Why the block chain alone can not solve the privacy problem

nnnIn the event of a social network or a government act, more and more common people are worried about their privacy, personal information being stolen, and personal events are being watched. In this case, many people believe that the centralization of the block chain to provide a solution to the problem, but need to recognize the point is that although the block chain platform in the protection of privacy has advantages, but only by the technology Still can not fully meet the security needs. How to solve the problem of privacy still need further study.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nProtecting privacy is one of the main features of block-chain technology to attract users.n
nIn addition to its decentralized nature and anyone can view the transaction or data transmission capacity in the block chain, encrypted communication can prevent third parties from interfering with the sending of information under the technology.n
nProtecting privacy costs highn
nOver the past decade, privacy has become the world’s ordinary people to discuss the most topics in life. According to Jason Cassidy, co-founder of Helium, Edward Snowden’s secretive behavior convinced us that we lived in such an era – “Some people are willing to sacrifice their freedom for a safer environment, People ‘s privacy is getting less and less.n
nCassidy told Cointelegraph that the emergence of encrypted security money shifted power from government and banking institutions to the masses.n
nHe pointed out that Bitcoin is anonymous, providing users with some elements of privacy and financial freedom. There are now more privacy-centric currencies, such as Monroe, which are increasingly popular with their ability to provide economic freedom.n
nCassidy said:n
nn”The government monitors civic communications under the guise of terrorism, and many people realize that it is only an excuse for the government to take advantage of this situation and thus completely control civic activities, and they do not solve the problem of terrorism from the root cause, but hope Weakening the system to make the whole world more dangerous.n
nMore and more concerned about privacyn
nSecurity Communications Application Obsidian CEO Peter McClory told Cointelegraph that people are increasingly concerned about whether their activities on the Internet are safe.n
nHe points out that the reason is that billions of people are increasingly shifting their professional, financial and personal lives into the digital world.n
nHowever, they experienced more of the shortcomings of this approach, such as the account was black, personal information and digital assets were stolen and released.n
nMcClory pointed out that people have begun to ask who is in control of their facebook or Google this large-scale center of the information on the platform, who can use information to do what they can not do, whether these companies are committed to protecting their privacy.n
nIn addition, many people are deeply disturbed by the behavior of the government to monitor online communication because it is often illegal and far beyond the needs of law enforcement.n
nTherefore, people began to express their own mind is what kind of privacy.n
nThe block chain itself is not private enoughn
nUnlike the general point of view, McClory pointed out that the block chain will not automatically solve this problem.n
nHe said:n
nn”In general, the communication platform to include security, ease of use and operator trustworthiness. Some communication platforms with excellent security – SIP, WhatsApp, Wire, etc., and provide people with a trusted tool , Which makes privacy a compelling feature of the platform, but they are limited by the reliance on the centrality, and the management and access to business profits are obsolete and different from the block chain platform of Obsidian.n
nnMcClory continues to explain that the block chain alone can not solve the problem, pointing out that only in the case of all loopholes in order to protect privacy.n
nHowever, a block-based platform has a great advantage because the responsibility for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the network that transmits the message is related to the financial interests of many individuals, rather than the central organization that treats users as products or data.n
nWhich makes them more difficult to check, manipulate and shut down, but also makes the digital life of large-scale data mining becomes impossible.n

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