Why bitcoin cash SV up?

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What do you think of bitcoin cash (BCH) the end of the war was not so fast?. Although bitcoin and other market this weekend in the crash, but there is a surprising perhaps spot bitcoin cash SV in the ruins, this is the first coin BCH bifurcation, and BCH bifurcation is bitcoin (yes, it is more and more stupid).

Bitcoin cash SV (BCHSV) against the dollar in the past 24 hours rose 3%, to $65, up 20% against bitcoin. In contrast, BCH fell 21% over the same period, to $163. BCH stocks are at historic lows.

Calvin Al (pictured above), a multimillionaire CoinGeek mining pool has done behind the heavy SV network seems to have announced the end of hashwar EWN reported a few days ago, hard to support fork BCH stock exchange designated “official” BCHABC from the threat of litigation. The SV camp seems to have abandoned the goal in the near future to become “true bitcoin cash”, but still maintained a “long-term goal really bitcoin”. Considering this point, CoinGeek and Craig Wright (Craig Wright) has a start-up company nChain has formed a formal partnership in the Teranode project, 1TB block is a SV chain, provide 7 million throughput per second. If realized, this will be a worth to get out of bed for network infrastructure, the premise is that people can overcome the considerable technical problems, and started to use it to buy goods and services.

Mentioned BCH and BSV is a bit like recently shouted on the encryption community, because hashwar triggered the collapse of the latest encryption market. But apart from the political game and don’t talk about the accused industry, SV is trying to create something useful. If the price will continue to rise at the time, market participants may notice.

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