Why is the bifurcation critical for the development of the block chain?

 Why is crucial to the bifurcation block chain development?

The bifurcation is the core block chain experience, similar to the system upgrade. “Fork” a chain, in essence is to run the blockchain software to make a change. According to different circumstances, caused by the bifurcation problem very much, some soon to reach a consensus on some controversial.

A block chain core development team if there is a long-term development plan, you can use the fork to push block chain network upgrade, but sometimes, some of the “traitors team” will be in addition to the development of the normal route and try to put forward the bifurcation. But on the other hand, can also show the characteristics of bifurcation center to the block chain network, after all, if you are a real to the center of the block chain, what is the reason not to let others to do bifurcation. In short, if you want to comment on the block chain problem, and will resonate in the community, we need to fully understand the importance of block chain branching.

The importance of the bifurcation of the chain block

Block chain bifurcation actually divided into “hard” and “soft” bifurcation bifurcation, soft bifurcation less controversial because they are backward compatible with fork block chain (pre-fork Implementation), and the implementation in the block chain does not have a new branch to create.

When the system upgrade is not compatible with the old version block chain software, there will be a hard bifurcation, which means that any upgrade to the new version of the people will be “forgotten” in the old block chain may have no value on the old. Not only that, once the majority of developers and mining nodes support to upgrade the blockchain, then this “hard fork” process occurs, but when multiple factions block chain community fought each other and try hard to when the bifurcation may occur in some unusual events.

A classic case of block chain branching

Due to various arguments within the community there, resulting in the world’s most popular two block chain bitcoin (BTC) and Ethernet (ETH) Fang experienced hard branch.

Here, we take the etheric Fang Fang for example, Ethernet occurs mainly because of “hard bifurcation due to the The DAO event, 7 month 2015 years 30 days,” V “of God and the etheric Fang Foundation created the first intelligent contract platform, and the design of TheDAO Ethernet square contract. April 30, 2016 officially deployed The DAO smart contracts, and finished the year the world’s largest congregation, a staggering $150 million! In June 17, 2016, The DAO was hacked, the hacker to steal a total of about $55 million in the etheric currency, prices also plummeted from $20 to $15, causing great harm to the etheric Fang community. In order to restore the loss of investors, people want to use the hard part of the community will be stealing the money back to the bifurcation of the original token holders, but there are also some people oppose this action, as a form of currency, the integrity of the etheric bifurcation hard square tokens failure, and once opened hard forked head later, may cause other adverse hard bifurcation. Of course, the etheric square community finally decided to carry out hard bifurcation, but in the implementation of the upgrade when many different views of the people refused to upgrade their software, which also leave a large number of users on the etheric square block chain previously, and the original block chain is now known as the etheric Fang classic (ETC).

Fang Fang is a classic Ethernet Ethernet platform and bifurcation encryption currency. In the fork, Ethernet is directly called Ethernet classic Fang fang. After the bifurcation, bifurcation is called the old Fang classic, and the new branch retains the name.

The good news is that Fang Fang in the etheric and etheric classic 2018 relatively peaceful coexistence, and this coexistence seems to community is a good thing, because over time, two kinds of control programs can test each other, which can optimize and improve the whole block chain network.

A similar thing also appeared in the EOS block chain, WORBLI is branching off from EOS’s “sister chain”, as a new financial service network to enhance the entire EOS ecosystem, its chief executive Dominique Thomas (Domenic Thomas) said:

“To see the project using the underlying block chain software and protocol exactly the same, but there is no shared history, did not launch any to meet the different needs and solve any dispute hidden products, open source instead of these blocks benefit from block chain chain.”

Because of the block chain itself is open source, but also to let the market is prone to some “pseudo bifurcation” block chain, they directly took other blockchain bottom protocol and software to promote their own block chain project. Of course, not all of the “pseudo” bifurcation is not good, some “sister” chain can “borrow” blockchain protocol others provide additional innovation, in the case of WORBLI, they claim that by the opening of the new sister chain network, enterprise financial service network can build a better use of EOSIO software.

The competition between the block chain branching

Compared to the “harmony” of the etheric Fang hard bifurcation, bitcoin hard bifurcation appears to be no satisfactory solution. But on the other hand, bitcoin hard bifurcation also provides an important case analysis for block chain management.

Because of the fierce debate over the block size limit, bitcoin blockchain in August 1, 2017 has experienced a significant hard bifurcation. Most of the developers and the miner to upgrade them to a new node and is not compatible with the bitcoin software version, the bifurcation will bitcoin divided into two branches: one is the main branch, the other is a feasible new, two branches, now known as BCH (bitcoin cash).

Unlike Ethernet and Ethernet Fang Fang classical bifurcation, bitcoin and bitcoin cash bifurcation controversy is very excited. Some members of the community and had a very influential, and vigorously promote the bitcoin cash movement insisted that the bifurcation is the real cash bitcoin bitcoin. So far, bitcoin cash market accounted for about 8% of the total market value of the original bitcoin around.

Now, the two encryption community bitcoin and bitcoin cash independently, but also are very active (in the Reddit forum has also been divided into independent sub Forum), and from mid 2017 to start bitcoin debate: what is the real hard bifurcation bitcoin – until today.

The blockchain bifurcation of the future

Whether it is hard or soft bifurcation bifurcation, bifurcation is a block chain experience is an integral part of. Sometimes, block chain bifurcation community will soon be able to reach a consensus, and basically no dispute, also make the development process becomes easy and simple; but sometimes, the blockchain bifurcation will lead to disagreement within the community.

From the view of historical development, the future trend of the bifurcation of the block chain might be like Ethernet square case study gradually through community harmony, and not like bitcoin is full of controversy, otherwise it may cause Bitcon Cash ABC and Bitcoin SV such a “war”, leading to mine crypto currency market crash. With the block chain network becomes more and more valuable, the bifurcation will be more and more important.

How healthy the blockchain branch?

In the future, if you want to have a good result of the blockchain bifurcation, then the community launched an honest discussion, and to deal with differences in the level of organization as much as possible.

Unless the differences really to the point of no regulation, or due to lack of compromise and create an independent block chain should be regarded as the final solution. However, when the two sides are unable to reach an agreement, the situation will become inevitable bifurcation, this should make as much as possible mutual respect and coordinate the implementation of block chain branching. In this case, currency exchange, encryption wallet and miners should ensure the safety of users in the branching process, but with the passage of time, but also allow people to vote on their network activity. If it can execute the blockchain bifurcation in this way, the community will not have a greater conflict, developers can also take the efficiency of production more efficient to continue to promote the development of chain block.

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