Why do I believe Delphy can surpass Augur, Gnosis


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As a long-term concern for the chain of chain investors, I have been convinced that the market is expected to market the natural application, but also the most useful. In my opinion there may be several reasons:n
nFirst of all, the forecast market contains several dimensions, the user has a great use value.n
nnThe first is to predict that this is just what human needs, a market that can satisfy curiosity and make a profit is very attractive, and it is predicted that the market is more participatory and lower thresholds than forecasting large data and other statistical models, Predict the market into the tens of thousands of households will be the trend.n
nnnThe second is the information collection channels, predict the market with incentives to collect the information held by the participants, is a very simple, low-cost market research and information collection tools, business prospects.n
nnnThe third is the information channel, the market is equivalent to give everyone a chance to realize their own information, especially those who master the special information, the participants are very strong.n
nnSecond, the forecasting market advantage on the chain chain is obvious. In fact, due to various factors, the Internet era of the central prediction market has not developed, so the block on the chain of the market there is no competition with the existing Internet products.n
nCurrently in the block chain forecast market, already has two foreign benchmark projects, Augur and Gnosis, has been ICO earlier, both from the beginning of the transaction so far turned 15 times and 5 times. In contrast, there is also a forecast market project called Delphy in the ICO, the value of this project, I have done some research.n
nFirst of all, I learned about the progress of Augur and Gnosis, for Delphy analysis of the opponent’s situation, found that Augur has a web version and App on-line.n
nAugur Current situation: The picture below is Augur’s web version, which shows that there are only a few predictions on every area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAugur, and the activity is not high, and the most popular topics are tens of thousands of copies (Augur’s token) Volume, such as Bitcoin can reach 5,000 US dollars this, about 500 million yuan, while the popular topic only a few thousand copies of the transaction volume. These trading volume compared to Augur 220 million US dollars compared to the market value, it is worth mentioning. Obviously, Augur did not attract enough tokens to participate in the forecast market.n

nIn addition, from the prediction of the subject point of view, Augur to foreign politics, sports, bit coins mainly in the field, although there are some attempts in the application scene, but no suitable for the Chinese people to play the localization of the scene.n
nThis is Augur’s APP interface, which only shows the price of the Augur tokens in each market, and did not predict the market situation, and even the bottom of the page there are Google’s small ads, seriously affect the user experience, it is difficult to imagine this is a value of hundreds of millions of dollars Project of the product.n

nGnosis Current situation: Gnosis’s main founders come from forecasting market teams such as augur and fairlay. They developed with solidity smart contract architecture, but more than two years have passed, has not yet introduced demo. Plans to launch mobile applications in the third quarter of 2018.n
nAt this point, we can see the current foreign market is difficult to predict the real use of the product, then the domestic Delphy want to do something, after research, found that the following characteristics:n
nn1) Team background strong: Delif’s founder Wang Bo is a co-founder of Factum, a senior member of the chain chain company, which has been ICO in 2014, and the price of its coin FCT has been several times increase. At the same time, Delphy also has a circle of bigwigs on the platform, including the founder of distributed capital Shen Bo, the largest media block pencils, ICOAGE founder violent Prince Gong and so on.n
nnn2) Product advantages: Delphy main mobile forecast market, made an ether square light node, this market is blank; Delphy custom products, according to its white paper, the user can create multiple events (Event), but also in the Delif can provide a social platform, including forums, P2P chat, etc., to help improve the activity of the product.n
nnTeam in the community published the concept of the product map:n

nAt the same time we can see that the team is very strong sense of localization, there are targeted to find some landing scene in the attempt,n
nUI interface, Delphy is expected to Augur far behind.n
nn3) the advantages of localization: In addition to the product itself, the large investment logic, the Internet era there is a law that foreign technology development, domestic application to do land, a model into China, copy to china Patterns are time-tested.n
nnThis is the logic behind the relative advantages of domestic and foreign, foreign technology accumulation is relatively deep, able to develop a new underlying technology, and the domestic market is suitable for wide application.n
nIn fact, there are many such cases, such as instant messaging after the invention, China has QQ and WeChat, defeated MSN, such as electric business model mature, Alibaba defeated ebay, occupation of the Chinese market to the world.n
nSimilarly, I believe that the block chain era also applies such a law. Foreign development of Bitcoin, Ethernet Square block such as the bottom of the chain, the domestic opportunity to take over the development of the actual application of landing, and because the domestic team in the implementation of an advantage, the development speed will be faster than abroad.n
nn4) ICO pricing strategy: In the ICO model, Delphy has the following points to attract me. First, the team tokens locked up to 3 years, far exceeding the market average (up to six months or so), which shows that the team has a good faith in the project. Second, in terms of ICO fundraising, Delphy has raised a total of 60,000 eths, accounting for 52%, at around $ 230 million at market price of 2000CNY, well below the current Augur $ 218 million and Gnosis $ 193 million Value, there is a lot of value-added space. At the same time, in terms of the ICO model, the Delphy 1: 1 distribution model controls the flow after opening, reduces selling pressure, and gives a long-term interest to the project.n

nSo, I think Delphy as China’s first forecast market, the actual landing scene, will be in the product, the use of scenes, market value and other aspects of foreign Augur, Gnosis, occupy the Chinese and global forecast market dominance.n
nOf course, ICO is a kind of venture capital, there is a huge risk, investors need to hold a very cautious attitude, this article represents only my own assessment of the market, the newly discovered project to do a summary, does not mean any interest groups, For reference, do not make any conclusions.n

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