Why is the price of bitcoin is many, no one to do direct exchange arbitrage?

In the beginning is completely quantitative transactions between exchanges, also is to use jargon that is carrying the bricks. Lower the price in exchange bitcoin currency to the high price of the exchange to sell, earn the difference is quantitative trading bitcoin.

But now has not entirely suitable for quantitative trading, big difference between the domestic basic platform is not much wrong. But in foreign countries, like South Korea Japan post big exchange, basically will limit the charging currency. In September last year before the price of domestic and foreign price basic doubled, it is from that time began to ban bitcoin exchange when the larger difference.

Take some time ago the media reported that the international bitcoin prices now around $6700, Iran domestic exchange price reached $23 thousand a, you turn to the Iran stock exchange cash? Impossible.

Although the difference is simply very obvious, but the hidden costs offset most of the profits

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