Why can bitcoin be worth so much money as a virtual existence? What is the view of value?

For bitcoin, there’s a lot of controversy. Bitcoin believes that bitcoin can appreciate, it can be worth so much money!

But for people who don’t believe in bitcoins, they think that while the price of bitcoin is thousands of dollars, it is still not worth it in their eyes.

So how can bitt, as a virtual Internet product, be worth so much money? What is the principle? I believe a lot of people want to know!

In my opinion, the biggest value of bitcoin is that it can be fired without restraint, because there is no institution or country to control it. It can be said to be a product on the edge.

However, the development of bitcoin for so many years, can be said to have broken our values, an Internet product, without any solid support, but can have from a worthless, up to the price of the sky, for many people are not imagined!

However, the recent tumbling of the bitcoin, it can be said that the people of the coin circle is also very serious injury, may be said to be a wild, so many people are compared to the special coin of the myth of the sky, and have a suspicion!

So the question is, do you think there will be a future in bitcoin? A virtual product, how can he have the present price? Give your comments in the review area. Let’s make a spit!

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