a partnership with the government of Hainan Province, the blockchain laboratory and degree of chain company located in Hainan, and launched the “blockchain + crab traceability” application.

Embedded block chain in Baidu cloud, Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu pictures of Baidu original products, or the development of “Leitz dog”, “the universe” and “super chain” chain of new application block. Plus a long ago, Baidu development block chain cloud computing platform “BaaS”, to join the super books project, investment in the United States blockchain company Circle etc, all show that Baidu attaches great importance to the block chain.

Analytical platform technology

According to the “white paper” Baidu block chain, XuperChain is an all inclusive block chain block chain network technology, the parallel chain can support the XuperChain solution also supports other open source program. On the mechanism of XuperChain including but not limited to POW, POS, PBFT, center etc..

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against Including the core mechanism of XuperChain:

Super node technology provides unlimited expansion and computing capabilities, similar to distributed architecture;

Chain parallel technology, using intelligent contract branch prediction technology, the formation of parallel processing Transaction DAG network, making full use of resources;

The three-dimensional network technology through the side chain and cross link technology, let not rely on the logic of real parallel, similar blockchain field of multi thread and multi technology and.

Baidu BaaS cloud, cloud is a one-stop blockchain service product, the user through the purchase of resources, build a block chain network, intelligent building, written contracts to the center of the DApp application, you can build a block chain system and the application of their own.

Baidu cloud BaaS provides many functional modules, including intelligent contract base, intelligent contract IDE, DApp template, alliance access system, software deployment, DPoS certificate configuration, also in the market to provide cloud block chain block chain block chain, secure private key security computing, block chain consulting scheme. Baidu cloud block chain and Baidu cloud based ABC architecture, including the realization of the solution of trusted storage and trusted information sharing, credible financial and compliance incentives from all walks of life.

Landing mode and ecology

From a practical point of view, Baidu blockchain mainly traceability platform, landing asset trading platform, ad platform, big data collaboration platform:

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against

The use of information authenticity and traceability platform to solve product quality problems;

Provide asset trading platform, protection of digital copyright protection, pictures, video, music, media protection and a series of original content;

Ad platform using block chain technology to achieve a new advertising model;

Big data collaboration platform, using the block chain technology combined with departments and enterprises to do collaborative and processing data, and achieving common progress in the era of big data.

Baidu’s attempt to start from its own ecology, including the specific case:

Baidu Totem – block chain technology to solve the problem of copyright protection and ownership, the transaction data assets;

Hubert: the block chain technology to build the virus vendors virus database, realize the sharing of the underlying virus sample data;

Learn & Baidu hundred – to strengthen the personal information management hired Baidu;

Treasure in the digital advertising field to explore the possibility of using the block chain technology to solve the traffic problems of new advertising.

The ant gold suit Ali block chain strategic role

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against At the beginning of the November Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet, the ant gold suit “self controlled financial level commercial block chain platform” and “Ali cloud supET industrial Internet platform also selected 15 of the world’s leading scientific and technological achievements of the internet. Obviously the former block chain factors, which in fact by block chain to provide production quality traceability and supply chain management services.

From the internal mechanism, the main system is currently undertaking Ali chain strategy has two blocks, respectively, Ali cloud and ant gold service, this year has announced the launch of the blockchain service, but in fact each has its duties, the payment service is the core of the ant.

According to reports, the ant payment service is mainly responsible for developing block chain infrastructure functions, that the ants blockchain Internet Conference Awards, at the same time ant gold clothing will cooperate with each vertical industry partners to develop vertical solutions in the ant block chain. At the same time, aliyun and Hyperledger Fabric based on ant blockchain provides general block chain services to help customers simplify deployment operation and development process.

What a block chain meant for Ali?

With years of layout Ali cloud harvest, Ali began to realize the important core technology: not only conforms to the national strategy, enhance the public image, but also can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, increase income, feeding the main industry of electronic commerce and payment.

Especially the ant payment service, in 2016-2017 years of strengthening financial supervision, proprietary financial business such as the balance of treasure have encountered bottlenecks, exploring the direction of social zheji. 2017, ant Gold Service announced the transition from Fintech to Techfin, the free opening of financial products, and focus on providing technical services for partners.

Ali urgently hope that from a business model driven company into technology driven company, any technology needs ahead of the layout, established the Damour Institute, the acquisition of transit micro, establishment of flat brother are reflected in the layout of the core semiconductor technology.

Block chain is generally considered in solving the social trust mechanism will make significant effect, no guarantees can be arbitrary multi-party transactions or cooperation. Whether Taobao or Alipay, has been the “trust” as its foundation, block chain technology not only can enhance customer confidence in Ali platform, the problem can be applied to all aspects of society to solve the trust of high cost, low transparency, privacy etc..

Therefore, bet on the block chain is not only a technology driven company, Ali transformation necessary to improve customer trust, also need to adapt to the new stage of Internet features, to consolidate its position in the industry.

The blockchain protagonist Ali is the ant payment service, but, unlike the Baidu concentration application block chain to finance, it is the pursuit of “breadth” — the first application of the ant blockchain scene is not financial, but the various scenes of life.

The ant block chain technology has been successfully applied to food safety traceability, genuine security, commodity housing rental housing real security even the public, are the real scenes of life. Although it is entertainment, but the fool ant gold suit released this theme selection Marketing Video “Block 7 block chain paint”, is also quite deep.

On the platform of Technology

Ali has not yet released the blockchain white paper, but according to all kinds of technical activities to share, we can roughly understand, block chain platform gold suit is controlled ant financial level developed, no secondary development based on open source platform, has the following advantages of technology:

The large-scale consensus: parallel BFT, efficient consensus and second confirmation, 100+ node, consensus, new block data storage structure;

Flexible security model: supporting multi encoding development programming language, which tells the execution efficiency, safe and reliable contract audit;

Trusted security management: TEE node private key management and contract privacy based on end-to-end encrypted data transmission terminal based on TLS process;

Strong privacy account model: ring signature hidden transaction account, encryption and homomorphic class zero knowledge proof, protect the content of the transaction, the trusted privacy protection.

Ali cloud BaaS this year 8 month on-line block chain service beta, now support the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud to further support the deployment of the future. The blockchain engine supports Linux Hyperledger Fabric foundation, and the ant gold dress ant’s chain block. Can be widely used in product traceability, supply chain, financial assets trading data in the scene.

Tencent – B end of the early results

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against Tencent for the majority of new technology have fixed the first style layout, and application. With similar, 2015 years, Tencent has set up a block chain team, research advance. The subsidiary of micro public banks in June 2016 developed the first domestic oriented financial industry chain alliance cloud service BaaS, and landed the first commercial scene in January 2017, micro gold project.

Micro gold is a gold Tencent online trading services, users can buy gold in the WeChat low threshold, behind it is developed by the Tencent of the underlying infrastructure chain alliance. Tencent, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and many other nodes to participate in accounting.

The overall structure of the Tencent blockchain

The underlying TrustSQL platform: through SQL and API interfaces provide basic services for the upper block chain application scenarios, to build enterprise core positioning platform leading chain block.

Trust Platform: the product platform service layer at the bottom (TrustSQL) on the construction of high availability and scalable product platform based application block chain, help enterprises to quickly build the upper block chain scenario.

Trust Application: application service layer, provide safe, fast block chain applications to end users, the future will be the Tencent and industry partners and technology suppliers together to jointly explore the development direction of the industry chain blocks, and jointly promote the blockchain landing scenarios.

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against

The technical characteristics are:

High performance: Based on the massive experience of WeChat and QQ wallet payment, transaction support second confirmation; provides massive data storage, have the ability to deal with 10000 per second;

High safety: provide rich access strategy, secure key management system and user privacy, data security;

High speed access: application development framework rich and flexible deployment, to facilitate users to quickly access different types of construction application;

Efficient operation and maintenance management system: to provide comprehensive, real-time visualization, rapid identification system, to meet the needs of operational management level.

 Who can go farther? Block chain technology and layout of Baidu, Ali, Tencent against

Even Tencent block scheme using scene specific direction, divided into: sharing books, digital certificate, shared assets, economic and other four categories, the specific scene of sketch is as follows:

Sharing information on books – single chain, the whole chain sharing; real-time updates, second state synchronization, multi verification, can not be tampered with, self-control;

Digital assets, improve the supply of digital assets to enhance the liquidity of the financial transaction chain transparency, traceability, reduce risk;

Certificate of registration of intellectual property protection and preservation based on the content can not be tampered with, can also be combined with notarization institutions provide notarization of electronic evidence, malicious acts against the infringer, improve the efficiency of protecting rights, saving the cost of rights;

Sharing network for mutual economic assistance, transfer of funds can be traced back to real events; mutual transparent.

Tencent block chain business is entering the fast lane, in this year has made some important progress, business scenarios include chain finance, Tencent micro gold, logistics information, legal deposit certificates, public tracing etc..

Specifically, in March, with the Federation of logistics and purchasing Chinese jointly issued a block of supply chain alliance and single chain cloud platform, improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain industry, the problem of small and micro businesses and help the logistics industry to solve the financing difficulties.

4 months, officially announced the “Tencent block chain + financial supply chain solutions, to connect the core of enterprise assets and financial institutions end end funds, help to improve the efficiency of capital allocation, improve liquidity support Small and micro businesses supply chain.

At the end of April, the release of the first game, “a chain block by block to catch demon”, chain technology to ensure open and fair play rare content delivery, and the user can be kept permanently on the chain of rare monsters.

In May, with the launch of Shenzhen City Bureau of the first domestic digital invoice block chain based solutions, and in the end of the month released the first invoice based on digital block chain, the whole process of management of invoice transfer using the block chain technology.

In September, the results of micro public bank landing alliance chain BCOS/FISCO BCOS, there are dozens of enterprises in the inter agency deposit certificates, arbitration reconciliation, supply chain finance, property management, tourism financial chain block, copyright trading, recruitment, quiz and other areas to achieve application landing. The particles are 1500 million cumulative loan transaction by way of clearing the blockchain.

In addition, the Tencent micro gold is currently in block chain has accumulated more than 3 million records, public tracing platform has accumulated more than 300 search case, forensic evidence platform has also been docking banks more than tens of thousands of large certificates of deposit.

Block chain business of the Tencent actually propelled by a team of three at the same time, namely micro focus bank, FiT Department of the Tencent and the Tencent blockchain BaaS platform cloud, as much as possible in order to seize the blockchain landing scene.


We analyzed the BAT company overall layout on the block chain business from technology, scene and ecological perspective. Who can go farther? Who will fall by the way? To answer these two questions, you may still have to ask a question: who in the pragmatic of the user valuable things, who are keen to hype? Because there is no value of the things in the same block, no value chain.

Entrepreneurs often receive “fail fast (rapid failure)”, told they messed up never mind, because of the failure to make you understand what is not useful, then you can try something new. But in fact, it expresses the attitude is fatal.

In this highly competitive field block chain, for everyone the opportunity to trial and error will not be too much.

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