Who is short of bitcoin?

“Guangdong Shenzhen, Guangdong Shenzhen, Huaqiang North mine collapse, all the original 30 thousand yuan machine, all for $1000. “

Mine is to be caught off guard so in 2017 December, bitcoin prices up to $19892, while the November 20th bitcoin plummeted to below $4300, fell to lows for the year. Over the past year, bitcoin value plummeted 77%, bitcoin market capitalization from 2017 high evaporation 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, face written word collapse.

Recently, headquartered in the United States bitcoin mineral company Giga Watt filed for bankruptcy protection in eastern Washington State bankruptcy court, alleging that the company “insolvent, unable to repay debts”. As has been the world’s largest single mine, Giga Watt’s trajectory with bitcoin, from earning large quantities of gold each day to the insolvency, according to court documents, Giga Watt estimated residual value of less than $50 thousand, but $10 million in debt to $50 million.

The big game player to exit the small game player, not to mention, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost, namely the mining income is insufficient to pay the fee and management fee. According to one of the largest mineral pool pond data, including the S7, T9, A741 and M3 of Avalon, what is the old mill type, had arrived off the price, even worse is that in today’s currency price and force, to stop machine are difficult to resell, a Aihong everywhere. No disk access man stand up.

Its sluggish demand, NVIDIA also suffered, NVIDIA released in November third quarter financial results, the company’s performance is not up to expectations. From October 1st to November this year, the stock fell more than 50%, accounting for a larger proportion of the game business income of $1 billion 764 million, the growth rate of the previous quarter fell 39%, a decline of 2.3%.

Is the so-called “national calamitypoetic lucky”, this round of violence falls is a domestic currency circle round the Renaissance, new scripts emerge in an endless stream: no Valentine’s love of mine, for 1080 stainless steel washbasin; a huge gap of wealth also let the life piece look so.

Let people panic more than collapse is not the end, Bloomberg said, bitcoin future will continue to fall, the price could fall to $1500, then the market value of 70% will evaporate.

So who is this the mine to pay? After bitcoin every fall with regulators, especially the pressure regulators of the Chinese, but this round of the crash and no external pressure, but the currency circle occupies the main cause of civil unrest.

This round of mine is largely bitcoin cash (BCH) caused by hard bifurcation. In recent years due to the bitcoin network increasingly congested, the transaction cost is more and more high. Wu Jihan, the founder of bitcoin is proposed to block the way to resolve the problem, this scheme is beneficial to improve the mining efficiency, on the other hand, is also conducive to bitcoin mining machine sales, while the mainland bitcoin company is the global market of the big boss.

But the big block scheme is not recognized, so Wu Jihan altogether in August last year leading bitcoin first hard branch. The so-called hard bifurcation, is actually a front man because the idea or the distribution of benefits and other reasons to make a fresh start, part company each going his own way. This result is from hard bifurcation, bitcoin was born out of a new digital currency bitcoin cash (BCH), BCH has gradually become the mainstream in the digital currency after the birth, the price was $500.

After bitcoin cash hard bifurcation, internal disagreements over again soon. Has been to Nakamoto as Australian Craig Wright to Steven Jihan Wu launched a stress Battle. In November 15th, “the Australian” and Jihan represented by Wu Cong camp fierce is war, causing periodic stress fluctuations in the stock market to cast a shadow. The coin ring oligarchs this endless conflict, making bitcoin holders worried about attacking each other in the BCH will spread to bitcoin, rising risk aversion, the sell-off intensified, therefore caused the a sharp fall.

The “cong” Australia “

From the sharp fall we’d be able to see in the end who is short of bitcoin, is actually the bitcoin makers are constantly doing high. Block chain to the center of the bitcoin emerged but ultimately became a minority operated assets based on gambling, covered with a layer of “change the world” blockchain technology has been in a variety of skin, but foreign wealth myth output flourishes, perhaps the real technology is also cut chives the level.

Russian writer Dostoevsky in his classic novel, “the gambler” inside said such a sentence: “when around full of possibilities, it is very difficult for the blind. What time is the game spread, what time the blockchain will usher in a period of rapid development of the real.

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