Why does the GO language become the underlying trend of the development block chain?

As companies enter the chain block, block chain development has become the attention of developers of new skills in the field, but also from the chain block development language C language gradually transferred to the GO language. According to the public financial chain learned that the current block chain Technology Development Company has put GO language as one of the standard language underlying the development, that means the GO language and the block chain which resonate?

 Why the GO language has become the blockchain underlying development trend?

1. language maturity considerations

A language is a mature language, is an important symbol of the development of the system is very large. Cloud computing two core systems docker and k8s are developed using go language. Most of the current block chain system is selected using go language development, can be said to do the blockchain, go language is a must to learn.

The number of 2. developers

A language entry cost is relatively low, but should be proficient in class and best practices must be after several years of learning time. So a very small minority language is certainly not in the current go language into account, ranking tenth in the world innumerable languages, this ranking should be regarded as a mainstream language.

The engineering characteristics of the 3. language

In many languages, looks very beautiful, but not conducive to engineering practice. A very important requirement in engineering practice, the unity of style. C++ is a kind of tissue engineering is not conducive to language, different C++ programmers write code may be completely different style, or even see each other code will not understand. The main reason is the grammatical characteristics of C++ very much, a more than 10 year C++ programmers may not be proficient in all the grammar characteristics. Go in the design of the time, to take into account this problem, a solution to the problem basically is only one way, and even if you put if into this is illegal.

If ok


//do some thing


Go provides gofmt, will automatically format code, so that each person to write code style are very consistent, there are no barriers to communicate with each other.

4. for most ordinary programmers

The programmer level basically is a Pyramid structure, the medium level accounted for most programmers. From this perspective, you want to make most people learn to functional programming basically is an impossible thing. A very important reason to choose the go language, is a medium level programmer can write very good go code. The main reason is the go language is very simple, very little, the official library is very rich, most programmers have started very easily. Among the well-known domestic open source project CHAIN33 block chain developer platform, is entirely in go to complete.

The development of high performance program is simple and happy.” A senior development engineer says the blockchain.

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